Thursday, October 15, 2015

STGCC 2015 - Can I be a Yellow and Chubby, Bwwhaaa

Avengers Cute
After missing STGCC last year, I am back again this year. Whooops~~~ thanks to a treat from my BFF, to make it easy, I made it my bday present :P
Starting the photo-heavy post with a cute photo of the Avengers, makes you wanna gush and scream at them "Take my $$$"
As per the previous STGCC, you can find lots of well-dressed cosplayers. I even had a front-row seat during the competition! 
There were so many talented comic artists that day. I don't the beautiful photos I took cos I was using my friend's camera to take those photos as she was busily queuing up for the commissioned art. Even their doodles look like a piece of art.
I pretty much spent a good deal of my time taking lots of photos of my favourite Iron Man!!! Here Snap, There Snap, Everywhere snap snap! (Just realise O'MacDonald is a Singlish song!!!)
This year, Marvel had a booth but was not as generous as the other year I went where they were literally throwing out hourly freebies. The highlights were still as impressive as ever. The giant hulk and Ironman giant models was a Kodak Moment (Who still use such Old Skool words, OMG!) not to be missed!
Marvel Shopping
Check out cute things I found! I had to drag the BFF from a good deal of the booths before she run herself dry. Not because I was a good friend trying to save her bucks, I am just too broke myself to buy her dinner. :P
I must have been spoilt rotten as the previous Marvel booth set a whole different expectations for me. I did spend a good deal of time whining about the lack of goodies to minimize the damage. Had to be tactfully chided by my friend that the year I went was NOT the norm. STGCC is a place to showcase new toys and gorgeous art!
And look I found Bumblebee <3 Had a photo with the cosplayer but my good friend has cruelly detain me from the photos.  This year, I think I seem to have less self-absorbed photos of me being absorbed by the crowd. Gawking at them more like it. Hehe!
Although we did spend a relatively shorter period there (The hourly giveaways enticed us to stay beyond our welcome.) But my legs were still sore after navigating around the Exhibition Hall. 
Also did my favourite task hunting down the BF's favourite minions. I remember reading about the unappreciated boyfriends complaining about their apparent better half on how they alway proclaim how much they love fries, but yet not tell the poor boys how much they are loved.
I would say I truly understand their "Am I not even fries in their eyes!!!" feeling cos I am not even an minion in my BF eyes. Sending him the minions images evoke blissful emoticons as responses yet spamming him selfies of myself just get a half-hearted "Orrrrrhhhh" :(
Gabu Gabu
Ending my excited chatters with a set of themeless photos. Gabu Gabu was distributed at the convention. Despite the super intriguing advert, the drink was ewww. I didn't even finish it despite being really really thirsty.
Took quite a few interesting videos. Will probably upload them on Instag instead. Let it Stay Cray like its owner!!!

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