Thursday, November 26, 2015

My Zakinth: How to accessorise?

Accessories matters. It can really make or break a look. Can't emphasize that enough. So today, I will share with you how to pull off some accessories, courtesy of My Zakinth.
My Sanctuary
My Sanctuary - The coloured threaded necklace
Every girl should have a rainbow-coloured necklace. At first impression, you may think such pieces look tacky. But nope, they are actually very versatile, because of the many colours, they can blend with the different colours of your apparels. For me, I always think that a good fashion pairing, you cannot go striking for every piece.
If you want the attention to be on your neck and on the necklace, pair it with a subtle Little Black Dress or a simple white blouse. My Sanctuary looks like a heavy piece but actually it feels pretty lightless on my neck. If you don't have a fabric necklace, you may consider getting a piece.
Cross Me
Cross Me - The butterfly lovers
My mum keeps describing it as the butterfly, which does look a little so at one of its angle. Golden cuff are a must have for the clubbing look. If you are skinny enough, you can always make it an arm band. But make sure you don't have too much flabs on your arms, as these cuffs would make look as though your fats are squeezed out. Lol and that doesn't look sexy...bleh
Because this piece is pretty eye-catching by itself, you need to pair it with something light so that it doesn't become to overwhelming. By that, I mean accessorise less. If your dress has a light gold buckle or a simple golden ear-ring, I think it is sufficient. Prequel of my new look :P But this is how you can pair it :)
Glam Me Up
Glam Me Up - Heavy Gold
This is a heavy gold accessory which I am sure many ladies also a have a staple like this in the wardrobe. Like its colourful sister, this piece is easy to match and it does glam you up immediately because it is a solid colour. Such chunky necklaces always go well with plain tops simply because they are so big, they block any patterns of your dress out of sight and out of (people's) mind.
For my simple look, I paired it with another piece Rose-Shaped Earstuds. This is a super favourite of mine. And it is only at $2.80. Unbelievably cheap. What I simply love about this pair of ear rings is that it looks so simple and classy. It doesn't try to outdo anybody.
Rose Shaped Earstuds
Here's a close-up of it. Such designs are normally found in jewelry store. I am so super glad I got this at a steal. Plus this earrings go with anything. It can be formal, yet it can also go casual. 
My Zakinth is a really nice store that sells really affordable accessories. Whether you are going for a corporate or casual look, you are bound to find something there. Most importantly, their accessories are of good quality, not those that rust after a few wear. The earrings to date have not caused any irritation to my ears. And mind you, I have been wearing them for months already!

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