Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weekend Project - Leather Cardholder Craft

If you feel that appearances better, then trust me what you use to hold your professional name-cards matter as well. It is somewhat an indicator of your status and maybe corporate status. Start the Year of the Monkey looking smart, shall we?
Of course, not everyone you meet in the corporate is superficial, although in some careers, some may be more than the rest. But we shouldn't go into listing should we?
For me, my ideal namecard holder is bespoke. Lol, preferably personalised because I want to be able to identify at a glance. Given the klutz I am, I will probably take wrong holder home at major networking event. Oops~~ Hehe.
Colour-theme wise, I used prefer bright colours. But sometimes people condemn me as flighty and impulsive because personal taste. And so, for corporate reasons, I would suggest the safer autumn colours or black. Sometimes, if you attend fairs etc, they would give out card holders and some are pretty well designed. But usually the quality sucks and would flake :( Indeed, nothing in life is free.
Weekend Project
For any of you looking for a good cardholder, last minute V-Day gift...probably too last minute, you might be interested in the Weekend Project. They do sell other leather crafts as well, so you might like to check them out. Their 2 most popular items are the Flexi and the Overlap. I am actually using the Overlap.
If you don't like overly complicated stuff, this is good because the design is simple. It can store many namecards and it is easy to retrieve them. Hand-made, the stitches are well done so no worries about bursting card-holders. And of course, you can also emboss your initals like I did. All products come in a lovely pouch which could be used to store other things. Teehee~~
Cutting Leather
To let you all know a little on the hard work behind the making of leather craft, Weekend Project has kindly shared with us on the behind the scenes!!!
Here you see the pieces are being cut to the required size. Depending on the product that being crafted, most of them require an initial finishing of edges that are hard to access after assembly, ensuring that all the edges are well finished
For those who pick embossing, the initials are actually embossed before assembly! This is to achieve a uniform depth as it can be laid flat on its back. During assembly, parts are glued together and holes are punched using a diamond chisel. They produce diamond shaped holes that guides and complements the stitching. 
All products are saddle-stitched for strength (This cannot be achieved by machines!) Edges are sanded, bevelled, burnished and finished lightly with wax for durability. And tada~ your leather craft is born.
We hope this post is interesting for you guys! Do tell us if you want to have more of behind of the scenes of our local budding artisans!

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