Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I have been featured....

Well, yeah my post has been featured! 
Ok, I think it was one of my better underwriting works, so I am pretty glad that it is shared. Perhaps it will open more doors for me. *Winks* If you want to check out other bloggers' work, you can click here.
Lately, my copywriting luck is on a roll. Sort of-ish. Had more opportunities of exposures. But some are pretty much fool's gold. One particular PR/ Event Planning "Global" Firm seriously pissed the shit out of me. You know when people "winning the battle yet feeling like you lost the whole war". Yeah, that's what they make me feel...awful, used, condescending, leaving such a terrible after taste.
I could totally write a whole rant about it. But I won't cos I am a professional in copywriting. I will just write a white paper on "The effects on Poor PR" instead some day when I am in the mood for some intellectual work. Bleh.
-In the mood to grief-

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