Sunday, January 10, 2016

Neophilia: Early V-day Ideas

Am not sure if many of you will agree, but one of the most stressful periods in the year is V-Day. It is so difficult sometimes to find something unique yet affordable for your special someone.
And as the year rolls by, the difficulty increases year on year because you can't repeat the gifts and each year is supposed to be as memorable as the last. It is really a stretch on creativity.
So for any of you who are planning to do some handmade crafts this year, you will like what I found. From Neophilia,This are wooden polariod frames with different engravings. You can even engrave your own wordings. You can either use them as photo frames or paste them on scrapbooks.
For those who are not into the natural wood, you can consider painting them and decorating the frames so that it suits you and your bae. I decided to keep mine in its natural form cos a) I sux in art :( b)He is more of a monochrome person.
Instax Frame
The frames are really a lot more affordable at Neophilia than the scrapbooking stores you find in malls. Best of all, they don't compromise on selection nor quality. I expected the wood have some woodchips debris left on it. But nope, it was a great finish!
The packaging by itself is decent as a gift and it is pretty instinctive to DIY. You could also alternative derive the person the joy of building their own frame and give them something that is ready-made (Refer to collage 1)
Tip 1: For those who likes variation, you can also choose to buy the different frames with only one backing to have a change every now and then.
Tip 2: The wooden frames itself doesn't come with a plastic screen. So if you don't want you instax to get dusty over time, you can use the plastic wrap that come with it and use it as a screen.
** And I found another use for the stand. Remember my lithpix last year, so this stand is perfect! For any of you who has gotten the lithpix too, you might want to consider getting a nice stand for it! :D 

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