Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mall Talk: 321 Clementi

Finally got around to doing posts on sub-urban posts since my last post! Decided to start closer to home simply because I am more familiar with them and also closer to the heart.
So I am going to start off with - 321 Clementi. For those who live around this area, yeah, you might have seen me loitering around there before. But because it is so close to home, I dress pretty shabbily so you probably can't recognise me. Hehe!.
Eng Wah Cinema1. WE Cinema by Eng Wah
This is probably the most exciting thing that happen to people who live around this area. Our nearest cinema used to be at Jurong East, but now we have one right at our door-step. The plot of land used to house another old cinema- Queen? I think. But since it closed down, Clementi just became an old town. So now, we are all very, very happy with this new cinema.
We now have mascots during previews to spruce up our life and maybe because of the location, it is not always fully occupied. So it is so damn easy to get a seat!!! No more last-minute disappointment! With Cathay and Shaw at Jurong East, Eng Wah at my backyard, I now have the choice of 3 Cinemas to choose from. Still, I usually pick the one and only WE Cinema by Eng WahRight at my doorstep what, save transport money!
Doi Chaang Coffee
2. Doi Chaang Coffee
Although I am a huge fan of anything Thai, I am actually not a huge fan of coffee. I only drink Starbucks-non caffeinated drinks, like WTH right! But Doi Chaang ice coffee is the only coffee I take. I go there so many times, I am surprised if the shop keeper doesn't recognise me! 
This is literally "the place" I share with everybody with my big mouth. Lol, they should really pay me for "word-of-mouth" advertorial. Haha. I have the Sugar App, so I would order the discount coffee or take the cake set. You can check out more of my photos on my Instagram or steal my phone to see my pictures in it! :P (I think I always # them wrong. They are a double A!!)
3. Saizeriya
It is a very familiar for all students, cos it serve very affordable western food. The only branch that was convenient for me used to be at The Cathay. But now, Saizeriya is just at my backyard I can eat whenever I like...or not. It is the most crowded restaurant here at 321 Clementi. So come early, if you don't want to queue!
My favourites are escargot, always have them without fail. You can easily get a pasta at less than 5 bucks!! The price is friggin affordable, but yet the food is not inedible, so it is like a spot for cheap dates and family meals!
Arch Angel Brow
4. Arch Angel Brow
Honestly, I have never been to this shop. has a lot raves online and every time I walk past it, there is always a customer that the "browist" (is that even what they are called!) are attending to. And so, I concluded this shop must be pretty decent.
Given my character, I should totally be trying it looks kinda of painful. You can check out their FB here although everything is in mandarin or read up some of their reviews online. But it is definitely one unique shop not to be missed.
5. Wimi
It was really tough finding 5, because there are quite many stores that serve interesting food and made my life more convenient. But it seems ridiculous if I am going to write about every store as being the 5 Must-Go! Picked Wimi as the last store because not every place serves it. 
Traditional Coconut ice-cream Yum! Of course I may be bias to the Thai Food haha and oblivious to the goodness of some services I haven't used, but this are my Top 5 in 321 Clementi. There is also one other dessert place that I like to go too and quite a lot of restaurants I haven't tried cos of my Brand Loyalty.:P
Do share/comment here if you think another store should be in the Top 5 instead!! 

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