Sunday, January 3, 2016

Random n Fandom: 2016 is Magical!

So this new year was cool. I got invited to Hogwarts, like finally...some witchy magic. Without the bravest and kindest heart, I was placed into Ravenclaw by The Sorting Hat. Well, I always knew I was more of a brain more than anything. Always happy to know I am not evil *winks*
Just went to get my uniform off Random n Fandom and my handy wand at Ollivanders. Mine illuminated red, guess it probably is trying to show the world my hot red-blood passion for knowledge. :)
Cho Chang
And as I was at Ollivanders, some witches and wizards asked if I was by any chance related to Cho Chang since we bear some resemblance. (Maybe cos all Asians look the same?) I had an obviously sharper face and my fringe, I have fringe!!! But maybe people thought she changed her hairstyle.
Jut to make things clear, I am NOT her. Neither am I related to her. I probably had a good chance starring in Harry Potter (Re-make) if I audition for the film. But I don't really want to kiss Harry Potter unless they make him Asian to and look like my BF. Hehe.
Cho Chang
Too bad phones didn't exist during their time, cos I bet that's what all the students at Hogwarts would do. Just selfie around all day with their wands, casting spells to make themselves look more gorgeous in the photos. Yeah, that's probably called filter. Hahaha.
Mum thinks I look too mischievous to be Cho Chang cos she always looked so prim and proper. She is a real great example for Asian witches. So, when school starts, I will be dressed in a white blouse and not a white singlet, so that my tie can fit snuggly.
I even prepared my fearful look in case Lord Voldemort revive. Somehow, I think I have a higher chance of catching someone holding a L.V. bag than him. It is ironical how in the wizard world, some tremble at the initials L.V. While in the muggle world, everyone hankers to own a piece of him.
Life is weird in so many ways. Perhaps we should start Muggle Studies earlier? Decided not to waste my braincells wondering about such mindless fears and decided to continue practicing my spells before school starts like what a Kiasu Singaporean would do...
Can't wait for school. See you all at platform 9 and a 3/4 tomorrow. Hope all you wizards and witches wannabe got your robes from Random n Fandom already. And for seniors who have grown taller. You may need a new comfortable one from Random n Fandom too.
Random n Fandom have been stocking some stuff Muggles are crazy about as well. Not sure if their fan tees would be useful for Muggle Studies, should the Kiasu stock up first? Saw Pokemon, The Big Bang Theory and Sherlocks etc. Shall stop rambling and go off to bed lest Hogwarts Express leave without me!

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