Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pretty Little Things Part 11

It's the 11th installment. Drumroll please. 
Rogue Bunny Rouge
I don't really write about this topic much, but it is ok I am always game to get out of my own comfort zone. For those who asked about any new make-up out in market, this is like a cheaper UK alternative of Anna Sui. I have this penchant of judging a book by its cover. Especially when its cover looks intricate and elegantly designed, I will think the inside would be as awesome as its outside. 
So this is Rogue Bunny Rogue for you. Even with our shipping costs and tax etc., it still costs less than some of our indie make-up brands being sold at some places. The cost of living is rocketing here, I don't even have money to dress up :( If any of you have used this product, please do share on it!
Shopinstock - Yea this is their shop name is possibly one of the sites that sells stuff that truly appeal to me - quirky softtoys, phone cases and bags. Some of the items just makes me LOL. If you are looking to get yourself some cheerful pieces, do scroll around this shop. 
And...for my readers only, you are going to get 10% off every time you quote "ForFunk" or "YoungYawn" Yeah...cost savings for you people! Hip Hip Hurray! And true to its name, they are all in stock, so no waiting!
Initial Cuff
This is not for every one, but part of me is so darn sure, it will come into trend soon. So I wanted to be one of the first few people in Singapore to write about it. Stake my rights on being a trend setter. So this is a Initial Cuff which I saw on Amelia Rose.
This is an overseas jeweler that sells really simple, classy jewelry. It is really suitable for corporate dressing. But there are some like the Semi-precious Wrap Bracelets that are more casual in nature. Generally, their designs are not trending/ available in Singapore yet. Even if you are not buying anything, you should go to their website to take a look at their designs!
And this rounds up our Pretty Little Things. Hope you like this installment.

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