Monday, October 12, 2015

Funky Find: Expression Factory App

Came across this app and it is too cute not to share. Was spamming the BF with the ridiculously cute videos.
Shall not share those that I made for him, but here are some I made for myself to amuse him :P

First video I did wasn't too good. My heart when I see him. Lol...

My version of the Hunger Games, me being hungry and then growing fat like a pig. I like the pig one best! An absolute LOL!

Made a few set of ridiculous angry GIF, since I have anger management issues, o'really?

And last but not least, for every buddha feet grabber, the Guan Yin Ma epic. 
If you want to have some laughter in your life too, you can find the app. Just search for Expression Factory. I know Apple store has it, not too sure about the others. Have fun~!~ GIF yourself some smiles. Life is too short to waste it away sulking. :P

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