Saturday, October 31, 2015

Review: Confirm (Trading) Confident Smiles

So today, the topic could be really gross for some. It is oral hygiene. Well, a smile is the cheapest accessory (Free!) you could make yourself to beautiful :) But to maintain a gorgeous smile, it takes effort. To let the looker have a pleasant experience, you would need to have pearly white and good breathe. :)
I have some interesting items from Confirm Trading to put them to the test. We have the Kiss You Ionic Toothbrush, intriguing Dr Tung's tongue cleaner and Dentiste' Night-time Toothpaste.
Kiss youIonic Toothbrush is quite a common product across all brands. Basically, it is to ionically attract the plaque on your teeth. Generally, I would say it sounds gimmicky cos the effect aren't that apparent. I have been using this product for more than a year now. Firstly I don't have that much of plaque. But, my dental visit has always been attracting praises by my dentist for my incredibly healthy teeth. So, I would say it is actually pretty good for maintenance.
This is a not a product where you can observe immediate miracles. But at least, it is quite effortless to use it. You just have to hold the toothbrush with the thumb touching the metal stem and keep the metal stem wet at all times for the ionic action to work. I can't confirm for real it can remove up to 48% more plaque than ordinary toothbrushes!
Wake Up!
For anyone who is expecting to wake up with good morning breathe after using Dentiste' Night-time Toothpaste, this isn't the case for me. It is a very refreshing toothpaste which I prefer them over the more popular household brands. But when you wake up, you are still not ready to kiss anyone. I don't know maybe I just have horrible breathe. :(
Even with the Dentiste' Night-time Toothpaste and Ionic Toothbrush, my teeth stains are still there. My teeth are easily stainable and if you suffer the same problems as me, these 2 products won't solve it. So far, the only way to remove them is to go for polishing at the dentist. Rumuors say that electric toothbrush may do the same, but I haven't really tested it out.  Overall, it is a good toothpaste but perhaps it set users' expectations too high. So you may be bound for disappointment.
Tongue Cleaner
Saving the best for the last, yeap it is the Tongue cleaner. This is really just you don't see every day. Despite my grimace in the photo, the product is surprisingly painless on the tongue. Even I expected it to be somewhat like a torture product considering how it is designed. Looks so much like a tongue squeezer! Yep!
You may not know but a good deal of bacteria is on your tongue and those pesky stuff are the cause of bad breath. I would say that after using it, my tongue feels a lot cleaner. My tongue seems to be able to taste better and have a better grasp of the texture of the food and is no longer grossly coloured. At least now I can confidently stick out my tongue when teasing others! Great product!

Haha, I know the video is just disgusting, but at least it has great music right! Don't complain la!

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