Sunday, November 29, 2015

LOTD: Re-defining Beauty with Lurvy Curvy

With Lurvy Curvy, we created 4 looks with the pieces. I did a first ever flipagram and it wasn't too bad! :) If you are looking for affordable clothings at affordable price, this is the place to shop. All the apparels came with lining! 
What I love about them is that the clothes really look better than what you see on site partially because they do not use "perfect' models which we all know is not realistic in real life cos our figures are all different. Being beautiful no longer means you have to be perfect. :)
Rainbow Tart
  1. Goddess Green Layered Chiffon Top - Sweet Rainbow Tart
Ok, I think I took the last piece :P Chiffon layered top are best dressed with tight jeans or bottoms cos they are a bit flared out. So this is a common trick to make yourself look slim.
But, I am not sure why I had this weird idea that this top had to be paired with my rainbow tutu skirt to make it appear a dress. Not a look that suits every one, but this is a cherry sweet piece that can go with coloured sandals and is more laidback because of the material. For ladies who have tutu skirts and going "crap, how to wear the tutu skirt!?!" you can try it. Paired with the right accessories and formal shoes, this look can be modified to be something more funky :)
Mafia2. Lucious Legs Coral Scalloped Shorts - Looking Badass
Another, last piece snagged by me. But let's chat a little bit about coloured shorts. I think it is a staple which every girl must have. For me, most of my tops are black or navy, so if I pair them with dark bottoms, I look pretty much all gloom, like a grim reaper in the making.
The wavy patterns at the bottom of the shorts used to be really "in". They are supposed to promise longer legs, but maybe such designs don't seem to lengthen mine. What I like about the experimentation is the vamping up something so simple and ordinary to give it more character with a nice hat. What do you think?
3. Cool-headed beauty Frosty Skirt - Chic and Cute
If you are looking for a skirt that you can go to work in yet wear it as a casual weekend piece, you would love this. This has to be my favourite look, partially the Pikachu is so cute. It is really easy to pair this piece for a corporate look, just throw on any block coloured formal top, and you look ready to seal some deals.
Just to challenge myself, I wondered if I could make this go a little cutesy. So I threw on the new cute Pikachu Chiffon material top (Bugis Street) and my all-time-favourite foxy sling (Kawaii Clothing). And I am super satisfied with the results!
4. Rosy Blush Soft Mesh Dress - Retro Lady
Quite honestly, I thought this piece could end up quite badly - like those Cheena goods. Phew, it actually was of great material. What attracted me to select this piece was its mesh design top which was unique. Pulling it off was a another thing since I am obviously more kick-ass and have too much character to look so frail and delicate.
This is that sort of dress your mother-in-law will immediately approve sort of dress. It automatically makes you a lady even if you attempt to squish up your face. There is really no way to rough up this dress, so just enjoy the pink translucent dress and daintily skip around :)
And that's the end of all my looks that any one can do it too. Lurvy Curvy has a few pieces on sales and those are really worth it! *totally can vouch for it* Imperfections can always be downplayed by picking the right clothes. Lurvy Curvy focuses on making each girl pretty. Even when I picked a wrong size, their owner was open to making an exchange and ensuring that I look good in the piece I exchanged for.
Considering I look different for each of the looks, it is true that your choice of clothes can define the person you want to be seen as. Presentation always lead to an initial perception which may or may not your true self. I am always supporting people being themselves, but I don't deny it is sometimes fun to challenge and role play :P Rosy Blush Soft Mesh Dress me! Use my code "forfunk15%" to check out and this applies to all sales items as well!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

My Zakinth: How to accessorise?

Accessories matters. It can really make or break a look. Can't emphasize that enough. So today, I will share with you how to pull off some accessories, courtesy of My Zakinth.
My Sanctuary
My Sanctuary - The coloured threaded necklace
Every girl should have a rainbow-coloured necklace. At first impression, you may think such pieces look tacky. But nope, they are actually very versatile, because of the many colours, they can blend with the different colours of your apparels. For me, I always think that a good fashion pairing, you cannot go striking for every piece.
If you want the attention to be on your neck and on the necklace, pair it with a subtle Little Black Dress or a simple white blouse. My Sanctuary looks like a heavy piece but actually it feels pretty lightless on my neck. If you don't have a fabric necklace, you may consider getting a piece.
Cross Me
Cross Me - The butterfly lovers
My mum keeps describing it as the butterfly, which does look a little so at one of its angle. Golden cuff are a must have for the clubbing look. If you are skinny enough, you can always make it an arm band. But make sure you don't have too much flabs on your arms, as these cuffs would make look as though your fats are squeezed out. Lol and that doesn't look sexy...bleh
Because this piece is pretty eye-catching by itself, you need to pair it with something light so that it doesn't become to overwhelming. By that, I mean accessorise less. If your dress has a light gold buckle or a simple golden ear-ring, I think it is sufficient. Prequel of my new look :P But this is how you can pair it :)
Glam Me Up
Glam Me Up - Heavy Gold
This is a heavy gold accessory which I am sure many ladies also a have a staple like this in the wardrobe. Like its colourful sister, this piece is easy to match and it does glam you up immediately because it is a solid colour. Such chunky necklaces always go well with plain tops simply because they are so big, they block any patterns of your dress out of sight and out of (people's) mind.
For my simple look, I paired it with another piece Rose-Shaped Earstuds. This is a super favourite of mine. And it is only at $2.80. Unbelievably cheap. What I simply love about this pair of ear rings is that it looks so simple and classy. It doesn't try to outdo anybody.
Rose Shaped Earstuds
Here's a close-up of it. Such designs are normally found in jewelry store. I am so super glad I got this at a steal. Plus this earrings go with anything. It can be formal, yet it can also go casual. 
My Zakinth is a really nice store that sells really affordable accessories. Whether you are going for a corporate or casual look, you are bound to find something there. Most importantly, their accessories are of good quality, not those that rust after a few wear. The earrings to date have not caused any irritation to my ears. And mind you, I have been wearing them for months already!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Step by Step: The Trinity

So where's 2? Probably missed it and only remembered like a few months later and so it wasn't as meaningful to write about it.
holy trinity
I guess be missing 3, cos 3 always have a holy ring to the number. And just like that, I have written 3 years of posts and have entered 3 years into workforce. (Yea, I started writing on the day I finished my exams. Preparing the respite from the upcoming doldrum in life, hahaha) 
The first year is always about fumbling, experimenting and self-exploration of interest. The second year is about doing things better and improving what is seemingly a repeated task. The third year is pretty much being overworked and overwhelmed cos the best is always being rewarded with more work?!? Lol. 
To mark 3 years, I have made significant noticeable effort to improve the reading experience. New layouts!! And we will even have giveaways. So please join and actively support. That's a little like a "fan service" for this case more like "reader service" Haha. 
Moving forward, we will no longer be relying on organic growth. So that means more engaging content, more varied writing style and even guest contributions!! For an alternate glimpse into my memories, you can follow me on my Instagram. :) Also, if you are a fellow writer and want to collaborate, just hit me up!
The Calling
For those who are wondering why i blog?, you can read my previous post. The blog doesn't really exist for monetary reasons, but of course I always welcome additional income/ perks.
ForFunk is mainly about anything fun and funky. Do feel free to approach us if you find that we are a good fit for your advertising needs.

We say a loud resounding YES to:

  • Toy reviews - I love toys so much. I really can't say no!
  • Fashion related reviews - There is never too many clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for a girl like me!
  • Spa/ Facial/ Hair/ Gym/ Nails - Simply because I am a user of such services and swear by them
  • Events invites - I am tragically boring and I need such stuff to occupy my time...
  • Food reviews - I actually won the first blogging contest in the category of food. I don't really see myself staying out of it forever...haha
  • And lastly anything that is totally unconventional that nobody wants to write about it, I am 1 e-mail away :)
I thank you returning readers (who find me interesting to worth wasting your data on train rides and also your precious time) to take moments and follow me on an adventure of the most snazzy reviews and tumble with me through the rumbling trains of thoughts. I hope it has been a well-worth-it ride for you. Thanks to you ForFunk readership has doubled year on year!!!

Thank you all so much for reading dear strangers...
ForFunk take you one step closer to my wonderland...<3

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Funky Find: VonVon

Tried out some apps as therapy from the exhausting days...
  1. When God Created Me
When God Created Me
I guess now we know why I am so naughty. But BF got lots of sex appeal. LOL no wonder he is hot. Tsk he should be banned with contact from the other gender except me!
This shit speaks the truth! Haha. 
Oh Yea
This just made me roll my eyes since I pretty much know who I will marry. But if I were a kid, I would probably be pretty pleased with the results. Marrying your best friend (male), if girl I will be probably (-.-)
But Caribbean?!? Like that, either one of us must have won a draw. Lol! Anyway, I am pretty sure I am not marrying my good guy friends since 结婚的结婚, 欠揍的还是很欠揍, 无缘的更无缘!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Colour Bucket Vs. Hair Chalk

Presenting...the first ever challenge, courtesy of HairChroma. Hair chalks, I am pretty sure you have heard of it. It is basically a super good way to have temporary hair colour change for students and also for D&D and even Halloween/ Christmas parties!
Essential CC Oil
So why is hair chalk trending? I would think is because it is easy to use. Hair spray takes skills and can be messy. Hair chalk (used to have flaking problems) but with that avoided, it is very manageable. 
It does need a little more tools than the coloured hair spray. But those tools are easily found in your home. Hair straightener/ curler and hair oil. You can also do it on moist hair. But for me, hair oil works well. So you can moisture your hair while colouring it, that makes it better than water! To seal the colour, hair spray works the best. But if you don't have it (I did mine without a hair spray but a straightener), it was still ready to go!
Colour Bucket
Colour Bucket is a Korean brand is one of the more popular hair chalks that people rave about. So it it really that good? It retails at S$14.90. In terms of packaging, it is funky and of really good quality. It is super smooth and easy to apply (You will observe in the video!) It doesn't really flake much but it does stain the hand. I won't say that it is that easily removable. So it is great even you get drenched on rainy days. :)
Hair Chalk on the other hand, is a China-made replica. Packaging wise, it looks cheaper than Colour Chalk and true to its appearance, it is retailing at S$9.90. The cover actually sort of fell out while I was using it. From the looks of it, I knew application was an issue because it was indented in like a face powder. Zzzz...not a very intelligent design. It is definitely not as easy to apply as the Colour Bucket, but hey at least it is easy to remove.

It is kinda obvious who won. And I am not bias, cos Colour Bucket is of same colour as my nails!!! My look of disappointment and elation was so noticeable in the video. The smile and pout just slipped out. And for those who wondered why the song keep repeating? Oh well, cos Meipai haven't upgrade yet. Only 60 sec video max!!!
And to be fair to the other colour chalk, I even tried with water, re-doing it etc. But it is still the same. :( The adhesion was just not as good, period. Plus, come on S$5 difference, Colour Bucket is more value for money!
To try it out, you can always buy it online or get it at their brick and mortar shop located at HAKO@NEX! They are cheaper than retail if you buy more than 1 piece, 10% off the 2nd piece and 20% off the 3rd piece!!! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pretty Little Things Part 10

This is really one of the most long-lived segment. Haha. We are onto the 10th series. I always like writing this series cos it has always been accumulating really out-of-the-world stuff. It really should be a Christmas series. But it isn't, it is just a series on accessories.
If you are a fan of hand-made stuff, you will like iona. If you look through the Instagram photos, you can really see how much progress she has made. Her recent stuff, especially the rings are just super cool. Part of me is like, I think I know how it is done. But seriously, I think I don't. Her stuff gives me a magicial feeling...
My mum saw some of her stuff and found it pretty unique, so I would think it is truly so and not my own bias opinion. Her items, a good 70% are not seen in other online stores. If you have bought anything from her, share with us her items!
You can find her at:
Carousell: @iona (accessories) and @ionalove (apparels)
Shopee SG: @ionalove
modern minimalist.
For those who are into something slightly more high-end, I have Modern Minimalist. I personally super like the designs of their accessories cos it is so simple but yet so nice!!! You can definitely scroll their website all day. Their stacking accessories is totally worth digging for. My recommendation is probably pretty old-school, but maybe it might just make a come-back.
The Memory Lockets!!! I think they are not so raved on now. But it is something very personalised and I guess is a bit of a self-indulgence. I wished I had came out with this concept first and sold it cos it is just so ME! But sadly, someone beat me to it. It is really something along the line of a luxury friendship bracelet. #BFF. 
Plaid Belleza
For students out there, don't worry I have something for you. This shop is really easy on your pocket. The designs are also very easy on the eyes. Plaid Belleza should have long been featured. Ooops. The biggest difference is that they have a neat collection of brooches that should not be missed. You can find something at less than $10. These are really cheap thrills where I think you girls would love. 
I think I have covered a pretty good grounds and this mark the end of another great segment. Just some short updates, ForFunk is going 3 soon! And when she was 2, you could see a lot more reviews/ adverts etc. Of course, I should never be complaining about progress because in life, the good is always rewarded with more work heh. ForFunk is probably is not relying on organic growth for Year 3. There will be changes! The first being the noticeable layout. It should really be a "surprise" on her 3rd birthday. But because, I am so occupied with so many things, it ended up to be a progressive change. I will definitely be sharing more where we are branching into and what sort of new value we will bring. Sounds so strategic, geez. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

5 Coolest Place to stay at Niseko

I have actually never been to Niseko. But I did hear from a family friend that it is a good place to invest for a holiday home because you can ski during the winter. I am more of a lodge kinda girl, so the places that caught my eyes seem to be of the same genre. Haha. 
Please do click on the links for more pretty pictures cos even my collages still don't do them justice!!!
  1. Seshu - For the architecture nuts
This place is definitely my first choice cos the unique architecture looks so darn good whether in daylight or moonlight. Considering usually during winters, nights are longer. The accommodation must definitely look good at night to be instagram-worthy. Haha.
Not only that, if you can't ski for nuts like me, lessons will be provided! The spacious interior is great for parties , but I foresee fights breaking out for the master room cos you will be going into dreamland, looking at the breathtaking Mount Yotei!! But after a fight, patch up in the jacuzzi. Heard it can fit up to 8 people. 
The price is not stated in the list. I am guessing either it is really steep or around the prices of the other lodge. But this is definitely a beauty not to be missed. Fit up to a max of 10 pax.
2. Annabel - For travellers who need a luxurious hide-out
A mini sauna on a Japanese style wooden bathtub that looks like an infinity pool in your bedroom, that is totally worth raving about. And guess what, this villa comes with unlimited ski pass. Even if there are bad weather conditions, you can stay in-doors with a pool table, state-of-the-art entertainment system to keep boredom at bay. Dang!
A grand yet quaint place for those who wants a luxurious hide-out. It comes with a lot of frills I don't really use. But definitely appreciating the complimentary wireless broadband internet & free local phone calls!
Per Night - SGD 1,270.73
Max Pax - 12
Approx cost per pax - SGD 105.89
3. Yume House - For the typical travelers
Yume House
Was living in self-indulgent for the first few luxurious accommodations that would require a hugh group to be worth-while. My third recommendation is the Yume House with a swanky-looking exterior that makes you cast doubt on the livability of the interior. Hey, never judge a book by its cover. This place's interior is gold.
It is very basic and have everything you need. Most importantly, it is a place where usual travellers/ families are looking for. It is cosy and can house up to 5 max. The price is not stated but I ranked it according to the prices and it appeared on the first page so I believe it should be pretty affordable.
4. Imako Lodge - For the travelers looking for a good deal
Imako Lodge
Yes, it comes with free lessons You get a lodge too! Honestly, this is a steal. Plus it is just 10 mins away from the ski place. Like what!!! Nuff said really. 
Per Night -SGD 548.73
Max Pax - 8
Approx cost per pax - SGD 68.59
5. Asahi Lodge - For the travelers who wants affordable frills
Asahi Lodge
Still a luxury lodge, but you don't need that huge a number of people to "break even" It comes with all the frills in Seshu and Annabel but at a slightly cheaper rate per day. It doesn't come with the free passes to ski areas nor lessons. It really depends on the number of people sharing this place, cos if you are coming in a huge party, this place won't be as worth it.
It is suitable if you are coming as 2 families or a 3-gen family. The most attractive part is definitely the FREE rental of 4WD van when you stay from 15 December, 2015 - 31 March, 2016! So pick your dates wisely.
Per Night - SGD 889.51
Max Pax - 10
Approx cost per pax - SGD 88.95
If you are interested in other accommodations as such, please visit The Luxe Nomad. Even if you are an online wanderer, you would love to dream away in the gorgeous photos! (which is what I do until I travel...haha)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lace me up: Sketchers

SketchersYeah, finally gotten myself a new pair of sport shoes. I don't know why, but for me it is really difficult to get myself a pair of decent shoes. Was in Malaysia a few weekends back and there are a sale at Nike. There was a particular pair that was gorgeous. But only half of it was gorgeous (dual-design pair). So I am kind of glad I saw something that I like and also caught the BF eye at the same time.
It was on sales too. So yeah! I think it's a kid shoes but it is a Sketchers memory foam which will fit my feet to a T and it feels comfy. Couldn't care less. This is the first time I am having coloured shoes. Usually I go for white. God knows why ( considering I will freak out and cry at every stain). I think deep inside me, I adore simplicity and is probably somewhat still ridiculously obsessed with white school shoes. Oh well at least I am now a step closer to a healthier me. 
For any of you who run at night, you might be interested in the platube. They are basically LED lights shoelaces. For those who are working and enjoy running on public areas (or simply just too broke for gym), I think this is a decent investment. It is only less than 10 bucks and there are many colours (available). 
My platubes are from Balmeo Store. You can either pick the simple switch or a more secure one with a lock/ unlock click. You can get them at Level 2 AMK Hub or just order online. They have other things as well such as the cord protectors and cord clips. Read my review of them here

My pair of shoes also came with a pair green laces. Tried a few variation and was reminded of the good ole college school days where you kinda of accessorize your shoes with laces. I used to have a lot of coloured laces/socks (since my base is always white). I would say the old me would have loved the green striking laces) Now, I am just old and boring. Black laces are just easier to maintain. People won't even know they are dirty. Save me washing time!
Of course the eyecatching platubes are great for a night run, and also stylish for a daily wear. I just hope it doesn't short-circuit on a sudden rainy day :P And that reminds me of the yuan-yang mismatch laces. For those who are clueless, there was a time where you would trade laces with your besties or your significant half. Can't imagine my BF wearing mismatch laces though. LOL! Not as open as me. Tell me which is your favourite! 
Sketcher Platube