Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Toy Story: Micro Block Sailormoon

Previously, I did a fortune cat nanoblock and it was effortless. This time round I challenged myself to do Sailormoon. And it was...a humbling experience.
Overall, I think it looks good right. (Hope you can't tell I modified it a little) There was so many steps (and errors). Halfway I just didn't want to do any more recordings cos I would look dumb. So this time round, it is all photos! *Give myself a big thumbs up*
And why is it so difficult to build? It is partially cos of the blocks. They are not the real nanoblocks. They are like the cheap imitation, BoYu microblocks. I am not sure of their origin. China maybe? The biggest difference is that BoYu microblocks has no grids!!! It makes them flexible, but fragile as well.
In terms of pricing, it is half the price of the originals.@beau.SJ is the cheapest in town at S$6. BoYu in comparison has more variety for designs and is more generous with the number of spare bricks. 
BoYu blocks are more intricate in the sense they have so many blocks of different shapes and sizes. As I am not comparing apples to apples, so I can't be sure if it is true for all cases. But at least for Sailormoon Vs Fortune Cat, the Sailormoon is much tougher. 
MicroBlocks Even though BoYu is an imitation goods, it doesn't compromise on its attention to detail. Check out Serena's dress. Whether from front or back, it is both gorgeous. The biggest problem I had was with the legs, because there was no grids, her legs were pretty much sliding.
You can't tell from the pictures, but the whole architecture is pretty flimsy. You definitely have to put it in a protective box and keep it away from young children. The different body parts are easily dismantled.
As promised, the photos as I pieced Serena together. Overall, I would suggest BoYu bricks if you are a "build" fanatic. If you want something that is more ornamental, you may want to opt for the originals instead.
It is a really nostalgic design isn't it? If you have no clue who Princess Serena is, it just means you are really young or really old :P So which one are you?
Sailor Serena
Oh yeah, if you want to get any BoYu microblocks, you can quote "YoungYawn" and receive 10% discount off your total bill when you spend S$25 or above @beau.SJ on Instagram!

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