Saturday, January 30, 2016

Review: Epure Membranous Jelly Masque

So lately, I have been trying out this Epure Membranous Jelly Masque. This is not really a tear-and-put sort of face mask. It is pretty much a DIY facial, which you can do in the convenience of your own home. The Epure Membranous Jelly Masque supposedly hydrates and deep-cleanse your skin, giving it a youthful glow.
Each box comes with a Spatular. My initial grouse was that is insufficient. But then, I realise I preferred using my hand when it comes to applying. But when removing, I would suggest using the spatular to scrap off. Please try to scrap off as much as possible because the product is stick and very slimy (My face looks like it is melting!). It will take a lot of water to wash it off!
Epure Masque
Each packet is 30ML, but the portion is very generous. Either that I have a very small face which I doubt so. I would suggest using the product all the way to the neck or sharing it with your partner/ Mum/ sibling. So it is pretty much 2 for the price of 1.
Although not stated on the packet instructions, I threw one packet in the fridge and actually sort of preferred it cold Haha. You guys can try it out too. The steps are not very difficult. You just have to cleanse and tone your face before leaving the product on your face for 20-25 minutes. Remove the product and do your typical routine.
Epure Masque
This is my before and after photo. The spots on my forehead did go slightly lighter but my face did not feel more moistured, partially because of the second cleansing routine. Can we just skip the 2nd cleansing? And just wash with clear water? I think the effect would be more visible. Or perhaps we had to use their whole series to fully experience the benefits of the products.
It is definitely more work than a face mask, for those who are very busy and looking for easy solutions. The cleanser and essence are not available for sales at present but I do think that they may be better stand-alone products, provided there is no 2nd cleansing involved. 
Oops, sorry readers, I have used the product wrongly. There should not be a 2nd cleansing session. Please refer to the the testimonials on their website for a more accurate review.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Review: Olbas Oil

Lately, I have been periodically falling sick cos the air-con in the office is so darn bloody cold. I am almost shooting icicles off my fingers. I have seen like people having heater in the office, and I was almost in half a good mind to do the same, just that I find it awfully environmentally unfriendly. It is a wastage of double the energy.
Why do we have to even work in such a cold environment?!? I don't really feel myself being more alert or anything. Snacking has now become the next favourite past-time apart from shivering.The only visible benefit is that since the body is desperately converting all fats to produce heat to warm the body, I am not gaining as much fat I should!
Olbas Oil
Because I was wheezing a good deal, there were so many kind souls offering me solutions which I took with great skepticism because most usually didn't work anyway. This Olbas Oil, an Inhalant Decongestant worked wonders. It has a strong burning, minty scent if you pour too much out of its bottle. It can be easily found in most pharmaceutical store.

Also, I use it to go to bed at night cos it is a pretty good relaxant. Now I am having pretty good night rest, though I think am slightly over-reliant on the scent. I am starting to relate this scent to Zzzzz. Haha I tried to use this for a muscle relaxant as well but it is not strong enough for that. Strongly recommend this product, people!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Review: Beaute By Kew

CNY is around the corner and everyone is busy grooming themselves to look their best! Well, I personally feel you should look your best every day not just on particular festival, so I don't really quite get the frenzy. I am only in it for the red packets. Wahaha!
So for those of you who are looking to tame some hair in more subtle areas -near the parts where the sun doesn't shine, I came across this quaint beauty house - Beaute By Kew.
Beaute By KewFrom the exquisite exterior, you may mistake this place to be a cafe. Situated near Outram Park under a void deck, who would expect Beaute By Kew to be a winner of the Spa Awards. P.S The winning organic facial is the "Organic Black Chicken Remedies Aquadermabrasion Facial"
I didn't try out this facial so I can't comment much on it. But I tried out 2 other treatments - hair related which may be of interest to some of you. The first treatment I tried was Brazilian Waxing. It is not exactly my virgin experience so I pretty much knew what to expect. 
For those who are curious, I have included a BuzzFeed video. Haha, I didn't yelp though I grimaced. Personally, I think it is rather painful even though it is more hygienic cos well hair trap sweat which in turn feeds the bacteria. The bacteria FYI is the cause of the musty stench.
No photos, cos this is not a pornographic blog. Lol! My understanding is that this used to be a more "in" thing for women who are in lines whereby beauty is of great importance - modeling, entertainment, air stewardess etc. However, recently it is now trending even for everyday ladies.
Beautue By KewCheck out the beds where the "magic happens"! Haha. If you swim a lot or wear bikini a lot, maybe you may want to try out Brazilian Waxing. Or perhaps because out of the request of your sexual partner? For me, I have quite a high tolerance of pain but I won't really want to go through it again cos I am not very used to seeing myself bald :P
And a tip, I learnt at Beaute By Kew. For you ladies or men that have ingrown hair, the best way to prevent this is to scrub away the dead skin. Tried and tested. This really works!! 
The second treatment I tried out was the Upper and Lower Lip IPL. Was supposed to test it out on my pits but I have fair/ hairless pits so there was no point testing it there. Should my pits now be my greatest pride and joy? a place where no one can see. least I can wear sleeveless dresses and tops confidently! :)
I have tried IPL before so I sort of under-estimated the ant-bite. Compared to other parts of the body, the lip is rather sensitive so the pain is slightly magnified but very bearable. I actually edited the photo a little so my whiskers are more obvious. (I don't have a mustache! Even if it look so in the photo.) In reality, I don't think they are that obvious. Whiskers are quite a subjective thing. I saw once in a Taiwanese show whereby some people call them a mark of beauty. But I do know people who see it as a sign of masculinity and can't wait to get rid of them.
For you ladies who prefer to do your beauty treatment in a place which have nice decor and is clean, Beaute By Kew is the place for you. There are direct buses from town so it is rather accessible. I generally feel that the whole layout is like a show-flat, so interior design take-away. Even the toilet looks gorgeous. OMG!
I saw a quote there by my favourite lady. Will probably add on another line to it since my age group is not mentioned.
You can be blooming at 20 
gorgeous at 30 
charming at 40
and irresistible for the rest of your life.
Black Chicken
Some of you may be familiar with the organic product - Black Chicken. Beautue By Kew is actually the distributor in Singapore. So you can get them there. And nope, I didn't try out the collection cos as you may know organic products are rather pricey compared to those at pharmaceutical store.
I visited Beautue By Kew in the afternoon. On that fateful day, even before noon, I have made myself poorer by 4 digits. No more funds to spend...sorry readers. My cards are fully maxed out. (That's why I hate taking off from work!!!) You may need to review the products yourself and share them with me instead. :)
Beautue By Kew Promotion
But I still have good news to share, some promotions for you readers to enjoy! Yeah! And it is extended to after CNY and even V-day too. Yea, one step closer to looking good every day!!!
Brazilian waxing - $48 per session
Upper lip/Underarm IPL Hair Removal 20% off U.P.$128 (1st trial)
Promo is valid to new female customers aged 18 years and above.
Exp. 28/2/2016

Saturday, January 16, 2016

My Busy Life: Housewife To Be Plus Bridemaid Training

So lately, I have been very interested in culinary lessons despite not being able to weld a knife properly. I call this: Housewivery Apprenticeship. But many young people tell me, I am on a good way to "Aunty Land" :(
As you can see, I am always attending all those cooking lessons organised by Magazines. I think they are pretty value-for-money cos almost everything would be sponsored and you just have to pay a nominal fee. Classes organised by the CC are also good, just that the timing seems to be catering to retirees more than working people :(
Simply Her Cooking Workshop
So this time round, the Simply Her Cooking Workshop is held at TOTT, which I have a direct bus too (otherwise you would never see me there! Haha!) Unlike the previous macarons workshop, we didn't get a hands-on session. Bummed! So we pretty much observed the humorous Chef Jimmy Chok buzz around effortlessly to get the food ready and share with us cooking tips. 
Do you know that mushrooms are not supposed to be washed before cooked! Comparatively, his recipe is much more brief, emphasizing a lot on trial and error instead of blindly following instructions. Within a day, I have mastered baked salmon and braised chicken. Tasted heavenly!!! Hope mine would taste the same.
After the cooking lesson, BF and I pretty much loitered around TOTT surveying cooking appliances with me being awfully shocked by the prices. Concluded that I am going to have a sparse kitchen or die poor *Glum*
Boufe Boutique Cafe
Met the girls at Boufe Boutique Cafe to prepare a year in advance for my Bridemaid's duties. For the first time, I did feel deceived by the photos (refer photos on the top right!) It looked so dreamy and gorgeous. But when I went there, I just stayed indoors cos the outdoors dining looked rather different. From a place you would want to get married in to...erm look quite dirty LOL!
We were there cos a lot of bloggers wrote smashing review about them. But honestly the selection is kinda of small. I had the Thai Curry pasta which was delicious. Was initially afraid that my adventurousness would turn against me last time (I had to eat morsels from my friend's plate cos I hated me spinach pasta :( ) This time round, my friends' orders seems kinda of sian since only I emptied my plate!  
Chatted till it was dark. The toilet was located at the other building so going to the ladies was rather creepy. For those who are contemplating marrying here, I think just give it a pass. Cos it is neither convenient nor as gorgeous as the photos. Plus, you can't possible serve all your guests Thai Curry right!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mall Talk: 321 Clementi

Finally got around to doing posts on sub-urban posts since my last post! Decided to start closer to home simply because I am more familiar with them and also closer to the heart.
So I am going to start off with - 321 Clementi. For those who live around this area, yeah, you might have seen me loitering around there before. But because it is so close to home, I dress pretty shabbily so you probably can't recognise me. Hehe!.
Eng Wah Cinema1. WE Cinema by Eng Wah
This is probably the most exciting thing that happen to people who live around this area. Our nearest cinema used to be at Jurong East, but now we have one right at our door-step. The plot of land used to house another old cinema- Queen? I think. But since it closed down, Clementi just became an old town. So now, we are all very, very happy with this new cinema.
We now have mascots during previews to spruce up our life and maybe because of the location, it is not always fully occupied. So it is so damn easy to get a seat!!! No more last-minute disappointment! With Cathay and Shaw at Jurong East, Eng Wah at my backyard, I now have the choice of 3 Cinemas to choose from. Still, I usually pick the one and only WE Cinema by Eng WahRight at my doorstep what, save transport money!
Doi Chaang Coffee
2. Doi Chaang Coffee
Although I am a huge fan of anything Thai, I am actually not a huge fan of coffee. I only drink Starbucks-non caffeinated drinks, like WTH right! But Doi Chaang ice coffee is the only coffee I take. I go there so many times, I am surprised if the shop keeper doesn't recognise me! 
This is literally "the place" I share with everybody with my big mouth. Lol, they should really pay me for "word-of-mouth" advertorial. Haha. I have the Sugar App, so I would order the discount coffee or take the cake set. You can check out more of my photos on my Instagram or steal my phone to see my pictures in it! :P (I think I always # them wrong. They are a double A!!)
3. Saizeriya
It is a very familiar for all students, cos it serve very affordable western food. The only branch that was convenient for me used to be at The Cathay. But now, Saizeriya is just at my backyard I can eat whenever I like...or not. It is the most crowded restaurant here at 321 Clementi. So come early, if you don't want to queue!
My favourites are escargot, always have them without fail. You can easily get a pasta at less than 5 bucks!! The price is friggin affordable, but yet the food is not inedible, so it is like a spot for cheap dates and family meals!
Arch Angel Brow
4. Arch Angel Brow
Honestly, I have never been to this shop. has a lot raves online and every time I walk past it, there is always a customer that the "browist" (is that even what they are called!) are attending to. And so, I concluded this shop must be pretty decent.
Given my character, I should totally be trying it looks kinda of painful. You can check out their FB here although everything is in mandarin or read up some of their reviews online. But it is definitely one unique shop not to be missed.
5. Wimi
It was really tough finding 5, because there are quite many stores that serve interesting food and made my life more convenient. But it seems ridiculous if I am going to write about every store as being the 5 Must-Go! Picked Wimi as the last store because not every place serves it. 
Traditional Coconut ice-cream Yum! Of course I may be bias to the Thai Food haha and oblivious to the goodness of some services I haven't used, but this are my Top 5 in 321 Clementi. There is also one other dessert place that I like to go too and quite a lot of restaurants I haven't tried cos of my Brand Loyalty.:P
Do share/comment here if you think another store should be in the Top 5 instead!! 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Neophilia: Early V-day Ideas

Am not sure if many of you will agree, but one of the most stressful periods in the year is V-Day. It is so difficult sometimes to find something unique yet affordable for your special someone.
And as the year rolls by, the difficulty increases year on year because you can't repeat the gifts and each year is supposed to be as memorable as the last. It is really a stretch on creativity.
So for any of you who are planning to do some handmade crafts this year, you will like what I found. From Neophilia,This are wooden polariod frames with different engravings. You can even engrave your own wordings. You can either use them as photo frames or paste them on scrapbooks.
For those who are not into the natural wood, you can consider painting them and decorating the frames so that it suits you and your bae. I decided to keep mine in its natural form cos a) I sux in art :( b)He is more of a monochrome person.
Instax Frame
The frames are really a lot more affordable at Neophilia than the scrapbooking stores you find in malls. Best of all, they don't compromise on selection nor quality. I expected the wood have some woodchips debris left on it. But nope, it was a great finish!
The packaging by itself is decent as a gift and it is pretty instinctive to DIY. You could also alternative derive the person the joy of building their own frame and give them something that is ready-made (Refer to collage 1)
Tip 1: For those who likes variation, you can also choose to buy the different frames with only one backing to have a change every now and then.
Tip 2: The wooden frames itself doesn't come with a plastic screen. So if you don't want you instax to get dusty over time, you can use the plastic wrap that come with it and use it as a screen.
** And I found another use for the stand. Remember my lithpix last year, so this stand is perfect! For any of you who has gotten the lithpix too, you might want to consider getting a nice stand for it! :D 

Friday, January 8, 2016

My Little Pony - Friendship Run

Last year, there were so many interesting themed runs. Kicking off this year, the cutest every run is here!
Celebrating girls at heart childhood magical dreams, this is a friendship race with - My Little Pony! Yeah! You will get to see Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack and Rarity! With three different race categories to choose from, this is a race where the little ones can take part - 1KM Pony Kids Run.
Friendship Run
I will be probably going for the solo 4KM Fun Run cos the 6KM Besties Run (double fun) is competitive and given my fitness level, I don't think I can survive it. What is the most exciting are the series of fringe activities! Manicures and coloured hair extensions excites me!!!
Plus there will be merchandise booths of collectibles! I don't know my my ponies' names that well, but I know they are cute enough to bring home, haha.
And how cool are the runner's entitlement! The Runner Tees is nothing to scream about, but they toy plush toy and the finisher medal are frigging adorable! Do remember to get your phone or cameras ready as we all run through bubbles and huge rainbow sculptures! *Instagram Alert*
Registration is now open so sign up early to enjoy the early bird promotions till 15 January 2016. Registration closes on 12 February 2016 or once all available run slots are sold out. Do click on the link for more information.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Random n Fandom: 2016 is Magical!

So this new year was cool. I got invited to Hogwarts, like finally...some witchy magic. Without the bravest and kindest heart, I was placed into Ravenclaw by The Sorting Hat. Well, I always knew I was more of a brain more than anything. Always happy to know I am not evil *winks*
Just went to get my uniform off Random n Fandom and my handy wand at Ollivanders. Mine illuminated red, guess it probably is trying to show the world my hot red-blood passion for knowledge. :)
Cho Chang
And as I was at Ollivanders, some witches and wizards asked if I was by any chance related to Cho Chang since we bear some resemblance. (Maybe cos all Asians look the same?) I had an obviously sharper face and my fringe, I have fringe!!! But maybe people thought she changed her hairstyle.
Jut to make things clear, I am NOT her. Neither am I related to her. I probably had a good chance starring in Harry Potter (Re-make) if I audition for the film. But I don't really want to kiss Harry Potter unless they make him Asian to and look like my BF. Hehe.
Cho Chang
Too bad phones didn't exist during their time, cos I bet that's what all the students at Hogwarts would do. Just selfie around all day with their wands, casting spells to make themselves look more gorgeous in the photos. Yeah, that's probably called filter. Hahaha.
Mum thinks I look too mischievous to be Cho Chang cos she always looked so prim and proper. She is a real great example for Asian witches. So, when school starts, I will be dressed in a white blouse and not a white singlet, so that my tie can fit snuggly.
I even prepared my fearful look in case Lord Voldemort revive. Somehow, I think I have a higher chance of catching someone holding a L.V. bag than him. It is ironical how in the wizard world, some tremble at the initials L.V. While in the muggle world, everyone hankers to own a piece of him.
Life is weird in so many ways. Perhaps we should start Muggle Studies earlier? Decided not to waste my braincells wondering about such mindless fears and decided to continue practicing my spells before school starts like what a Kiasu Singaporean would do...
Can't wait for school. See you all at platform 9 and a 3/4 tomorrow. Hope all you wizards and witches wannabe got your robes from Random n Fandom already. And for seniors who have grown taller. You may need a new comfortable one from Random n Fandom too.
Random n Fandom have been stocking some stuff Muggles are crazy about as well. Not sure if their fan tees would be useful for Muggle Studies, should the Kiasu stock up first? Saw Pokemon, The Big Bang Theory and Sherlocks etc. Shall stop rambling and go off to bed lest Hogwarts Express leave without me!

For your Hogwarts and Muggle Studies needs
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