Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: Bath Times are never dull

Hello there, I am Monster Mango...Growls. I am here to make you love your baths. I don't bite and I have a nice smile, and even a nicer scent. True to my name, I smell of a tangy mango, leaving you a soft and fluffy after a good scrub.
There is no more reason to hate bathe time any more. I will keep you hygienic. Even though, I am made of felt, I am soft when wet so don't worry about me leaving abrasions on your skin.
Monster Mango
This is how I look like when I am wet. I am good with foams and bubbles too. Bath times are promised to be fun time. You will be safe in my good hands just like how I am in yours. Reciprocity! 
I am value for money too. You can use me for ages and won't really see much of a dent in me. No worries about an early heartbreak, your loyal shower friend is here to stay.
Felt Soap
I am born out of a plastic wrap and my Mummy is Simply For Love. Check out all my others cute Monster siblings. Yipee! I am unfortunately none recyclable. So I die a little each time you use me. But your smile is all worth it. It is the happy moments that matter.
Even if I am gone, my monster siblings will keep you, my darling bright and cheery. When you see them. you will see a bit of me too though all of us look different in our little ways like snowflakes in the sky.
simply for love
Do show my Mummy some love too. She is delicate with her fingers and host great craft workshops and parties. Do check out my cousins who are are lovingly hand-made too.
Meanwhile, stay adorable and love your baths. And be a kind soul and be a dear friend to my other monster siblings. Awww~~~

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