Sunday, August 9, 2015

Food Review: Otto Ristorante

Concluded that if guys want to be thrifty, you should never date. Having a girlfriend is more or less keeping a flame in your pocket, always ready to burn a hole. Finally went to Otto Ristorante. Totally regretted not going there earlier cos the Foie Gras is so super duper good.
But I think I don't really like Italian food. Their portion of cheese is super generous, sadly I am no fan of it. 不识货
Tried out both the Degustation menu and Gourmet menu. Overall, I think I like the Gourmet menu better. In the Degustation menu, I liked the beef in the starter. The Parmesan cheese masked the natural flavour of the mushroom. I didn't like that. The tomato soup was good but not mind-blowing.
We picked the beef over the cod because the other meal came with fish, so no point having double fish since the BF is no fish lover. The beef was absolutely delightful, especially the mushroom. For dessert, it is quite an interesting taste cos of the Kumquat.
The Gourmet meal had one more dish compared to the Degustation set. The octopus was really nice just that I did not like the lemon dressing. I think nobody can go wrong with a sea bass. The oyster emulsion was super yummy!! 
The crispy suckling pig was confusing, isn't it supposed to be an Asian dish?!? I don't like the pasta. Too cheesy for my taste. Just because I am cheesy, doesn't mean I like rich, cheesy food. :P
Foie Gras
Tada, presenting my favourites of the 2 sets. The Foie Gras is so good, I am pretty sure it is the best I have ever tasted. Or do I say that for all the foie gras I eat? I am pretty sure fireworks more glorious than the SG50 display exploded in my brain as it was in my mouth. How can something so plain be so amazing? *Sounds like I am describing my BF, haha*
The squid ink pasta and the warm lava cake deserves thumb up too. I think next time when I go there, I will be going for ala carte. Saw other people around us taking some lobster pasta. Going to try it... :)
Ended the meal with a steaming tea and latte and 2 chocolates of different colour. Made the BF guess "which hand is it in" to decide who foot the bill. I naturally won this game with my mind-reading and psychic skills. The waiter was quite amused by our entertainment. I like to think that sippers are always better at occupying their companions with silly task.
Well apart from knowing I have mind-reading skills (FYI, I won the BF 3 times in rock, paper, scissors), I also noticed I have pretty keen sense of taste. I could taste the subtle difference between tap and still water!!! My eyesight however is greatly impaired. Just can't seem to see the numbers on the bill even when the BF placed it right in front of me. :P

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