Thursday, December 17, 2015

Go Pro with Trick Eye Museum: Exploration Tips

Set Me Free
Ever felt you are so burned out and need a breather? Reality at times can be a real bitch or a real bore. You just wished someone had a key to set you free from the shackles of your mundane world!
So take my hand, I will be bringing you once again into the World of Magic, beyond your wildest imagination. For novice who needs help to survive in this mind-boggling adventure, I would suggest you start off with this article! For experienced explorers, I will be sharing with you 6 tips how to take snaps of Dreamland that are snappy and snazzy (You do need proof to tell those naysayers Wonderland exist!)
Selfie Stick
1. Grab the Magic Wand
You mean there is Ollivanders there? Haha, Ollivanders is the Trick Eye Museum Counter. There, you can know loan selfie sticks for free. Yup, that's the magic wand I am referring to. Glad they have acted on my previous feedback on the lack of photography assistance. Now, you can DIY! Yipee~~~
Of course, not every exhibit can be DIY, as you can see. The photo on the right just looks so weird *Squirms* But the selfie stick is really useful! Unlike a wand, it doesn't magically snaps good photos. You still need decent skills - steady hand/ angling etc. With some practice waving the wand, you will be able to cast some instagram-worthy magic :)
Fly Me To The Moon
2. You are never Alone
Fly me to the Moon is a hot favourites among couples. But hey, being single is not a sin okay. My point is don't restrict yourself away from certain exhibitions because you don't have a special someone and this is a "lover's shot".
Although this is a place of illusions, creating an imaginary dreamboat is too loony. Just space yourself out and hogged shamelessly the space meant for 2. The focus will then be on you. As long as you caption it right, you got yourself a winner. Now, could you tell this was a picture for 2? Can't tell right! *Winks*
Fly Up
(3.) Is the Key
If time is on your side, you can really try out different poses. My friend looks so awesomely natural like a Muggle that has learnt to fly. Just missing the broomstick :P While I just look ridiculous trying to be SuperWoman. A good mix of realistic and creative photos are the best.
My suggestion is do the trio shots. No I don't mean landscape, portrait, mugshot. -.-
A. Posed - Take one while you are looking at the camera.
B. Candid - Another looking away from the camera, just being yourself.
C. Experimentation - Just do something you think might be cool (which jolly might end up not, but if it succeeds, you scored yourself a shot worthy to be on the cover page of Daily Prophet!).

Try to do different poses because sometimes you think look awkward but you turn out absolutely awesome. And during unfortunate times, it is the other way round. Bummer!
Realistic Poses
4. Just Follow The Rules
For those who don't have the luxury of time, the golden rule to taking realistic shots is either to be a copycat (following the group before you) or you just check out the photo samples at the side. This will save you a lot of time if you are not a very creative person or just blushes when people stare and comment at you.
Being my second time there, a good rule of thumb is always look into the camera and flash your most bewildered look (Most of the theme are horrifying anyway!) The second most common theme is fantasy. For such photos, just flash your widest smiles! You really can't go wrong. 
Thunder Thighs
5. Hide Your Flaws
Perhaps I should have dressed better. But obviously I didn't, I picked a tight skirt and ended up flipping over exhibits like a gymnast without the toned legs. Actually the real truth is I didn't know I grew so chubby and have legs which looked like trunks.
I can't comment for all sorts of flaws. But for flabby legs, some of the tricks I used were stretching it (not fully touching the ground to have a lengthen effect), contorting it away (tuck it in and use another part of your body to cover it) or simply just hide it away in a merlion or a teapot. It is really the easiest method. The earlier 2 ways just killed my feet with spasms. But what's a little pain for the prefect shot? 
6. Give yourself plenty of time
Whether you are a first timer or a repeated adventurer like me, don't do yourself a discredit and shortchange yourself. Allocate yourself plenty of time. Being my second visit, I already skipped all the repeated exhibits, but still I couldn't cover all the new cool exhibits within 2 hours!! It is just unbelievable how much new backdrops you have here!
There are even videos to engage you! I am not uploading any of it yet cos it is going to be my X'mas video :P It is so darn funny! For those who are considering re-visiting, you should totally just pay them a visit cos the whole place has been re-vamped. It is so much more fun!!! They rid those that I found was meh and replaced it with exhibits that are more realistic and interactive!
Follow Me To
So hold my little hand, let me show you way to a land of mystique and intrigue. Before you embark on this journey, do read up my previous manual on the survival tips so that you will be well prepared for a roaring good time. With that, I shall sign off here. Stay tune for X'mas cos there will be some funny stuff coming up HAHAHA!

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