Saturday, November 21, 2015

Step by Step: The Trinity

So where's 2? Probably missed it and only remembered like a few months later and so it wasn't as meaningful to write about it.
holy trinity
I guess be missing 3, cos 3 always have a holy ring to the number. And just like that, I have written 3 years of posts and have entered 3 years into workforce. (Yea, I started writing on the day I finished my exams. Preparing the respite from the upcoming doldrum in life, hahaha) 
The first year is always about fumbling, experimenting and self-exploration of interest. The second year is about doing things better and improving what is seemingly a repeated task. The third year is pretty much being overworked and overwhelmed cos the best is always being rewarded with more work?!? Lol. 
To mark 3 years, I have made significant noticeable effort to improve the reading experience. New layouts!! And we will even have giveaways. So please join and actively support. That's a little like a "fan service" for this case more like "reader service" Haha. 
Moving forward, we will no longer be relying on organic growth. So that means more engaging content, more varied writing style and even guest contributions!! For an alternate glimpse into my memories, you can follow me on my Instagram. :) Also, if you are a fellow writer and want to collaborate, just hit me up!
The Calling
For those who are wondering why i blog?, you can read my previous post. The blog doesn't really exist for monetary reasons, but of course I always welcome additional income/ perks.
ForFunk is mainly about anything fun and funky. Do feel free to approach us if you find that we are a good fit for your advertising needs.

We say a loud resounding YES to:

  • Toy reviews - I love toys so much. I really can't say no!
  • Fashion related reviews - There is never too many clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for a girl like me!
  • Spa/ Facial/ Hair/ Gym/ Nails - Simply because I am a user of such services and swear by them
  • Events invites - I am tragically boring and I need such stuff to occupy my time...
  • Food reviews - I actually won the first blogging contest in the category of food. I don't really see myself staying out of it forever...haha
  • And lastly anything that is totally unconventional that nobody wants to write about it, I am 1 e-mail away :)
I thank you returning readers (who find me interesting to worth wasting your data on train rides and also your precious time) to take moments and follow me on an adventure of the most snazzy reviews and tumble with me through the rumbling trains of thoughts. I hope it has been a well-worth-it ride for you. Thanks to you ForFunk readership has doubled year on year!!!

Thank you all so much for reading dear strangers...
ForFunk take you one step closer to my wonderland...<3

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