Saturday, November 7, 2015

5 Coolest Place to stay at Niseko

I have actually never been to Niseko. But I did hear from a family friend that it is a good place to invest for a holiday home because you can ski during the winter. I am more of a lodge kinda girl, so the places that caught my eyes seem to be of the same genre. Haha. 
Please do click on the links for more pretty pictures cos even my collages still don't do them justice!!!
  1. Seshu - For the architecture nuts
This place is definitely my first choice cos the unique architecture looks so darn good whether in daylight or moonlight. Considering usually during winters, nights are longer. The accommodation must definitely look good at night to be instagram-worthy. Haha.
Not only that, if you can't ski for nuts like me, lessons will be provided! The spacious interior is great for parties , but I foresee fights breaking out for the master room cos you will be going into dreamland, looking at the breathtaking Mount Yotei!! But after a fight, patch up in the jacuzzi. Heard it can fit up to 8 people. 
The price is not stated in the list. I am guessing either it is really steep or around the prices of the other lodge. But this is definitely a beauty not to be missed. Fit up to a max of 10 pax.
2. Annabel - For travellers who need a luxurious hide-out
A mini sauna on a Japanese style wooden bathtub that looks like an infinity pool in your bedroom, that is totally worth raving about. And guess what, this villa comes with unlimited ski pass. Even if there are bad weather conditions, you can stay in-doors with a pool table, state-of-the-art entertainment system to keep boredom at bay. Dang!
A grand yet quaint place for those who wants a luxurious hide-out. It comes with a lot of frills I don't really use. But definitely appreciating the complimentary wireless broadband internet & free local phone calls!
Per Night - SGD 1,270.73
Max Pax - 12
Approx cost per pax - SGD 105.89
3. Yume House - For the typical travelers
Yume House
Was living in self-indulgent for the first few luxurious accommodations that would require a hugh group to be worth-while. My third recommendation is the Yume House with a swanky-looking exterior that makes you cast doubt on the livability of the interior. Hey, never judge a book by its cover. This place's interior is gold.
It is very basic and have everything you need. Most importantly, it is a place where usual travellers/ families are looking for. It is cosy and can house up to 5 max. The price is not stated but I ranked it according to the prices and it appeared on the first page so I believe it should be pretty affordable.
4. Imako Lodge - For the travelers looking for a good deal
Imako Lodge
Yes, it comes with free lessons You get a lodge too! Honestly, this is a steal. Plus it is just 10 mins away from the ski place. Like what!!! Nuff said really. 
Per Night -SGD 548.73
Max Pax - 8
Approx cost per pax - SGD 68.59
5. Asahi Lodge - For the travelers who wants affordable frills
Asahi Lodge
Still a luxury lodge, but you don't need that huge a number of people to "break even" It comes with all the frills in Seshu and Annabel but at a slightly cheaper rate per day. It doesn't come with the free passes to ski areas nor lessons. It really depends on the number of people sharing this place, cos if you are coming in a huge party, this place won't be as worth it.
It is suitable if you are coming as 2 families or a 3-gen family. The most attractive part is definitely the FREE rental of 4WD van when you stay from 15 December, 2015 - 31 March, 2016! So pick your dates wisely.
Per Night - SGD 889.51
Max Pax - 10
Approx cost per pax - SGD 88.95
If you are interested in other accommodations as such, please visit The Luxe Nomad. Even if you are an online wanderer, you would love to dream away in the gorgeous photos! (which is what I do until I travel...haha)

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