Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review: Go hairless with Faceworks

The nicest tuft of hair is grown on the head. Anywhere else, you may consider to rid them. Especially for ladies, the armpits and lower legs should be hair-free cos the society deems it as visually appealing.
Looks aside, hair traps sweat and dirt and thus allowing growth for bacteria. It is an hygiene issue. And so, sometimes women just get rid the (hair) root of the problem all together given that there are so many methods to do so. IPL, waxing, shaving etc.

Today, I will share a bit more on IPL. In my opinion, it is the fastest and most efficient way to remove hair. Shaving is of course, the most painless method. But it is non-permanent and repetitive. I am allergic to some razor baldes so I don't use this method. Waxing is more painful and it leaves ingrown hair but it is faster and hair growth is slower.
IPL by far is the best method cos it best of both. The hair grown after each session becomes finer and soon you will pretty much be hairless! :) You lie there and see flashes of light through the air as your therapist work on the specific body parts.
I visited Faceworks for 4 sessions of Lower Leg IPL. The exterior of the place is clean and professional looking. I was serviced by the senior therapist, Angie. As mentioned earlier, I am allergic to the razor blades. So every time the blade graze my leg, it would leave pesky patches of rash. Angie noticed it after the first treatment and from then on applied aloe vera to sooth those areas. 
I quite like the fact they are very customer focus. Even when Angie was not around for 1 of my session, the other therapist would also be aware of my condition and not shave too closely to my skin for the fear or irritating it. P.S. you need to shave a little as IPL doesn't work on overly long hair.
The treatment room is small but really cosy. There is however no locker to put your stuff. The shaver used are disposable! Yeah, it is kinda gross if you have to use somebody's old shaver. I would catergorise Faceworks as a no frills palour. There is no hard sales but yet there is no compromisation on customers service.
I received reminders for my next appointments. And compared to more established firms, Faceworks is more flexible to changing of appointment time and there is no penalty for it. Their aftercare service is fantastic as well. Angie followed up on my rashes the next day and was always showed concern over my subsequent visits.
Not going to show any photos of my legs cos they are not the confident parts of my body. They are tree trunks that bruise easily. The hair WILL grown finer and the hair growth WILL be slower. There is a lot less maintenance and less resistance to kick the boyfriend if he tries to caress my leg. I don't like people touching the pricks when the hair just grows. :P
For my readers only, if you live at Bukit Timah (Beauty World Centre), you are in luck. Faceworks is offering:
  1. 20% on all IPL treatments
  2. IPL Skin rejuvenation facial treatment at $28 only for first time customers!!!
**IPL is not suitable for pregnant ladies, customers with dark skin tone/skin disease and cancer patients. IPL treatments are permanent unless changes in hormones e.g. pregnancy!

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