Thursday, December 31, 2015

LOTD: Stitch it with Him & Jae

Before 2015 comes to an end, I just had to share one of my favourite fashion designs - The stitch. I am not sure if that is its true name of this fad, but the cut-outs does remind me of the stitch design. 
There was a point in time, all these cut-outs were at the abdomen area. If you have a good figure, you may look sexy. But of course, if you go overly vampy, you might end up just pure trashy. For ladies with a bit of age, it is a little bit more difficult to pull off. And so I thought I would never wear dresses with the stitch cut-out, but guess I was wrong. Like Justin Bieber song, never say never~~~
Carefree Shift Dress
1. Carefree Shift Dress with cut-out details
Shapeless dress used to be a no-no for me, cos I felt they tend to make you look fatter than you really are. Of course, during the festive binging etc. I appreciated this fashion for their bulge camouflaging abilities. And it can double take as a maternity dress, if the need comes, ka-ching, value for money!
If you want to have a waist form, you can always use a colourful belt.  I really like solid block colours now cos they are just so smart casual and you can wear it to work if the need may be. The subtle cut-out patterns at the side are definitely more conservative and make simple dresses more detailed. 
-Camille Crochet Sleeve Top
2. Camille Crochet Sleeve Top
Yeah, haha if you have been noticing, I have been wearing the same top with my same preach skorts for so many events (Starbuck, LV, Etude House)! Favourite or what, it has been like an occurring theme on all my social media for the last few weeks. And yes, I love this shirt so much I am wearing it everywhere.
If I must make any grouse (not that there is any), the colour is white so your bra colour may be visible. But...the material is really not that thin and it is so comfy and airy for our hot, hot Singapore though it has been raining lately. This top is so simply beautiful. Another block coloured with stitch cut-outs at its side!
Him & Jae
And so thanks to Him & Jae, I found a new favourite clothes design. Since it is the festive season, for my readers, you can quote "CHAA10" for additional discounts. Him & Jae is a P.O. site and trendy collections are released regularly.
Generally, the designs are more along the casual, sweet style. Not really over-the-top and edgy. The clothes are of great quality though the sizes are on the big side. So do your measurements before purchasing. And that marks the end of 2015, let's usher a better 2016! :)

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Xmas: Cashback Year

Merry Xmas
Merry X'mas everybody! My family is finally back! It was really super lonesome and tiring without them because I had to do everything myself and couldn't take decent photos without my brother. :(
Hope you like the Catmas photo. It is from my friend. You can follow her on her art pieces here which she doesn't consistently post her art up but she is open to commission pieces!!! Help her earn a few bucks!
Speaking of bucks, I realise I have quite a few discount codes and would appreciate if you guys could sign up for me. I have created a page to consolidate them. That's how many codes I have and did a brief write-up on how it may work for you. Click here to let me share some of my wealth with you! (We have all spent too much for Xmas need to cash it all back!)
It is pretty much you get X bucks I get X bucks too or more sort of deal. It is really fair and is a case whereby I scratch your back, you scratch mine too. Yeah to no more itchy backs! And if you really want to support me, you could become my patron (I can actually play a few instruments *certified too*! Haha or just click on the links at my side bar that will give me ice-cream money over time.

A really merry lame video! This X'mas I realised that the Top 10 household electronics are
  1. Washing Machine - For clean, nice smelling clothes. Heng I learnt it before my Mum left.
  2. Vacuum Cleaner/ I-Robot - Dono how to use the former and don't have the latter. Nearly broke my back keeping the house clean
  3. Electric boiler - Cos the screeching sound is irritating. I have been using the electric boiler since it was invented. Best invention ever!!!
  4. Standing Steam Iron - Can't seem to get the clothes crisp ironing the normal way. So I am buying this new invention once I have a house of my own.
  5. Induction Cooker - Can't start a fire for nuts without burning myself. I need to have this.
  6. Dishwasher - Cos I saw my friend's mum use it and this thing is gold. Can't wait for a fad to take over Singapore so the price falls and I don't have to let my poor hand be exposed to soap duds!!!
  7. Toaster/ Oven - Easy way to cook food. When I am overseas, it was always throw it in, set the time, do my own stuff, collect the food , eat. Easy Peasy
  8. Pressure Cooker - For delicious healthy soup
  9. Rice Cooker - Cos you can at least prepare 3 dishes with this equipment!!!
  10. Fridge - Face masks feel soo good chilled!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

SG50 Special: 5 Things to do in Singapore

Christmas is around the corner. I am sure some of my International readers will be making use of the long weekend to go for a short tour to relax. So today, I would like to share with you a little more on the sunny island I am staying on - Singapore. The weather is a little dreary lately. But of the time, this place is Hot!
The write-up will be geared towards more on the non-locals. But if you are a local and haven't been to any of my suggested interesting places, please do drop them a visit.
Universal Studios Singapore
1. Universal Studios Singapore
You may not know but Singapore used to be a mere stopover- gateway to Asia because most tourists think that you need 1 day to explore Singapore. So in order to let our visitors extend their stay, the USS was opened! Although there are Universal Studios in other parts of the world, this is the only one in Asia.
Highly popular with students and is one of the favourites for corporate team building, Universal Studios is usually teeming with people. The rides do change and during Halloween, they would have special events to thrill the crowds to another level. To know more about this attraction, click on the link here.
2. Gardens By the Bay
This is undoubtedly the top attraction in Singapore. There is nothing like this in any part of the world. When the friends I meet overseas come to Singapore, this is one place I am sure to bring them. It is a public garden unless you want to visit the domes and in the evening, the lighted trees will dance to the rhapsody of tunes. It is a sight not to be missed.
During the evening, you may also catch locals jogging around the park. If you are visiting during the CNY, Lantern Festival period or Christmas, this place would be even more gaily decorated with light exhibitions. To find out more, click here
haw par villa
3. Haw Par Villa
This is one of my personal favorite, but most of my friends would like to give this a pass cos it is rather run-down. In the good old days, it used to be a place where families would visit. Oriental in its design, this used to be a park owned by the Haw Par brothers. Another garden like this can only be found in Hong Kong.
This attraction is currently free. If the management was better, I am very sure Haw Par Villa could be restored to its past glory. A very serene place, it is a place I would visit when I need some peace or seek solitary. On normal days, you will still see tourist buses but it is not as bustling as the rest of the attractions. You can read my post here for more information. Sadly it doesn't even have its own site, but Wikipedia does provide good information on how to get there. 
4. Pulau Ubin
I have never been on this island before, but my friends have been there. I heard it is very scenic and is a good respite from our hectic life. For nature lovers, this is a must-go. The trip there isn't too expensive but the food there is priced higher than the mainland because it is a monopoly! Not sure if that is true.
Compared to other neighbouring countries, it is definitely not as rustic. So international travelers, you may give this a pass if time isn't on your side. But if you want to do something more unconventional, going out of the mainland will show you an interesting part of Singapore!
5. Botanical Gardens
My dad insisted this had to be in the list cos they just got into the list of World Heritage Site. Between the gardens, Gardens by the Bay is more manicured, while Botanical Gardens has lesser man-made features. It is also a popular place for morning exercises :)
Apart from being a garden city, Singapore is also known for our #1 Zoo, Bird Park etc. I have friends badgering me to bring them there when they are here. For more details on our Botanical Gardens, you can check their site out. Most Singaporeans love to take their wedding outdoor shoots there, so you can imagine how pretty this flora kingdom is :)
--- End---
P.S All but 1 photo has been taken from this blog - Singaporeology. A blog on Singapore Tourist Attractions by true locals. The site has really amazing photos by William Cho. The blog is just starting out so there ain't that many posts yet. But soon, I believe I will be seeing things to do that even me, a true blue Singaporean won't know of. They are one of reading lists! So do support them as you have supported me, cos they are worth reading!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Funky Find: Online Game

It is a super addictive game so beware. Now that nobody is at home, shux I am all Home Alone. I haven't been playing a lot cos I needa do laundry, prepare my own meals, water the plants etc. The list of chores just go on... Boo
But still, wanted to share this game cos its fun and I want to flaunt my high score!!!Initially, I did refuse to stop playing because I wanted to be in the Top 10. Call me ridiculously competitive, but I wanted to be the fattest glob on screen. Hahaha.
High Score
Basically, Agar is a game whereby little globs either eat up coloured specks or other globs that are smaller than you to try to grow bigger so that you can squeeze into the top 10 list or be the biggest glob of them all. 
A game that is pretty reflective of the theory of survival of the fittest. When people are tiny globs, they would flea at the sight of fatties. When they are big and powerful, they will bully the small and weak. And you will notice small specks sticking around the fat globs for protection. Life at micro-organism level. Hehe.
High Score
There are some strategies you can try out, though I am not really good at this game to be honest.
  1. Try to be korean, taiwanese - There's a huge group of them playing and they will protect you if you are small.
  2. Bully the weak - Eat all the mini globs and pray the fatties don eat you
  3. Don't split beyond 4, cos it would be beyond control.
  4. Avoid the sides, it is totally a cornering death area!!!
Enjoy the game and don't eat me. I am YoungYawn!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Go Pro with Trick Eye Museum: Exploration Tips

Set Me Free
Ever felt you are so burned out and need a breather? Reality at times can be a real bitch or a real bore. You just wished someone had a key to set you free from the shackles of your mundane world!
So take my hand, I will be bringing you once again into the World of Magic, beyond your wildest imagination. For novice who needs help to survive in this mind-boggling adventure, I would suggest you start off with this article! For experienced explorers, I will be sharing with you 6 tips how to take snaps of Dreamland that are snappy and snazzy (You do need proof to tell those naysayers Wonderland exist!)
Selfie Stick
1. Grab the Magic Wand
You mean there is Ollivanders there? Haha, Ollivanders is the Trick Eye Museum Counter. There, you can know loan selfie sticks for free. Yup, that's the magic wand I am referring to. Glad they have acted on my previous feedback on the lack of photography assistance. Now, you can DIY! Yipee~~~
Of course, not every exhibit can be DIY, as you can see. The photo on the right just looks so weird *Squirms* But the selfie stick is really useful! Unlike a wand, it doesn't magically snaps good photos. You still need decent skills - steady hand/ angling etc. With some practice waving the wand, you will be able to cast some instagram-worthy magic :)
Fly Me To The Moon
2. You are never Alone
Fly me to the Moon is a hot favourites among couples. But hey, being single is not a sin okay. My point is don't restrict yourself away from certain exhibitions because you don't have a special someone and this is a "lover's shot".
Although this is a place of illusions, creating an imaginary dreamboat is too loony. Just space yourself out and hogged shamelessly the space meant for 2. The focus will then be on you. As long as you caption it right, you got yourself a winner. Now, could you tell this was a picture for 2? Can't tell right! *Winks*
Fly Up
(3.) Is the Key
If time is on your side, you can really try out different poses. My friend looks so awesomely natural like a Muggle that has learnt to fly. Just missing the broomstick :P While I just look ridiculous trying to be SuperWoman. A good mix of realistic and creative photos are the best.
My suggestion is do the trio shots. No I don't mean landscape, portrait, mugshot. -.-
A. Posed - Take one while you are looking at the camera.
B. Candid - Another looking away from the camera, just being yourself.
C. Experimentation - Just do something you think might be cool (which jolly might end up not, but if it succeeds, you scored yourself a shot worthy to be on the cover page of Daily Prophet!).

Try to do different poses because sometimes you think look awkward but you turn out absolutely awesome. And during unfortunate times, it is the other way round. Bummer!
Realistic Poses
4. Just Follow The Rules
For those who don't have the luxury of time, the golden rule to taking realistic shots is either to be a copycat (following the group before you) or you just check out the photo samples at the side. This will save you a lot of time if you are not a very creative person or just blushes when people stare and comment at you.
Being my second time there, a good rule of thumb is always look into the camera and flash your most bewildered look (Most of the theme are horrifying anyway!) The second most common theme is fantasy. For such photos, just flash your widest smiles! You really can't go wrong. 
Thunder Thighs
5. Hide Your Flaws
Perhaps I should have dressed better. But obviously I didn't, I picked a tight skirt and ended up flipping over exhibits like a gymnast without the toned legs. Actually the real truth is I didn't know I grew so chubby and have legs which looked like trunks.
I can't comment for all sorts of flaws. But for flabby legs, some of the tricks I used were stretching it (not fully touching the ground to have a lengthen effect), contorting it away (tuck it in and use another part of your body to cover it) or simply just hide it away in a merlion or a teapot. It is really the easiest method. The earlier 2 ways just killed my feet with spasms. But what's a little pain for the prefect shot? 
6. Give yourself plenty of time
Whether you are a first timer or a repeated adventurer like me, don't do yourself a discredit and shortchange yourself. Allocate yourself plenty of time. Being my second visit, I already skipped all the repeated exhibits, but still I couldn't cover all the new cool exhibits within 2 hours!! It is just unbelievable how much new backdrops you have here!
There are even videos to engage you! I am not uploading any of it yet cos it is going to be my X'mas video :P It is so darn funny! For those who are considering re-visiting, you should totally just pay them a visit cos the whole place has been re-vamped. It is so much more fun!!! They rid those that I found was meh and replaced it with exhibits that are more realistic and interactive!
Follow Me To
So hold my little hand, let me show you way to a land of mystique and intrigue. Before you embark on this journey, do read up my previous manual on the survival tips so that you will be well prepared for a roaring good time. With that, I shall sign off here. Stay tune for X'mas cos there will be some funny stuff coming up HAHAHA!

Monday, December 14, 2015

X'mas Deals: R&R (Handmade with Love)

This is so swaggy!!! Bringing back the hippie style with stacked threaded accessories. Since Christmas is round the corner, yeap I have been humming nonstop the 12 days of X'mas, you may consider gifting some wrist love.
Handmade with love, R&R offers not only accessories but also gorgeous keychains! Lucky you cos the wooden beaded keychains are the latest cuties in their store. Unfortunately, I didn't get to review them. :( BUt hey, you get to own them!!!
Wooden Keychains
If you go absolutely bananas for tassels, there are 2 types of tassels available at R&R, leather suede and the fluffy threads! You can make them either bracelets or keychains. I personally prefer the suede ones cos they look more stylish. Hehe :P
You can also choose to customise each bracelet and keychain with the different charms availale. What is so special about R&R is that they even allow you to choose your chocker. You have 6 designs to choose from!!!
R&R Handmade
There is the simple threaded type and the more unique weaved cords. Would strongly recommend that if you want something more special. Not many places have it. Clasp wise, it comes with the clip-on, that even has simple dangling star charm (looks more atas!)
Some of you may not be used to pushed-on clasp. It does feel a little less secure. Plus, you can't really change the tightness. Otherwise, I think it is great cos it is easier to secure! Can totally do it yourself!
50% Off
And at the end of every post, we are always sharing good news! 50% off. Yes, you did not hear wrongly! In the X'mas spirit, R&R is offering 50% off for the 2nd item purchase! You can totally smile in your sleep!!! And so Merry Xmas people. (Will probably be wishing you guys this for the next few posts too until X'mas is officially over!) Hohoho!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The start to a healthier me!

Being fat is such a torturous feeling cos it makes me feel unhealthy. It is an impending gloom like I am on a downward slide to "Fatville". Even my BFF was telling me, it is so easy to eat but so hard to slim down. Seems like only I am expanding among my friends. :(
The truth is the art to maintaining is to eat right and having self-restraint when it comes to dessert and delicious delicacy. Check out my breakfast to celebrate my new-found freedom. 
Morning Breakfast
Some of you budding health freaks may have heard of Super Life Co. It is an online store that sells premium organic food. Embarking on this journey has it perks, I personally have a distant aunt who is wrinkle-less at age 70. And she feast on superfood. I hope to be like her. But with that slice of lemon cake, I just probably earned another ring on my tummy. :(
My general feeling of the superfood is they are freaking healthy. I know they are because it is sugarless and is in purest raw form. Although I do sound like a whiny brat, I actually hope to convert myself into a healthier me. The first step is indeed hard. 
Superlife Co.
These are the samples I tried. For amateurs, my comments would probably come in handy. For the hardcore healthy people, please spare me the criticisms :P
1. Chia Seeds - Possibly my favourite. This goes with anything. Placed a few in agar agar. I porbably just cancelled out the healthy points I earned. If you guys have an infuser, this goes really well with the tasty water. Chia seeds contain high anti-oxidants and so they are a beauty must-consume. Many women have claimed them to be the seeds of everlasting youth. They are pretty much tasteless. So this is quite easy to become a routine.
2. Cacao Powder - Sigh. For those who expect this to taste like 3-in-1 hot cocoa or milo, I will have to disappoint you. It is pretty much like melted dark chocolate. If you are like my Mum a fan of the bitter chocolate, you would like this in its natural state. What I really like is that you could customise it to suit your taste. I added soya milk which still didn't make it sweet (I have an awfully diabetic tongue). That's why I paired it with the cake. :P
Maca3. Maca Powder - And this is not matcha. For those who are unfamiliar and curious about this product, it actually taste like grounded nuts. It is very strong in its flavour and you are not supposed to mix it with hot water as that would kill its nutrient. 1 spoonful a day is good enough to give you the supposed energy rush. For me, this is the hardest to consume as the taste is so distinct and difficult to mask. 
For those who are interested, Super Life Co are having huge discounts on their chia seeds and mixed quinoa. These 2 products are highly raved online. I have not tried mixed quinoa before so I can't really comment much but Chia seeds generally are quite easy on the tongue and tummy but not so on the pocket. So this discount really come in quite handy.
Fat Hot
Ending off with a fat joke the BF shared with me. I think this is a direct hit hinting I needa get in shape. Since I am relatively chubby, guess I have the prerogative to tell fat jokes and not be stoned. Don't get me wrong, tubby and frumpy is never a sin. But to lose self-control is downward slip to an abyss. 
I shall start exercising my neck. Turn left and right when people offer me food!!! *Mentally Chant* will be toned. I will try to keep fit. I will exercise when I am free.I will not be lazy, neither will I be conscientious. I will not not roll. I will not be dethroned as the Queen of naps. 
My lack of willpower will be the death of me. Sigh. Stay tune to watch me slim down. *always hopeful for miracles*

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lazy Sunday: Korean Craze

Alive Queen
Not all museums are educational. Presenting one of the most fun and interactive museums in Singapore - Alive Museum. If you are like me, your happiness depends on the number of photos taken, you would love such places. You don't have to keep your hands to yourself and are free to touch all the exhibits.
Previously, I wrote an article on the survival tricks at Trick Eye Musuem. The tricks apply here too! So this time round, I decided to put the 2 museums on a comparison test!
The Little Mermaid1. Price
In terms of ticket price, both cost S$25 for adults. Currently, Alive Museum is offering kids come free promotion. Alive Museum can be said to be more family friendly. If you are considering to visit both, you might be quite disappointed to know that both have "clashing" exhibitions 
a. Little Mermaid - Guess a fishy beauty is hard to resist
b. Explosion though a canon - Everyone loves a good blast!
c. Whirlpool vortex - Sinking into good fun. Hahaha
d. Angel Wings - Who says no to heaven!
I only caught sight of 3. There could be more though. But generally, the concept of the museums are the same. So, if you only have time/ money for one, just pick the museum is more suitable for you.
Alive Museum
2. Lighting
In this aspect, Trick Eye Museum wins hands-down. It could be the spot-light or the paint quality. Hate to be blunt, but the photos in Alive Museum doesn't look as vibrant or pretty than those taken in Trick Eye Museum. Both museums have their classic pieces, and boy they don't disappoint! :)
3. Location
Both museums are located pretty conveniently. Trick Eye Museum is at Sentosa is pretty accessible for tourists. However, there is an additional cost to enter the museum. Alive Museum is situated at Suntec, where there is great food and shopping! Yipee! Personally, I prefer Alive Museum's location cos there are more local stuff to do after the visit. :) 
Do Visit Kimchi Restaurant. We had our lunch there and Oh My, it is super value for money. We ate till our tummy was bursting. Less than 30 bucks for 2 with the sides and dessert! Plus their owner is yummy! LOL!
4. Quantity
If you are someone who is into quantity over quality, you would definitely want to visit Alive Museum because they have more exhibitions for sure! Because of the sheer number, all the exhibitions are pretty cramp though. Personally, I felt they were pretty disorganised. Each themed exhibitions are segmented via hidden doors. Not much of a surprise person :(
Alive Couple
5. Revisitation
Visited the museums before, you will be glad to know that Alive Museum has undergone some revamped. The classics are the still there. But there is around 30% new themes which you can explore! Woohoo! One of my favourite new exhibition were the "Love" So many opportunities for couple grope shots LOL! Actually to think of it, it is an excellent place for pre-wedding shots <3
Jump Pika Jump
6. Imitation
If you are dangerously uncreative and need help with the pictures at the side to do the poses. Trick Eye Museum would be more suitable for you, young Padawan! BF is definitely better at creating his own shots instead of being a follower! Generally, the moves at Alive is much tougher with so much jump shots and odd bends, lotsa blurred photos. Queen of stretches...Not

Just to end off with a fan service. Saw Ji Chang Wook there! OMG Fan girl Haha. Hot guys are all irresistible.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Going Atas: Starbucks and LV

So excited for today because we are almost having a whole day date!!! Was planning to separate the events but it seems we are more on heavy-content post lately. So, don't really wanna break the good trend.
Started the morning early at one of the most gorgeous store of Starbucks. This is the 100th Store opened in Singapore and is at the Fullterton Boat House. It isn't the easiest place to find on Earth, but we weren't the latest. Would love to say I was specially there for breakfast, LOL, but it was more of the case I missed breakfast and they happened to serve the sides to go with the coffee.
Starbucks Waterboat House
Another 1st! First time attending a coffee tasting session at my coffee place, Starbucks with BF. Although, I am a Starbucks fan, I am not much a coffee lover. My favourite drinks at Starbucks don't even contain caffeine, but today I had 3 tiny cups of Long Black. (Actually is probably 1 small cup, poured some into the BF's cup when no one as looking. HAHAHA)
Fans would have probably heard about the Christmas Blend. Generally, we can't taste the difference nor even sight the subtle colour difference. (BF has even worse taste buds than me. Everything, he also say "coffee" like what...) Generally, the whole tasting session was to teach the participants to become connoisseur of coffee...Not! :P
Christmas Blend
The biggest takeaway for Coffee Nuts (New coined terms for people who love coffee but know nuts about it) is that you will learn about coffee beans and at least use proper terms to describe the taste of coffee when conversing. The most fascinating fact for me was probably how the long black taste changes when you consume the sides. I don't usually take them au naturel so I have probably been missing out the natural aroma of the coffee beans.
Won't be sharing too much here cos I am guessing the material would be re-used for most of their workshop but it is pretty value for money. We got to taste 3 tiny sides and bought home a pack of roasted bean. Plus, it is an interesting experience. Would probably want to try coffee art next time. But...still not a fan of coffee cos it stains my teeth. 
Bugis Plus
Lunch at Ramen Champion is so super yummy! I always thought I didn't have much of a thing for Ramen when the BF brought me to the most famous store at Tanjong Pagar. But the ramen we had were so delicious (You can go see the pics on my Instagram!) Cos we still had too much time at hand before setting off to our next destination, we just loitered and took photos at the top floor which had a floral themed swings, carriages etc.
The good thing about "ulu" malls are that there are no crowds so you don't need to be embarrassed about taking photos. Haha. It has come to my (our) attention that we are apparently a couple with failing memory. So now, I just immortalise all happy memories on Instagram. On a side note, I am thinking about doing posts on sub-urban posts since they have less generic, repeated shops and are a lot more interesting!
Series 3
Presenting the next top model of Series 3, Louis Vuitton! Hahaha, pretty fine imitation just that I might need to lose a few pounds. The series 3 exhibition is now in Singapore! Was kinda of bummed cos I am actually more interested in their legacy and heritage. This exhibition focuses more on the craftsmanship.
And for the guys who are very bent on knowing if LV bags are sold there, your wallets are safe. There is only one limited edition SG50 trunk being sold there but it is very fancy, not the classic which most ladies love. I wouldn't say it is a boring experience for guys cos you can tell a lot of thoughts had been put into the exhibitions.
L V Series 3
We went for the guided tour, but I don't think the guide was particularly fantastic so you might enjoy just venturing around yourself. Be prepared to get your senses delighted even though this is a free exhibition. It is haute couture after all. There is a hologram, a catwalk, a lounge(!) and also enough photo taking articles for you to be occupied.
What impressed me was their presentation. No 2 rooms are the same and their staff are very ready to provide you more information. They even flew in 2 artisans. You will definitely learn more about the brand and maybe hanker about owning something luxurious. What touched unfortunately would not be considered sold :(
Series 3 LV
One of my favourite exhibits was the accessories room. It is just a super smart way of displaying the accessories. Using white mannequins, the focus was on the accessories. I kinda like the transparent walk-in wardrobe too. Can't really decide if I would want that in my house cos everyone would see the skeletons (in my closet). That might not be a pretty sight. Haha.
If you are wondering, why are such items so expensive? Let me tell you, each items are actually handmade. I think I posted quite a difficult question, asking "Am I right to say no 2 items are the identical?" They gave me a rather brilliant answer saying "Each is made to their own perfection." An indirect answer which maintained the dignity of the brand. *Clap clap*
If you are keen to go for the exhibition, I suggest going now cos not many people are aware of it yet. So there is still not an overwhelming number of people. It is up until 23 December. Click here for more information. :)