Sunday, August 30, 2015

Gathering of Justice League: The Day of The Run

Much to contrary belief, I am not fit. It has been a while since I took part in a marathon cos the last 1 didn't really went too well. It took some time to get back the confidence. And not having zombies eager to rape, I mean rip me apart was helpful.
Every crucial marathon starts off with testing of gear. Especially if you have fancy gears like capes and mask, you must really make sure your superpowers are not affected. I joined as "Flash" cos Wonder Woman and Superman "Women" team ran out. My Mum said my Tee still look good though.
My BF was forced to join the Superman team so that I could get the cape. :P And trust me, at the race, I am truly sure I am not the only demanding GF. The day dawned bright and early. I think it has been a long while since I even bother to wake up to exercise so I guess I am those people that needs something elaborate before I will bother to exercise!
Don't be ashamed to wear your gears in the public transport because on your way there, you are bound to meet similar heroes. For the same noble cause, you are all to the same destination. If you are a flabby wanna-get-back-in-shape newbie like me, you will be happy to know that you have companion on this journey.
My opinion is that the roads are a bit of a squeeze with quite a number of slopes. Those up slopes totally break my spirit. But I enjoyed the view, paused a bit to take some photos (is that a break excuse, I dono) and had to be hurried by my companions. And I have to say, if I really had to break out in a sweat, I prefer not to do it alone, but in a high euphoric atmosphere.
I ran around 1.5Km at best, which was an improvement from my last race where I literally wilted in the sand dunes. I would think I am a reason why Flash didn't win as he should. He is definitely the fastest in the DC League.
Finishing Line
I did pull down 1 supermen but this didn't stop Team Superman, which won with an average finisher nett time of 31 mins 10 secs. Guess Team Superman settled the age-old debate by proving that the Last Son of Krypton is indeed worthy of the title. Notice the difference when we reached the finishing line between the first runner and me, LOL!
Depending on the type of runner you are, the sense of achievement would really differ. For me, I am just glad I completed the race. For a good deal of the race, I am proclaiming "is that person seriously running? How can he still run, man?" That's the sort of level I am at. :)
Fringe Activities
Ended the day with some fringe activities. You can check mine out on Instagram :O Am a bit sleepy to repost them here. Woke up against nature and my own biological clock for the run. :P
Do check out the beautiful medal I received too. My first and definitely not last medal. Next time round, I am going to be one of those people who finish running the race. I am going to catch up on my beauty rest now. Seeya and stay fit. Follow me on my runs/exercises at #YawnRun. You can encourage me by leaving a comment or 2 if you want.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Review: Pasting Time with I-Deecal

Decal art is quite the fad now. You can paste them on walls to make them less plain or stick it on your handphones, laptops, tablets etc. to personalise it. Because the designs vary so much, you can definitely find something that reflect you. Even if the market doesn't have such designs, you can easily get a decal artist to customise one for you.
I have never tried pasting my own decal art before. So I don't know what to expect. Courtesy of I-Deecal, I had a virgin decal experience to share it with you all. I am not that experienced yet, but I think I can share with you some tips.
So these are the designs I received to try out. But I didn't paste all on my computer, cos hey how many sides does it have right?! Aesthetics sense is still important, can't possibly cramp everything into one, so I tested one on my bro's computer. 
Just in case you guys have the same misunderstanding as me that decal art is so darn easy, it is not! It is not frightfully difficult but depending on the complexity of the art you may need more than a pair of hands or maybe an extremely skillful pair of hands. For those who are considering wall art, I would suggest to approach a professional. The details of my recommendation are up there. You could always the visit SG Wall Art to know their work better. :)
Snow White Decal
Being highly ambitious. I started with the most difficult Snow White decal. I always thought this was one cute decal cos it played around with the fairy tale which we are all so familiar with and made use of the lighted apple. Not cutting the apple into anything else, but making use of it as a whole, the design is just so smart! 
The first step is really easy. Cleaning the area with alcohol wipes so that it is clean. Cos the decal is almost like pasting a sticker over it. So any dust or dirt particles would cause unevenness. But the most gross thing is having dirt stuck there. Yucks. 
Although I look deliriously pleased with my end product, I can ensure you I could not have done that without my brother's fingers. My advice is 2 is much better than 1. Make it a family social event, get all of them to help you. The black and white decals are stickers are cut outs and not stickers so you would really need to position them with fingers as you peel out the sticky layer and ensure your decal isn't stuck to the piece.
And also get 2 piece of decals of the same design if you are a perfectionist. Mine had slight mishaps but it isn't that obvious so I shan't point it out lest it become painfully noticeable. Also remember to position it before peeling out the sticky layer. So that the picture is where you want it to be.
Thor Decal
The second decal we did was the Thor supposedly wrist piece but we thought it looked better as a lid decal. There is really no hard and fast rule to which belongs where. Used this on my brother's laptop cos there is really no such thing as free labour but he is pretty cheap for a labour since I paid him with 1 Thor Decal.
The Thor Decal is a coloured sticker, something like the mobile screen protector. This one has the danger of collecting air bubbles. But...I am a pro at this. Just make sure the surface is wet and they are safe from those pesky bubbles. For the extra kiasu, you can always use a ruler to smooth the surface off trapped air.
Hello Kitty Decal
My wrist decal is Hello Kitty. Not really a good match with Snow White, but I like both. :) I don't really like the borders so I removed them all. Just don't like my characters to be trapped in boxes. Even inanimate, I am sure they would appreciate some freedom.
The wrist decal was a lot easier cos the picture is less complicated to begin with and we are probably pros by now. :P Only minor hiccup was the nose got misplaced oops cos my sweat dripped right on top of it. But my Bro fixed her nose (sounds a lot like plastic surgery HAHAHA) and so all's good.
My conclusion is that, decal-ing is fun. I could totally offer some help in pasting if anyone I knew needed that. And it doesn't take a whole lot of time and you really get what you see if there are no positioning errors. I-Deecal has a really good selection of decals, so do check them out and paste your electronics a new lease of life. :P

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Seoul Good: 10 Food you must eat

I never see myself as someone being hit by K-wave. But maybe I am a K-fan cos I super duper love authentic korean cuisine! If you ever step foot on the land of the kimchi, these are places you cannot miss and must experience for yourself. From all the food blogs, the BF and I have consolidated the 15 hits in Seoul.
Not all are inside, cos of the food I had it in Jeju (at a better price!) The Korean Chinese food in Singapore is more suited to my taste buds, so not much mentioning of it. The rest were misses, so not worthy of mentions.
55 Beonji Ramyon
  1. 55 Beonji Ramyon
Cheap and good, it is located at Samcheong-dong, a place would most tourists would walk through to do your souvenir shopping. We had the Jiamppong ramen and Bulgogi ramen. It is really flavourful so don't miss it.
55-1 Hwa-dong, Jongno-gu
Seoul, South Korea
(44-6 Bukchon-ro 5ga-gil)
Tel: +82 2 722 2997
Gwangjang Market
2. Gwangjang Market
It is a good place to find good and delicious breakfast. My opinion is there is no best store since all of them are pretty much selling the same thing. See what you like and throw it inside your tummy. The coffee there was of cafe/Starbucks standard and coffee shop price! The azuki bean porridge is very healthy tasting. I don't like it. Bleh. Naeng myeon and the Bindaetteok were good!
88 Changgyeonggung-ro,
Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
3. Nolboo 
Budae-jjigae is the easiest to prepare Korean dish. Instant noodles and sausages taste best!!! Really good after a cold day. No address here because they have plenty of outlets. Their website is in Korean, so you may need some help. We sought the help of our lovely hosts. I think all army stew taste the same anyway, anywhere.
4. Noryanjin
This is a place more for the experience than the price. I am no marketer (people that visit wet market) so I am not very certain seafood prices. But, I believe it is still cheaper than in Singapore, which is why we are feasting on abalones. You can also challenge yourself to have the live octupus (sannakji). Seafood lovers, this is a must come!
688 Nodeul-ro,Dongjak-gu,
Supermarket Snacks
5. Supermarket Snacks
I can imagine people questioning why is this even in the list. Snacks are good and cheap. If you are always hungry, these are good alternatives! Nowadays, all these snacks can be bought in Singapore, at pricier tag. So don't be stupid like me, sitting on my luggage to close a bag full of snacks. :(
Hyo Ja
6. Hyo Ja
Eat like the president, get those buns yo. There is a queue and the good stuff really run out fast. I managed to get onion cream bun and it was heavenly. My only regret was being able to bring any home. :( I walked 2Km for it and it was worth nearly breaking my legs for it. They don't speak English by the way.
54, Pirundae-ro,
Jongno-gu, Seoul
Korea Street Snacks
7. Street Snacks
Just eat whatever you meet on the way. Of course, some snacks like my favourite Tteokbokki, you would see it every turn. Bokki candy, you don't see it everywhere. :( Of course, you risk overeating. You can always replace 5. with 7. :P
8. Bonjuk Myeongdong
Another breakfast place for tasty porridge. It is at Myeongdong, the cosmetics street so it is quite convenient. The portion is super big. But you have to order one bowl per pax. :( Not that it is expensive, the price is very reasonable. Thumbs up.
618-283 Yeongdeungpo-dong,
Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
9. Jiyugaoka
The cafe culture is raving in Korea. IT seems that the koreans really like sipping a good coffee, munching on some delightful pastries to pass their time. Tourists won't have time to try out all their cafe. This cafe is good and along the way. So I recommend it. It was on Lady Iron Chef website as well (although I have to say not all his list is a hit :( )
Yunposun-gil 46
Siloam Sauna
10. Siloam Sauna
After eating so much in Korea, you definitely need to detox. If you visiting the Jjimjilbang at Siloam Suana, don't give their food a miss. Yummy. Anyway, slapping eggs on people's head unlike Korean dramas hurt like !@#$. Just saying, in case any romantics-wannabe does that.
49 Jungnim-ro, Jung-gu
Freshly breaded in-store with a special batter, these juicy wings are cooked to crispy perfection and coated in your choice of two bold flavours – choose between the Japanese-inspired tangy yet savoury Umadare and the Korean-inspired sweet and spicy Yang Yeum. Who will be crowned king of the wings? You decide.
KFC Wings_CRT Tactical Poster_289x336Hmm-pf_N1
Pick a side and be part of KFC’s greatest wing-off. Hashtag #kfcoishii to support Umadare or #kfcmashisoyo to support Yang Yeum on Instagram!
I vote for #kfcmashisoyo obviously. What about you?
Check out my other post on the taste of the Korean Wings. You don't need to fly there to eat it. Yipee!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review: Go hairless with Faceworks

The nicest tuft of hair is grown on the head. Anywhere else, you may consider to rid them. Especially for ladies, the armpits and lower legs should be hair-free cos the society deems it as visually appealing.
Looks aside, hair traps sweat and dirt and thus allowing growth for bacteria. It is an hygiene issue. And so, sometimes women just get rid the (hair) root of the problem all together given that there are so many methods to do so. IPL, waxing, shaving etc.

Today, I will share a bit more on IPL. In my opinion, it is the fastest and most efficient way to remove hair. Shaving is of course, the most painless method. But it is non-permanent and repetitive. I am allergic to some razor baldes so I don't use this method. Waxing is more painful and it leaves ingrown hair but it is faster and hair growth is slower.
IPL by far is the best method cos it best of both. The hair grown after each session becomes finer and soon you will pretty much be hairless! :) You lie there and see flashes of light through the air as your therapist work on the specific body parts.
I visited Faceworks for 4 sessions of Lower Leg IPL. The exterior of the place is clean and professional looking. I was serviced by the senior therapist, Angie. As mentioned earlier, I am allergic to the razor blades. So every time the blade graze my leg, it would leave pesky patches of rash. Angie noticed it after the first treatment and from then on applied aloe vera to sooth those areas. 
I quite like the fact they are very customer focus. Even when Angie was not around for 1 of my session, the other therapist would also be aware of my condition and not shave too closely to my skin for the fear or irritating it. P.S. you need to shave a little as IPL doesn't work on overly long hair.
The treatment room is small but really cosy. There is however no locker to put your stuff. The shaver used are disposable! Yeah, it is kinda gross if you have to use somebody's old shaver. I would catergorise Faceworks as a no frills palour. There is no hard sales but yet there is no compromisation on customers service.
I received reminders for my next appointments. And compared to more established firms, Faceworks is more flexible to changing of appointment time and there is no penalty for it. Their aftercare service is fantastic as well. Angie followed up on my rashes the next day and was always showed concern over my subsequent visits.
Not going to show any photos of my legs cos they are not the confident parts of my body. They are tree trunks that bruise easily. The hair WILL grown finer and the hair growth WILL be slower. There is a lot less maintenance and less resistance to kick the boyfriend if he tries to caress my leg. I don't like people touching the pricks when the hair just grows. :P
For my readers only, if you live at Bukit Timah (Beauty World Centre), you are in luck. Faceworks is offering:
  1. 20% on all IPL treatments
  2. IPL Skin rejuvenation facial treatment at $28 only for first time customers!!!
**IPL is not suitable for pregnant ladies, customers with dark skin tone/skin disease and cancer patients. IPL treatments are permanent unless changes in hormones e.g. pregnancy!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Battle of the wings: Young Yawn wins!

Some of you "in" people may have realised now KFC recently launched 2 new saucy flavours. Touted so good, it is impossible to make a choice, my family gamely tasted the 2 wings!
Freshly breaded in-store with a special batter, the juicy wings are cooked to a crispy perfection and coated in either Yang Yuem (Korean-inspired sweet and spicy sauce) and Umadare (tangy and savory). It is quite a difference to the normal fried tender chicken as KFC is well known for. As my Dad put its, "很好吃喔!"
Yang Yuem
My family taste-buds lean towards the Korean, maybe cos we like spicy food. Yang Yuem did not win in a land-slide victory. Dad and I preferred it. My mum preferred the Japanese Umadare. Of course, there could be some slight bias cos Yang Yuem sounds a lot like @YoungYawn!!!
Hehe, speaking of instagram, you can also join in the fun by picking a side. Upload a post on Instagram of your favourite flavour and hashtag #kfcoishii to support the Umadare flavour or #kfcmashisoyo to support the Yang Yeum flavour. So which is the flavour you can't get enough of??? Are you with me or against me?
Lastly sharing my Dad's video where he was having a good time savoring the KFC's wings. At $4.90 for an a la carte set of 4 pieces (choice of 1 flavour), these chicken are really affordable.
When we were at KFC, we noticed manty people enjoying the Wings Bento Set. At $6.90, it comes with fragrant chicken rice, a side salad and a regular 7Up Lemon Mint (a refreshing flavour of lemon paired with a cool burst of mint) on top of the 4 pieces of chicken. Even cheaper than what you can get at a hawker centre!!!
If you have tried them too, comment below on which flavour you love!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Food Review: Otto Ristorante

Concluded that if guys want to be thrifty, you should never date. Having a girlfriend is more or less keeping a flame in your pocket, always ready to burn a hole. Finally went to Otto Ristorante. Totally regretted not going there earlier cos the Foie Gras is so super duper good.
But I think I don't really like Italian food. Their portion of cheese is super generous, sadly I am no fan of it. 不识货
Tried out both the Degustation menu and Gourmet menu. Overall, I think I like the Gourmet menu better. In the Degustation menu, I liked the beef in the starter. The Parmesan cheese masked the natural flavour of the mushroom. I didn't like that. The tomato soup was good but not mind-blowing.
We picked the beef over the cod because the other meal came with fish, so no point having double fish since the BF is no fish lover. The beef was absolutely delightful, especially the mushroom. For dessert, it is quite an interesting taste cos of the Kumquat.
The Gourmet meal had one more dish compared to the Degustation set. The octopus was really nice just that I did not like the lemon dressing. I think nobody can go wrong with a sea bass. The oyster emulsion was super yummy!! 
The crispy suckling pig was confusing, isn't it supposed to be an Asian dish?!? I don't like the pasta. Too cheesy for my taste. Just because I am cheesy, doesn't mean I like rich, cheesy food. :P
Foie Gras
Tada, presenting my favourites of the 2 sets. The Foie Gras is so good, I am pretty sure it is the best I have ever tasted. Or do I say that for all the foie gras I eat? I am pretty sure fireworks more glorious than the SG50 display exploded in my brain as it was in my mouth. How can something so plain be so amazing? *Sounds like I am describing my BF, haha*
The squid ink pasta and the warm lava cake deserves thumb up too. I think next time when I go there, I will be going for ala carte. Saw other people around us taking some lobster pasta. Going to try it... :)
Ended the meal with a steaming tea and latte and 2 chocolates of different colour. Made the BF guess "which hand is it in" to decide who foot the bill. I naturally won this game with my mind-reading and psychic skills. The waiter was quite amused by our entertainment. I like to think that sippers are always better at occupying their companions with silly task.
Well apart from knowing I have mind-reading skills (FYI, I won the BF 3 times in rock, paper, scissors), I also noticed I have pretty keen sense of taste. I could taste the subtle difference between tap and still water!!! My eyesight however is greatly impaired. Just can't seem to see the numbers on the bill even when the BF placed it right in front of me. :P

Friday, August 7, 2015

Hair Care: Ka'fen Acid Hair Series

Ever since I had my trim, my hair seems to be growing drier, losing its luster shine. :( So now, I am more open to expose my hair to other shampoo and treatments to improve its condition.

Ka'fen is a taiwanese brand so all the instructions at the back are in Chinese!!! Omg, totally putting my reading skills to the test again. *Freaks out*
Ka'fen has 3 series with a total of 7 shampoos and 3 treatments. I am using the Acid Hair series, which is  the most moisturising in the KA'FEN line of products which will help repair very dry hair to retain their original softness and glow. This series has 3 shampoos and 1 treatment, I am using the Moisturizing Aroma Shampoo!

  • Moisturizing Aroma Shampoo - Nourishing and moisturising the hair. Helps keep the glow in the hair which is caused by dry or frizzy hair.
  • Balancing Shampoo - For people with oily scalp. Helps in oil control, anti-aging of hair, helps eliminate dandruff to maintain a clean and healthy scalp. Also create a lighter hair for ease in styling, maintain a PH balance, sooth the scalp and helps restore hair elasticity.
  • Color Preserve Shampoo - For hair which are coloured or permed. Contains a unique extraction brightening formula which deeply cleans the hair, retains hair glow and shine. Repairs and restores damaged hair from frequent dyeing and perming while maintaining PH balance.
  • Rapid Recovery Treatment - retain moisture and replenishes nutrients in hair. Leaves hair with a refreshing feeling with a non-sticky, supple and elastic touch. Contains hydrolysed protein components which help in deep repairing of hair and replenishes protein to enhance toughness in the hair.
Before After
Generally, I find it good for controlling hair loss. I am dropping lesser hair! This a very light hair care series as compared to the typical brands we are used to. It has a mild smell. If you are very used to soap suds, you will be surprised with the somewhat sauce-like texture of this series as there is not much foaming.

The difference is subtle in photos. I think that the biggest is difference is a reduction in the fall of hair. For those who are worried about brands that are not well established, I have tried and tested Ka'fen and confidently give you the "Okay to Buy"! 
Sg50 acid hair
For those who are interested in the Acid Hair Series, My Secret Beauty is doing a promotion which starts on 1/8/2015 and ends on 14/8/2015 whereby any purchase of the 800ml Acid Hair Series product, you will also receive the 300ml of the same product.

Good deal for SG50! :)

Monday, August 3, 2015

Pretty Little Things Part 9

Hey, do't be a douche. This series is no way delayed. It is just that the previous posts were pushed forward, so this look in comparison to be very delayed. is actually on time. And Yipee, we are on to Part 9!!!
Anyone with a bad back here? Nope, I am not offering spa services -.- I just found a cute cushion online! And I thought I would share it with you guys. I can't decide whether the big or small one is cuter though. #FirstWorldProblems. Apart from the cute pillows, BlizzBis holds a lot of other cute stuff. The My Melody Pillow and Hello Kitty Pillow looks equally adorable. Need to buy something on the false pretext of a bad back? I think you found it :P
If you are into oil paintings, you may want to check out the work of this lady - Katie Jobling. We couldn't get an interview, but considering that her work is very gorgeous, she still deserves a shout-out. She has like phonecases on her shop as well. So, do drop by her etsy shop for a visit or you can check out her blog to have a glimpse into the look of an artist's life.
Hand-drawn Tees anyone? I think this is seriously adorable. I think Linecense is finally going international. So, we can all buy it now. If you are looking for casual couple tees, or just kawaii tops, family shirts, you can check them out. If they do branch out to shoes or even wallpapers in future, I am sure it would sell well too!
So this marks the end of a very cute, artistic series. Till the next time! :P