Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pretty Little Things Part 10

This is really one of the most long-lived segment. Haha. We are onto the 10th series. I always like writing this series cos it has always been accumulating really out-of-the-world stuff. It really should be a Christmas series. But it isn't, it is just a series on accessories.
If you are a fan of hand-made stuff, you will like iona. If you look through the Instagram photos, you can really see how much progress she has made. Her recent stuff, especially the rings are just super cool. Part of me is like, I think I know how it is done. But seriously, I think I don't. Her stuff gives me a magicial feeling...
My mum saw some of her stuff and found it pretty unique, so I would think it is truly so and not my own bias opinion. Her items, a good 70% are not seen in other online stores. If you have bought anything from her, share with us her items!
You can find her at:
Carousell: @iona (accessories) and @ionalove (apparels)
Shopee SG: @ionalove
Instagram: @iona.store
modern minimalist.
For those who are into something slightly more high-end, I have Modern Minimalist. I personally super like the designs of their accessories cos it is so simple but yet so nice!!! You can definitely scroll their website all day. Their stacking accessories is totally worth digging for. My recommendation is probably pretty old-school, but maybe it might just make a come-back.
The Memory Lockets!!! I think they are not so raved on now. But it is something very personalised and I guess is a bit of a self-indulgence. I wished I had came out with this concept first and sold it cos it is just so ME! But sadly, someone beat me to it. It is really something along the line of a luxury friendship bracelet. #BFF. 
Plaid Belleza
For students out there, don't worry I have something for you. This shop is really easy on your pocket. The designs are also very easy on the eyes. Plaid Belleza should have long been featured. Ooops. The biggest difference is that they have a neat collection of brooches that should not be missed. You can find something at less than $10. These are really cheap thrills where I think you girls would love. 
I think I have covered a pretty good grounds and this mark the end of another great segment. Just some short updates, ForFunk is going 3 soon! And when she was 2, you could see a lot more reviews/ adverts etc. Of course, I should never be complaining about progress because in life, the good is always rewarded with more work heh. ForFunk is probably is not relying on organic growth for Year 3. There will be changes! The first being the noticeable layout. It should really be a "surprise" on her 3rd birthday. But because, I am so occupied with so many things, it ended up to be a progressive change. I will definitely be sharing more where we are branching into and what sort of new value we will bring. Sounds so strategic, geez. 

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