Sunday, September 27, 2015

Staycation at Clover Hotel The Arts

Clover Hotel The Arts
I pretty much had a long weekend for my birthday. Unfortunately, we didn't really put that into good use. We only spent the weekends at a staycation - Hotel Clover The Arts. This is pretty much a no-frills hotel, so it isn't the most exciting place for a staycation since you can't make use of any pool/ gym facilities. But if you are looking for an intimate, cosy place for 2, this would work well.
Located near Clarke Quay, you are basically staying in the heart of great night life and fancy food. A lot of the restaurants that I love are near here. A foreigner looking for an instagram-worthy place to stay while exploring Singapore? This is fantastic for you. The room is pretty spacious and have all the necessities and even a Nescafe Expresso machine if you are a fan of it. I spent a good deal of time trying to figure out how it work -.- Bleh.
Just in case, you really have no clue what to eat, there is Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, Central and Liang Court serve pretty delightful Japanese/ Korean food. For us, we went to Jumbo for lunch instead! Yeah! I am actually more of a J-Pot fan. But we ate there quite a few times liao, so we decided to go for Jumbo instead.
Pick the usual favourites - Chilli Crab. But cos, we weren't exactly a big table, we didn't have much choice if we wanted to finish the food. Ordered some other "exotic" stuff but since I wasn't too involved in the ordering, I don't really remember what we ordered. I am just a happy gobbler. 
Had dessert while walking back cos it was warm thought it seemed it was going to rain. What irony. And don't drive to Hotel Clover The Arts, cos they only have 3 complimentary parking lots. Even if you are willing to pay, it is not that easy to find lots. So just use your 2 "car" (Legs in Hokkien) It saves more time :)
And eww~~ to BF. How can someone still have stains on his clothes despite using a bib?!? Tsk tsk.
Mount Fuji
The wifi in the hotel is not very strong. I pretty much spent my time chilling and snapping pics to snap back my money?!? Lol. I am kidding. It is a very nice room so it is just instinctive for you to take lots of photo, lie on the huge bed and errm...doze off. I guess the ambience was just too relaxing! :P 
The Art
Otherwise, you could go exploring the stairway and corridors where you will find art littering it. My only regret sadly, was unable to go to every room and take a photo. T.T 
personalised toilet
At least, the toilet was personalised for me :P Ok, kidding but I did prank my family on that. :P For those who are curious about the breakfast, they have a decent selection but is not like what you will find in hotels. I would say it is more like a high-end hostel.
Because we were such horrible planners, we missed out this promotion. If you 3D2N, you get to learn to cook our local dishes for free. So good right?!? So that is pretty much "The End" for a birthday. And after that, it is just reality slapping me right in the face. Sian.

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