Saturday, January 16, 2016

My Busy Life: Housewife To Be Plus Bridemaid Training

So lately, I have been very interested in culinary lessons despite not being able to weld a knife properly. I call this: Housewivery Apprenticeship. But many young people tell me, I am on a good way to "Aunty Land" :(
As you can see, I am always attending all those cooking lessons organised by Magazines. I think they are pretty value-for-money cos almost everything would be sponsored and you just have to pay a nominal fee. Classes organised by the CC are also good, just that the timing seems to be catering to retirees more than working people :(
Simply Her Cooking Workshop
So this time round, the Simply Her Cooking Workshop is held at TOTT, which I have a direct bus too (otherwise you would never see me there! Haha!) Unlike the previous macarons workshop, we didn't get a hands-on session. Bummed! So we pretty much observed the humorous Chef Jimmy Chok buzz around effortlessly to get the food ready and share with us cooking tips. 
Do you know that mushrooms are not supposed to be washed before cooked! Comparatively, his recipe is much more brief, emphasizing a lot on trial and error instead of blindly following instructions. Within a day, I have mastered baked salmon and braised chicken. Tasted heavenly!!! Hope mine would taste the same.
After the cooking lesson, BF and I pretty much loitered around TOTT surveying cooking appliances with me being awfully shocked by the prices. Concluded that I am going to have a sparse kitchen or die poor *Glum*
Boufe Boutique Cafe
Met the girls at Boufe Boutique Cafe to prepare a year in advance for my Bridemaid's duties. For the first time, I did feel deceived by the photos (refer photos on the top right!) It looked so dreamy and gorgeous. But when I went there, I just stayed indoors cos the outdoors dining looked rather different. From a place you would want to get married in to...erm look quite dirty LOL!
We were there cos a lot of bloggers wrote smashing review about them. But honestly the selection is kinda of small. I had the Thai Curry pasta which was delicious. Was initially afraid that my adventurousness would turn against me last time (I had to eat morsels from my friend's plate cos I hated me spinach pasta :( ) This time round, my friends' orders seems kinda of sian since only I emptied my plate!  
Chatted till it was dark. The toilet was located at the other building so going to the ladies was rather creepy. For those who are contemplating marrying here, I think just give it a pass. Cos it is neither convenient nor as gorgeous as the photos. Plus, you can't possible serve all your guests Thai Curry right!

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