Thursday, December 24, 2015

SG50 Special: 5 Things to do in Singapore

Christmas is around the corner. I am sure some of my International readers will be making use of the long weekend to go for a short tour to relax. So today, I would like to share with you a little more on the sunny island I am staying on - Singapore. The weather is a little dreary lately. But of the time, this place is Hot!
The write-up will be geared towards more on the non-locals. But if you are a local and haven't been to any of my suggested interesting places, please do drop them a visit.
Universal Studios Singapore
1. Universal Studios Singapore
You may not know but Singapore used to be a mere stopover- gateway to Asia because most tourists think that you need 1 day to explore Singapore. So in order to let our visitors extend their stay, the USS was opened! Although there are Universal Studios in other parts of the world, this is the only one in Asia.
Highly popular with students and is one of the favourites for corporate team building, Universal Studios is usually teeming with people. The rides do change and during Halloween, they would have special events to thrill the crowds to another level. To know more about this attraction, click on the link here.
2. Gardens By the Bay
This is undoubtedly the top attraction in Singapore. There is nothing like this in any part of the world. When the friends I meet overseas come to Singapore, this is one place I am sure to bring them. It is a public garden unless you want to visit the domes and in the evening, the lighted trees will dance to the rhapsody of tunes. It is a sight not to be missed.
During the evening, you may also catch locals jogging around the park. If you are visiting during the CNY, Lantern Festival period or Christmas, this place would be even more gaily decorated with light exhibitions. To find out more, click here
haw par villa
3. Haw Par Villa
This is one of my personal favorite, but most of my friends would like to give this a pass cos it is rather run-down. In the good old days, it used to be a place where families would visit. Oriental in its design, this used to be a park owned by the Haw Par brothers. Another garden like this can only be found in Hong Kong.
This attraction is currently free. If the management was better, I am very sure Haw Par Villa could be restored to its past glory. A very serene place, it is a place I would visit when I need some peace or seek solitary. On normal days, you will still see tourist buses but it is not as bustling as the rest of the attractions. You can read my post here for more information. Sadly it doesn't even have its own site, but Wikipedia does provide good information on how to get there. 
4. Pulau Ubin
I have never been on this island before, but my friends have been there. I heard it is very scenic and is a good respite from our hectic life. For nature lovers, this is a must-go. The trip there isn't too expensive but the food there is priced higher than the mainland because it is a monopoly! Not sure if that is true.
Compared to other neighbouring countries, it is definitely not as rustic. So international travelers, you may give this a pass if time isn't on your side. But if you want to do something more unconventional, going out of the mainland will show you an interesting part of Singapore!
5. Botanical Gardens
My dad insisted this had to be in the list cos they just got into the list of World Heritage Site. Between the gardens, Gardens by the Bay is more manicured, while Botanical Gardens has lesser man-made features. It is also a popular place for morning exercises :)
Apart from being a garden city, Singapore is also known for our #1 Zoo, Bird Park etc. I have friends badgering me to bring them there when they are here. For more details on our Botanical Gardens, you can check their site out. Most Singaporeans love to take their wedding outdoor shoots there, so you can imagine how pretty this flora kingdom is :)
--- End---
P.S All but 1 photo has been taken from this blog - Singaporeology. A blog on Singapore Tourist Attractions by true locals. The site has really amazing photos by William Cho. The blog is just starting out so there ain't that many posts yet. But soon, I believe I will be seeing things to do that even me, a true blue Singaporean won't know of. They are one of reading lists! So do support them as you have supported me, cos they are worth reading!

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