Sunday, July 5, 2015

Toy Story: Gonna Catch Em All @beau.SJ

Ashley Ketchup
This is where it all begins. This day may start out like any other, but this is a special day for me. This is the day I am going to embark on my own Pokémon adventure! I will travel the world, see a lot of interesting places (oh really) and meet lots of interesting people. But most of all, I will set out to become one of the greatest Pokémon trainers the world has ever known.
Hello, I am Ashley Ketchup, the female Ash Ketchum. I also have a Pikachu, who won't stay in his Pokéball. Professor Oak says that keeping my Pikachu out of its Pokéball would make it happy. But my Pikachu is mischievous, running around my house appearing in random places. :(
Wild Pikachu
I thought they were different Pikachu (considering he sometimes lie flat on the ground and act like a pillow/ cushion, yet at times crouch on 4 acting like a darn cute pet)  and frantically tossed my Pokéball(s). An absolute waste of my balls and patience. Dad has kindly nicknamed him "Pinocchio?!?" Like WTH. My life is one big joke...It was then I knew I will never be a Pokémon master. 
But still, Pinocchio makes a good pet cos he is so fluffy and is adorable beyond words. Unfortunately, Professor Oak doesn't gift his kind for free in reality. Just SGD30! For the premium price, you get to pet soft lavish fur, and ooo at his fat cute face. Super adorable, even my Dad is in love with him.
Pika Pika
uh-oh.Pinocchio is angry and want to go back into his Pokéball. Guess it's kinda late...I want to curl back into my own nest too. If you want to get your own Pokémon, you can find Professor Oak @beau.SJ on Instagram. He has now come out with Nano-style, Socks-Style versions of Pokémon!!! Quote "YoungYawn" and you can get 10% discount off your total bill when you spend S$25 or above!
I hope didn't make you feel too nostalgic. If so, it just means you are my era and we are both so old-skcool. Purposely spelling with a "cool" to make us feel so much better of our older selves. Hehe. SG50, I guess, flashback to the past. There will be so much more coming up!  

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