Thursday, January 28, 2016

Review: Olbas Oil

Lately, I have been periodically falling sick cos the air-con in the office is so darn bloody cold. I am almost shooting icicles off my fingers. I have seen like people having heater in the office, and I was almost in half a good mind to do the same, just that I find it awfully environmentally unfriendly. It is a wastage of double the energy.
Why do we have to even work in such a cold environment?!? I don't really feel myself being more alert or anything. Snacking has now become the next favourite past-time apart from shivering.The only visible benefit is that since the body is desperately converting all fats to produce heat to warm the body, I am not gaining as much fat I should!
Olbas Oil
Because I was wheezing a good deal, there were so many kind souls offering me solutions which I took with great skepticism because most usually didn't work anyway. This Olbas Oil, an Inhalant Decongestant worked wonders. It has a strong burning, minty scent if you pour too much out of its bottle. It can be easily found in most pharmaceutical store.

Also, I use it to go to bed at night cos it is a pretty good relaxant. Now I am having pretty good night rest, though I think am slightly over-reliant on the scent. I am starting to relate this scent to Zzzzz. Haha I tried to use this for a muscle relaxant as well but it is not strong enough for that. Strongly recommend this product, people!

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