Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lace me up: Sketchers

SketchersYeah, finally gotten myself a new pair of sport shoes. I don't know why, but for me it is really difficult to get myself a pair of decent shoes. Was in Malaysia a few weekends back and there are a sale at Nike. There was a particular pair that was gorgeous. But only half of it was gorgeous (dual-design pair). So I am kind of glad I saw something that I like and also caught the BF eye at the same time.
It was on sales too. So yeah! I think it's a kid shoes but it is a Sketchers memory foam which will fit my feet to a T and it feels comfy. Couldn't care less. This is the first time I am having coloured shoes. Usually I go for white. God knows why ( considering I will freak out and cry at every stain). I think deep inside me, I adore simplicity and is probably somewhat still ridiculously obsessed with white school shoes. Oh well at least I am now a step closer to a healthier me. 
For any of you who run at night, you might be interested in the platube. They are basically LED lights shoelaces. For those who are working and enjoy running on public areas (or simply just too broke for gym), I think this is a decent investment. It is only less than 10 bucks and there are many colours (available). 
My platubes are from Balmeo Store. You can either pick the simple switch or a more secure one with a lock/ unlock click. You can get them at Level 2 AMK Hub or just order online. They have other things as well such as the cord protectors and cord clips. Read my review of them here

My pair of shoes also came with a pair green laces. Tried a few variation and was reminded of the good ole college school days where you kinda of accessorize your shoes with laces. I used to have a lot of coloured laces/socks (since my base is always white). I would say the old me would have loved the green striking laces) Now, I am just old and boring. Black laces are just easier to maintain. People won't even know they are dirty. Save me washing time!
Of course the eyecatching platubes are great for a night run, and also stylish for a daily wear. I just hope it doesn't short-circuit on a sudden rainy day :P And that reminds me of the yuan-yang mismatch laces. For those who are clueless, there was a time where you would trade laces with your besties or your significant half. Can't imagine my BF wearing mismatch laces though. LOL! Not as open as me. Tell me which is your favourite! 
Sketcher Platube

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