Monday, December 14, 2015

X'mas Deals: R&R (Handmade with Love)

This is so swaggy!!! Bringing back the hippie style with stacked threaded accessories. Since Christmas is round the corner, yeap I have been humming nonstop the 12 days of X'mas, you may consider gifting some wrist love.
Handmade with love, R&R offers not only accessories but also gorgeous keychains! Lucky you cos the wooden beaded keychains are the latest cuties in their store. Unfortunately, I didn't get to review them. :( BUt hey, you get to own them!!!
Wooden Keychains
If you go absolutely bananas for tassels, there are 2 types of tassels available at R&R, leather suede and the fluffy threads! You can make them either bracelets or keychains. I personally prefer the suede ones cos they look more stylish. Hehe :P
You can also choose to customise each bracelet and keychain with the different charms availale. What is so special about R&R is that they even allow you to choose your chocker. You have 6 designs to choose from!!!
R&R Handmade
There is the simple threaded type and the more unique weaved cords. Would strongly recommend that if you want something more special. Not many places have it. Clasp wise, it comes with the clip-on, that even has simple dangling star charm (looks more atas!)
Some of you may not be used to pushed-on clasp. It does feel a little less secure. Plus, you can't really change the tightness. Otherwise, I think it is great cos it is easier to secure! Can totally do it yourself!
50% Off
And at the end of every post, we are always sharing good news! 50% off. Yes, you did not hear wrongly! In the X'mas spirit, R&R is offering 50% off for the 2nd item purchase! You can totally smile in your sleep!!! And so Merry Xmas people. (Will probably be wishing you guys this for the next few posts too until X'mas is officially over!) Hohoho!

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