Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Battle of the wings: Young Yawn wins!

Some of you "in" people may have realised now KFC recently launched 2 new saucy flavours. Touted so good, it is impossible to make a choice, my family gamely tasted the 2 wings!
Freshly breaded in-store with a special batter, the juicy wings are cooked to a crispy perfection and coated in either Yang Yuem (Korean-inspired sweet and spicy sauce) and Umadare (tangy and savory). It is quite a difference to the normal fried tender chicken as KFC is well known for. As my Dad put its, "很好吃喔!"
Yang Yuem
My family taste-buds lean towards the Korean, maybe cos we like spicy food. Yang Yuem did not win in a land-slide victory. Dad and I preferred it. My mum preferred the Japanese Umadare. Of course, there could be some slight bias cos Yang Yuem sounds a lot like @YoungYawn!!!
Hehe, speaking of instagram, you can also join in the fun by picking a side. Upload a post on Instagram of your favourite flavour and hashtag #kfcoishii to support the Umadare flavour or #kfcmashisoyo to support the Yang Yeum flavour. So which is the flavour you can't get enough of??? Are you with me or against me?
Lastly sharing my Dad's video where he was having a good time savoring the KFC's wings. At $4.90 for an a la carte set of 4 pieces (choice of 1 flavour), these chicken are really affordable.
When we were at KFC, we noticed manty people enjoying the Wings Bento Set. At $6.90, it comes with fragrant chicken rice, a side salad and a regular 7Up Lemon Mint (a refreshing flavour of lemon paired with a cool burst of mint) on top of the 4 pieces of chicken. Even cheaper than what you can get at a hawker centre!!!
If you have tried them too, comment below on which flavour you love!

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