Sunday, February 14, 2016

V-Day 2016

Cos every year, I have been saving the best for the last. So, this year, bam it is first haha! Yea, I am a huge fan of the HJ Story art. Maybe I am creating my own too *winks winks* So inspired by one of their V-day art, I put the BF through the humiliation to prove his love for me.
Because I am such a nice girl, I took his face out so that you can only see his pouty lips which is still very cute. I am going to blow this up and make it my master bedroom wallpaper!!! HAHAHAHA~
MAD Muesum
This year was a rather low budget affair. Started off the day early with a visit to MAD Museum. This place was introduced to me by a dear friend who probably felt I needed to be more cultured. And I love this place. Firstly, it is quaint and it is not an overly commercialised art museum because it it quite a private art gallery.  
Secondly, it has a good deal of seats on the second floor for you to rest your feet as you admire the pieces. Thirdly, the exhibited pieces do change. If you have an appreciation for modern, contemporary art, I think you will enjoy it too. But please don't go when I am there because I love having this place to myself. P.S. the food there is yummy as well.
Botanic Gardens
Went to my Top 5 places in Singapore you had to visit - Botanical Gardens. It was hot, hot, hot but still very beautiful. I used to go there when I was a kid and it has been a long time since I went there. Because, I really don't like walking haha! But I am glad to see all the old landmarks still there. I don't know why, but V-Day has been always particularly physically taxing. Haha!
Also tried Starbucks Breakfast. Okay, more like I had a sudden lack of money crisis. And the breakfast looked value for money at that time. Yea, I should really eat grass if I am broke. But can't help it, I am a truly Starbucks Girl. You can take money out of her, but you can't take the Starbucks out of her. Haha.
Went to Hediard for tea, but it was so fulfilling - that was lunch! Branded as a luxury Gastronomy Boutique, I have to say the food was really really good. But despite being half empty, it took an hour after our coffee/tea was served, before I could really eat something! :( Almost wanted to ta-bao the food away cos we had Deadpool to catch. (Super awesome movie by the way!)
But that would really defeat the purpose of a leisure tea. For girlfriends who need a place to catch up, this is perfect. Of course, the French being the French, have an exquisite palate and perfection obsession. Probably explains why it took so long and tasted so good. Would recommend this only if you have patience and time to spare.
Love V-Day this year! But I say that every year (:P) Maybe I just like the time spend with BF doing anything/nothing... <3

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