Saturday, December 12, 2015

The start to a healthier me!

Being fat is such a torturous feeling cos it makes me feel unhealthy. It is an impending gloom like I am on a downward slide to "Fatville". Even my BFF was telling me, it is so easy to eat but so hard to slim down. Seems like only I am expanding among my friends. :(
The truth is the art to maintaining is to eat right and having self-restraint when it comes to dessert and delicious delicacy. Check out my breakfast to celebrate my new-found freedom. 
Morning Breakfast
Some of you budding health freaks may have heard of Super Life Co. It is an online store that sells premium organic food. Embarking on this journey has it perks, I personally have a distant aunt who is wrinkle-less at age 70. And she feast on superfood. I hope to be like her. But with that slice of lemon cake, I just probably earned another ring on my tummy. :(
My general feeling of the superfood is they are freaking healthy. I know they are because it is sugarless and is in purest raw form. Although I do sound like a whiny brat, I actually hope to convert myself into a healthier me. The first step is indeed hard. 
Superlife Co.
These are the samples I tried. For amateurs, my comments would probably come in handy. For the hardcore healthy people, please spare me the criticisms :P
1. Chia Seeds - Possibly my favourite. This goes with anything. Placed a few in agar agar. I porbably just cancelled out the healthy points I earned. If you guys have an infuser, this goes really well with the tasty water. Chia seeds contain high anti-oxidants and so they are a beauty must-consume. Many women have claimed them to be the seeds of everlasting youth. They are pretty much tasteless. So this is quite easy to become a routine.
2. Cacao Powder - Sigh. For those who expect this to taste like 3-in-1 hot cocoa or milo, I will have to disappoint you. It is pretty much like melted dark chocolate. If you are like my Mum a fan of the bitter chocolate, you would like this in its natural state. What I really like is that you could customise it to suit your taste. I added soya milk which still didn't make it sweet (I have an awfully diabetic tongue). That's why I paired it with the cake. :P
Maca3. Maca Powder - And this is not matcha. For those who are unfamiliar and curious about this product, it actually taste like grounded nuts. It is very strong in its flavour and you are not supposed to mix it with hot water as that would kill its nutrient. 1 spoonful a day is good enough to give you the supposed energy rush. For me, this is the hardest to consume as the taste is so distinct and difficult to mask. 
For those who are interested, Super Life Co are having huge discounts on their chia seeds and mixed quinoa. These 2 products are highly raved online. I have not tried mixed quinoa before so I can't really comment much but Chia seeds generally are quite easy on the tongue and tummy but not so on the pocket. So this discount really come in quite handy.
Fat Hot
Ending off with a fat joke the BF shared with me. I think this is a direct hit hinting I needa get in shape. Since I am relatively chubby, guess I have the prerogative to tell fat jokes and not be stoned. Don't get me wrong, tubby and frumpy is never a sin. But to lose self-control is downward slip to an abyss. 
I shall start exercising my neck. Turn left and right when people offer me food!!! *Mentally Chant* will be toned. I will try to keep fit. I will exercise when I am free.I will not be lazy, neither will I be conscientious. I will not not roll. I will not be dethroned as the Queen of naps. 
My lack of willpower will be the death of me. Sigh. Stay tune to watch me slim down. *always hopeful for miracles*

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