Sunday, February 28, 2016

My Little Pony Run: The Day of The Run

Call me a fan now! Yea, not am I now a fan of cute/awesome/cool races with a bunch of crowd, I am also now a Bronie!!! Officially. After the run, I pretty much desired for the merchandises with My Little Ponies prints. *Throws any last sign of professionalism out of the window* And I know my names now. *Blushes with fairy dust*
Yea, I took part in the competitive 6KM Bestie run with my Bestie of cos. The day started really early like me crawling up at 6AM. God knows how I did it, considering I was nursing a cold. But with sheer will power, I want my plushie, I did it. Took the wrong bus though (2 stops in the opposite direction before my sickly brain figured things out) Swiftly hopped off the bus and jay run to the bus stop on the other side like it was a pre-run exercise. (I am truly and surely growing more cool by the day)
My Little Pony Friendship Run
Since I was so enthusiastic about the race, I even arrived early. But B was so so late and so to past time, I tattooed my face gloriously. Wanted to tell the world I like Rainbow Dash cos I love rainbows! And admired my outfit which was unintentionally matching :) I realised I actually do love tiffany green. This colour is actually so awesome despite being so difficult to match. 
As I was waiting for B, I met people who ooh and aww over the cuteness of my Tee (and me probably) as I munched on my breakfast by Bread Talk (Extra 1 bucks for the Soya which tasted so dang heavenly. Yum so free shout out to them.) A group of guys who obviously has no taste for cute things sighed at me exasperatedly "Not another one!" Well, the race is obviously kinda of gender specific. There were A LOT more females than males!
It was really awkward embracing the Bronie in me. But at Sentosa Island, I knew I was at home as I was gushing over the mascots and surrounded by people who are way more cray than me. There were fanatics in Pom Pom skirts, rainbow socks, sleeves. Anything pastel, rainbow, there were just fans that went to show their love. An absolute colourful festival if you ask me.
B and I did pretty awesome in our race. I slowed the team down as usual. But I did abnormally well despite running with my bag of tissues. I actually jogged for 4/6KM!!! And within an hour!!! Somebody clap for me please!
My Little Pony Frienship Run
It is really a race about love and friendship. Parents with their kids and groups of friends. B and I spent 4KM humming and huffing. Pretty obvious who is which. And the 2Km when we were leisurely walking chatting and catching up. This time, the route was very, very friendly. No humps and bumps. Water points were decently and strategically placed.
If there was any thing that I was disappointed with, it seemed that I missed the bubbles and sparkles as promised. The whole route for me was pretty dull except for the coloured balloons. I actually ran with my phone and ended up not taking much photos. Bummed.
My Little Pony Run
But...the fringe activities made up for everything!!! It was the best ever. I swear. Check out my rainbow nails. And B did a manicure too. Unbelievable. Thanks to the staggered timing, not all the time, the queues were unbearably long. I wanted to try the glitter tattoos too, but the sun got in my eye :P
Yea, it was kinda of embarrassing at first, squeezing with the young kids and their parents. But, I was sick...literally and also sick of being judged. Why should one fan be deprived from another. Damn, I am getting my pastel nails and enjoying all the free fringe activities. Awesome time I had!!! Would have really stayed longer if I hadn't run out of tissues.
Rainbow Dash
Yea, and this is what we went there for. The Ponies Plushies. So many people snapping shots with them despite the sweat. It was kinda painful for me snapping my ponies as B and I were raining sweat and me arranging them on the green man-made green (Do you know everything looks good on those manicured grass backdrop!!) Planning to save them for my future kids. Guess which one is mine :P
Yup and we got our medals too. This time round, I am not taking them out to hang them proudly on my neck. Cos the last time, I had to wash my medal cos I was so freaked out having to display sweaty stinky medals. So nope, this time round, it stays in their plastic. Still very pretty in photos what!!!
Fat Pony
Last picture of the ponies, as my BF call mean you are going for the "Fat Ponies" Run. Pretty sure he is the true artist behind this drawing. I am hoping for a next My Little Pony Run. This deserve a round 2!!! 

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