Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Funky Find: Cartoon Me Chanrio

Big Head
This is the head shot of my boyfriend. It looks exactly like him (created it by referring to a collection of his pics), classic bowl shape hair with that messy thick eyebrows with that straight smile. I couldn't add in those dimples...Grrr. 
This is a pretty fun website, so I had to share it with you all. I am bo liao like that. Go on to Chanrio if you want to create your cartoon self. Suggest you can do it for a couple game - creating each other.
Or...maybe not, since it will probably lead to unnecessary heartache and frustration. I think my BF picture of me is grossly disappointing. He created 2 shitty images that look nothing like me. One is pure obscene and the other, the hair colour is wrong. This just proves one thing, I am a better observer.
Okay, maybe the first photo looks slightly more like me when I had short hair. I think I know which photo he was referring to. Even the weekend bag seems correct. And the cat hairband, I have a zillion pictures with them. :) Conclusion: He deserves some credit.
And so, they live happily ever after in Chanrio land, wearing traditional Japanese costumes (just to have couple wear). I think this photo I created on how I look is more reflective of my wind-blown hairstyle and perceptual sleepy face. :)
Just realise our couple name could possibly be an inauspicious- Poopplern. Is this why my tummy hurts so much lately? Cos we are just so full of shit. LOL! Have fun with Chanrio.

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