Sunday, November 15, 2015

Colour Bucket Vs. Hair Chalk

Presenting...the first ever challenge, courtesy of HairChroma. Hair chalks, I am pretty sure you have heard of it. It is basically a super good way to have temporary hair colour change for students and also for D&D and even Halloween/ Christmas parties!
Essential CC Oil
So why is hair chalk trending? I would think is because it is easy to use. Hair spray takes skills and can be messy. Hair chalk (used to have flaking problems) but with that avoided, it is very manageable. 
It does need a little more tools than the coloured hair spray. But those tools are easily found in your home. Hair straightener/ curler and hair oil. You can also do it on moist hair. But for me, hair oil works well. So you can moisture your hair while colouring it, that makes it better than water! To seal the colour, hair spray works the best. But if you don't have it (I did mine without a hair spray but a straightener), it was still ready to go!
Colour Bucket
Colour Bucket is a Korean brand is one of the more popular hair chalks that people rave about. So it it really that good? It retails at S$14.90. In terms of packaging, it is funky and of really good quality. It is super smooth and easy to apply (You will observe in the video!) It doesn't really flake much but it does stain the hand. I won't say that it is that easily removable. So it is great even you get drenched on rainy days. :)
Hair Chalk on the other hand, is a China-made replica. Packaging wise, it looks cheaper than Colour Chalk and true to its appearance, it is retailing at S$9.90. The cover actually sort of fell out while I was using it. From the looks of it, I knew application was an issue because it was indented in like a face powder. Zzzz...not a very intelligent design. It is definitely not as easy to apply as the Colour Bucket, but hey at least it is easy to remove.

It is kinda obvious who won. And I am not bias, cos Colour Bucket is of same colour as my nails!!! My look of disappointment and elation was so noticeable in the video. The smile and pout just slipped out. And for those who wondered why the song keep repeating? Oh well, cos Meipai haven't upgrade yet. Only 60 sec video max!!!
And to be fair to the other colour chalk, I even tried with water, re-doing it etc. But it is still the same. :( The adhesion was just not as good, period. Plus, come on S$5 difference, Colour Bucket is more value for money!
To try it out, you can always buy it online or get it at their brick and mortar shop located at HAKO@NEX! They are cheaper than retail if you buy more than 1 piece, 10% off the 2nd piece and 20% off the 3rd piece!!!