Sunday, November 29, 2015

LOTD: Re-defining Beauty with Lurvy Curvy

With Lurvy Curvy, we created 4 looks with the pieces. I did a first ever flipagram and it wasn't too bad! :) If you are looking for affordable clothings at affordable price, this is the place to shop. All the apparels came with lining! 
What I love about them is that the clothes really look better than what you see on site partially because they do not use "perfect' models which we all know is not realistic in real life cos our figures are all different. Being beautiful no longer means you have to be perfect. :)
Rainbow Tart
  1. Goddess Green Layered Chiffon Top - Sweet Rainbow Tart
Ok, I think I took the last piece :P Chiffon layered top are best dressed with tight jeans or bottoms cos they are a bit flared out. So this is a common trick to make yourself look slim.
But, I am not sure why I had this weird idea that this top had to be paired with my rainbow tutu skirt to make it appear a dress. Not a look that suits every one, but this is a cherry sweet piece that can go with coloured sandals and is more laidback because of the material. For ladies who have tutu skirts and going "crap, how to wear the tutu skirt!?!" you can try it. Paired with the right accessories and formal shoes, this look can be modified to be something more funky :)
Mafia2. Lucious Legs Coral Scalloped Shorts - Looking Badass
Another, last piece snagged by me. But let's chat a little bit about coloured shorts. I think it is a staple which every girl must have. For me, most of my tops are black or navy, so if I pair them with dark bottoms, I look pretty much all gloom, like a grim reaper in the making.
The wavy patterns at the bottom of the shorts used to be really "in". They are supposed to promise longer legs, but maybe such designs don't seem to lengthen mine. What I like about the experimentation is the vamping up something so simple and ordinary to give it more character with a nice hat. What do you think?
3. Cool-headed beauty Frosty Skirt - Chic and Cute
If you are looking for a skirt that you can go to work in yet wear it as a casual weekend piece, you would love this. This has to be my favourite look, partially the Pikachu is so cute. It is really easy to pair this piece for a corporate look, just throw on any block coloured formal top, and you look ready to seal some deals.
Just to challenge myself, I wondered if I could make this go a little cutesy. So I threw on the new cute Pikachu Chiffon material top (Bugis Street) and my all-time-favourite foxy sling (Kawaii Clothing). And I am super satisfied with the results!
4. Rosy Blush Soft Mesh Dress - Retro Lady
Quite honestly, I thought this piece could end up quite badly - like those Cheena goods. Phew, it actually was of great material. What attracted me to select this piece was its mesh design top which was unique. Pulling it off was a another thing since I am obviously more kick-ass and have too much character to look so frail and delicate.
This is that sort of dress your mother-in-law will immediately approve sort of dress. It automatically makes you a lady even if you attempt to squish up your face. There is really no way to rough up this dress, so just enjoy the pink translucent dress and daintily skip around :)
And that's the end of all my looks that any one can do it too. Lurvy Curvy has a few pieces on sales and those are really worth it! *totally can vouch for it* Imperfections can always be downplayed by picking the right clothes. Lurvy Curvy focuses on making each girl pretty. Even when I picked a wrong size, their owner was open to making an exchange and ensuring that I look good in the piece I exchanged for.
Considering I look different for each of the looks, it is true that your choice of clothes can define the person you want to be seen as. Presentation always lead to an initial perception which may or may not your true self. I am always supporting people being themselves, but I don't deny it is sometimes fun to challenge and role play :P Rosy Blush Soft Mesh Dress me! Use my code "forfunk15%" to check out and this applies to all sales items as well!!!

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  1. Great post, Chaayen! Glad you love the pieces, we're also loving your OOTDs <3