Sunday, February 21, 2016

Chien Chi Tow: Health Tui Na and Herbal Steam Therapy

A few days back, I actually went to try out a Healthy Tui Na and the Herbal Steam Therapy from Chien Chi Tow. Sounds like some 武馆 (martial arts school) from its name, doesn't it? Haha.
So, before going, I read some (not many) reviews online and they warned about potential soreness and redness maybe even bruise marks. Sounds so scary right, like someone is going to attack you during your health improvement session.
Chien Chi Tow
So here, I shall confirm/ dispel the myths. Yes, the massage is painful but you can tell the masseurs and they will adjust the strength accordingly. There were also soreness after the session the next 2 days. But...I did had better rest, felt lighter and my sore leg did had some relief. Of course, most of you will go it is all in the mind. But one thing that really impressed me about the masseur was how she got some of my habits right.
She identified my sore thighs though I didn't even mention a single thing about it. And even told me about my high pillow. So now I am using a lower pillow and doing my best to sleep flat like a soldier instead of my normal fetus position to prevent any more bad backs day!
Chien Chi Tow
In some online forums, they did mentioned that there a lot of PRC masseurs. I won't say I am the most pro-foreign worker person. But at the end of the day, it is really about being professional and being able to provide good services. Most parlors are also filled with foreign workers probably due to cost issues. My only problem is that when they are describing the ailments in Mandarin, I had some difficulty catching up. (Mandarin is so rusty).
But, I have to applaud them for being one of the friendliest and customer friendly places I have been too. They did ask me to drop by the Bendemeer and Katong outlet which was bigger. But no, the stubborn me picked the Clementi outlet to visit cos it was the most convenient Haha. They didn't know I was coming too, so I doubt I had sepcial review treatment. And despite that, it was very good. They would have passed their Secret Shopper test!
Herbal Steam Therapy
My favourite treatment was the Herbal Steam Therapy. I hope you like mushrooms cos you would come out smelling faintly like one. Basically, it is something like sauna. You will be in a 50 deg Celsius environment for roughly 20 mins. It is a good time to rest your eyes and just relax a bit.
After all the sweating, I think this is the treatment that makes you feel lighter and gives you that slightly flushed radiant glow. Really makes you want to have one in your house doesn't it? This treatment is not particularly expensive. About $30 for each steam. 
Health Tui Na
The Health Tui Na was actually really good. In fact, it made me regret pre-signing a massage package with my beauty parlour. :( And nope, I didn't have any bruises. However, given the recent scare in Tui Na, even I am in 2 minds about it until the media release a report on how the girl died. I do hope it is just an unfortunate correlation!
One thing you may note is that the appearance of Chien Chi Tow is definitely not as posh or elegant as the beauty massage parlors we are used to. The first impression is definitely not as good. But if you can really look beyond that, there is quite a lot of cost savings. Are you willing to pay 20% extra for neater uniforms, better furniture etc? 
Also, Chien Chi Tow  is also quite convenient with lots of outlets around Singapore. Plus, they are local too if you support local enterprises *Wink* Hey, I got do my research too ok!

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