Thursday, February 18, 2016

Floral Garage Singapore: Flowers for Mum

Floral Garage
Women always seem to have a thing for flowers no matter how old they are. Yeap, it was my Mum's birthday recently and so I thought why not give her a floral surprise!!! My Dad was rather un-involved apart from attempting to make sure she is home in time. So Bro picked the flowers and I penned the message on our family's behalf. HAHAHA
This is called teamwork! We got our flowers from Floral Garage Singapore which had a super huge selection. Thank god, their website was quite easy to navigate. You can pick based on your budget and the flower type etc. 
Floral Garage SG
Surprise being surprises had lots of flops on its way. We picked quite a late delivery time (later than their norm) to ensure every one is home. Thanks to Floral Garage Singapore for accomodating! But still my brother had some last minute project work. So we were home even later. And our flower got delivered to my neighbour. Ooops. Haha, in the end had to walk over to collect and my Mum was like in the background screeching "WHY ARE YOU DISTURBING YOUR NEIGHBOUR SO LATE AT NIGHT!"
If you noticed, the card in our message was handwritten cos the typing machine broke down. 祸还真的不单行!Misery really love company doesn't it! But cos my mum was so overwhelmed with joy, she didn't even notice the tiny flops. LOL! That's the great thing about surprises. Nobody notices they tiny errors along the way.
Floral Garage
And Mum being mums initially wanted to know the price and scold us on it. Halfway, she decided what done cannot be undone and happily went to change her clothes to take photos instead... Like LOL! I created trouble for myself and had to be her personal photographer looking for nice spots around the house for her to take her photos. Lol!
My Dad just looked along-side jealously. Did we just set a new standard!!! Lol! But to be rather honest, fathers are less celebrated than mothers. Just think of Father's Day versus Mother's Day!! Life is never fair and will never be fair!
Floral Garage SG
Halfway through, my Dad decided enough is enough. He wanted photos too. So we my brother and I re-created those wedding photos poses! LOL! where they stare awkwardly at each other. My Mum insisted my Dad was making funny faces. My Dad just growled at her to get it done and over with and to be more professional HAHAHA!
We ended the day taking family photo instead. Had to rotate here and there to take the best shots cos my Dad claimed that his arm is too short to take wefies (-.-) WHY IS MY FAMILY SO LAME!!!!
Floral Garage Selfie
Sharing more about Floral Garage Singapore, do quote "YoungYawn" to get additional 10% off your bouquet!! Because I have dumb friends on instagram who needs link before they know how to buy, here's lotsa links for you. HAHAHA! The flowers here are really quite affordable.
If you are looking for cheap bouquets, less than $30, do check out the freestyle bouquet! Valentine Day prices differ of course! With my additional 10% off, more cost savings can be made. Also you can also get flower stands for corporate. 10% off to that as well. Shiok or what! 

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