Monday, August 3, 2015

Pretty Little Things Part 9

Hey, do't be a douche. This series is no way delayed. It is just that the previous posts were pushed forward, so this look in comparison to be very delayed. is actually on time. And Yipee, we are on to Part 9!!!
Anyone with a bad back here? Nope, I am not offering spa services -.- I just found a cute cushion online! And I thought I would share it with you guys. I can't decide whether the big or small one is cuter though. #FirstWorldProblems. Apart from the cute pillows, BlizzBis holds a lot of other cute stuff. The My Melody Pillow and Hello Kitty Pillow looks equally adorable. Need to buy something on the false pretext of a bad back? I think you found it :P
If you are into oil paintings, you may want to check out the work of this lady - Katie Jobling. We couldn't get an interview, but considering that her work is very gorgeous, she still deserves a shout-out. She has like phonecases on her shop as well. So, do drop by her etsy shop for a visit or you can check out her blog to have a glimpse into the look of an artist's life.
Hand-drawn Tees anyone? I think this is seriously adorable. I think Linecense is finally going international. So, we can all buy it now. If you are looking for casual couple tees, or just kawaii tops, family shirts, you can check them out. If they do branch out to shoes or even wallpapers in future, I am sure it would sell well too!
So this marks the end of a very cute, artistic series. Till the next time! :P

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