Sunday, December 20, 2015

Funky Find: Online Game

It is a super addictive game so beware. Now that nobody is at home, shux I am all Home Alone. I haven't been playing a lot cos I needa do laundry, prepare my own meals, water the plants etc. The list of chores just go on... Boo
But still, wanted to share this game cos its fun and I want to flaunt my high score!!!Initially, I did refuse to stop playing because I wanted to be in the Top 10. Call me ridiculously competitive, but I wanted to be the fattest glob on screen. Hahaha.
High Score
Basically, Agar is a game whereby little globs either eat up coloured specks or other globs that are smaller than you to try to grow bigger so that you can squeeze into the top 10 list or be the biggest glob of them all. 
A game that is pretty reflective of the theory of survival of the fittest. When people are tiny globs, they would flea at the sight of fatties. When they are big and powerful, they will bully the small and weak. And you will notice small specks sticking around the fat globs for protection. Life at micro-organism level. Hehe.
High Score
There are some strategies you can try out, though I am not really good at this game to be honest.
  1. Try to be korean, taiwanese - There's a huge group of them playing and they will protect you if you are small.
  2. Bully the weak - Eat all the mini globs and pray the fatties don eat you
  3. Don't split beyond 4, cos it would be beyond control.
  4. Avoid the sides, it is totally a cornering death area!!!
Enjoy the game and don't eat me. I am YoungYawn!

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