Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nailgasm: Little Ondine Review

Nail Junkies alert, I have 好货要介绍 (good stuff to intro)! If you know me personally, you will know how much I actually love to have painted nails, but how sucky I am in painting my nails. Lol! Such irony!
Little Ondine
As you may know, many of our traditional nail products produce a really bad smell, which is harmful to the body. They also contain dangerous toxins, which are unsuitable for pregnant ladies and children. But, yea, sometimes I think I accidentally swallow them when I eat with my hand. Ooops.
My biggest grouse would probably be that the nail polish more often than not are difficult to remove. Still need to invest in a remover sian :( And for a novice like me (still a amatuer after so many years!), it is very difficult to obtain a simple and beautiful look without a professional manicurist.
Little Ondine
I came across this brand - Little Ondine and was really eager to test them out don't need a nail polish remover to remove this! Awesome or what. Think about the potential cost-saving. Not only that, you don't need to put on a protective bottom coat because it is chemical-free, you don't have to worry about the yellow stains when you remove the nail polish! :)
So, I tested out the Peek-a-Boo (Dark Navy Blue seems to be my latest favourite colour :P) because of its shimmery texture which I think will be easy to control and also the Morning Glory. I just get a kick from uncommon colours! Wanted to try out Overnight but it was near OOS. Otherwise, I could have tried out patterns.
As CNY was around the corner, I had to keep cleaning up the house. Boo, so I delayed the review, didn't want to ruin the nails. So check out my CNY colours, Whee! Now I am ready for CNY. For Peek-a-Boo, it is kind of obvious the first coat is rather light in shade. I used a total of 3 coats to have the dark navy blue coat. :)
This is to date the simplest nail polish to use, simply because it dries decently fast. I can continuously oscillate between my 2 hands. And when it comes to removing and badly done botch, it is clean and efficient.
Removal Nail Polish
I used cotton buds and cotton swaps. Generally you can use that the texture is like a piece of those removal face-mask when you gently scrap it off the side. At times, when I find the nail polish unsatisfactory, I just tear off the whole coat. YES, IT IS THAT EASY! And it is very clean too, not much residue left behind. Hurray!
This is probably the best characteristics of this product. However, do note that because there is no top coat, the polish is very vulnerable. It is also very hard to do slight amendments, because it is quite sticky so if you try to peel a side of it off, the whole piece could come off. Not that it happens too many times, 1/10 nails only. Haha
Morning GloryMorning Glory for me is harder to handle because it is more viscous in texture. I am always not so good with the solid colours as compared to the shimmers because any mistake is so obvious. :( Comparatively, the coat seems thicker, so I only used 2 to get my desired shade (Mum's nails by the way!) But of course, usually shimmery colours are more sheer in nature. The coulour is just darn cool yea! Mum was head over heels in love.
Personally, I think Little Ondine is really easy to use for newbies or people with not much talent. Even I can create a manicured effect :P Perhaps my only grouse is that, compared to the traditional nail polishes, the tip chips easily. And when it chips, like a face mask, it rolls ups. So it is more difficult to "save" it.
Nail Art
And yes, you can do nail stickers too! I proudly endorse the Little Ondine!!!

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