Sunday, March 27, 2016

Review: Oral B Vitality Precision Clean

If you wondering why are all her posts so non-sponsored and si-bei xiao, well cos it is exams period again. Woohoo? Neh not exciting at all. No time to copywrite, so I am taking the easy way out to de-stress while keeping my audience entertained...reviewing the products that I am currently using and loving. Write freely...Whee.
And yesh, I super adore my electronic toothbrush. In fact, I think everyone should have one! Because, now it prevents my teeth from staining even if I have my daily caffeine :) if I brush 2 times a day. Was so lazy to charge it for 2 weeks and my teeth got stained again...NOOOOO!!! So if you are using the same Oral B Vitality like me, remember to charge it :) Personally, I feel the rotations are weaker if you don't charge it on a consistent basis.
Oral B Vitality
For those who haven't tried the electronic toothbrush before, it is just really like normal brushing but don't put it too close to your gums lest you hurt them and yes they will bleed. Depending on the brand and model, the cheapest is around S$60. I think it is very worth it for clean pearly white!
Have been using like over half an year and I am loving it. Just wanted to tell the rest too if you suffer from easily stained teeth like me. Sian TTM. People always tell me, you are so pretty have a dimpled smile, your stained teeth OMG. Even the dentist also say, your oral hygiene is awesome but your stained teeth...But now, the tides has changed!!! You can find them at Watsons and Guardians and they can be doubly used as fake mic for your home mini concert.
Yea, stress has made me mad. :P

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Campus Mag: My Love Scam from another Star

Wrote a lame article to contribute at Campus Magazine. Wrote it on the MRT cos I was bored on the long ride and I write great stuff true to my nature on days like this!!! Finding it hilarious that the link to ForFunk is under the scammer's name. Lol! Some grammar and spelling errors here and there, but it is forgivable given its context :P
Enjoy the read during this long holidays! *Inspired by My Love From Another Star.
Campus Mag
On a separate note, my English standard is going downhill. Contemplating if I should re-learn my ABC. Maybe I should start doing English Assessment books. Hahaha!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Funky Find: Snow App Videos

Haha, this is annoyingly addictive. Have been making many videos to entertain the BF through his late nights. Shall upload the raw clips here. The rest can be found on Instagram. My Instagram is growing irritating. Heh Heh Heh!

This was my first video. But, I show potential to be the next Ah-Jie Hahah!

You can even hear the utensils banging in the background. Dedicated to the BF. He has a photo where he is acting like a sushi roll. Couple Sushi?!? :)

Personally, I thought this was one of the best videos. The acting was so realistic! I am such a beautiful crier. Haha. Somebody just give me a "Best Actress" Award! What a hearty cry!

This is a good night video to the BF. Haha, literally took it in video. I think I should get a Best GF award too. The pains I go through to entertain him. How many girls would do that!!!

Possibly the most animated video. My Mum said my eyes are beautifully big :D :D :D My family is now hooked on it. Download Snow App at your own risk! But at least it is entertaining :) Watch it on Instagram. The quality is better there!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Giveaway with Y&J

Because the last giveaway didn't went too well, so I thought let's do another one! :) Don't worry, all those who participated in the last giveaway will be automatically participate in this one!
Y&J Giveaway
This will be opened to those who live in Singapore. Sorry, cos if you are overseas, you really can't come to Singapore to use this vouchers right? I haven't decide whether I will split a $15, $10 or will a lucky person get all $25, let's see the number of participants first all right?
All you have to do is:
Follow Y&J on instagram (Compulsory)
Follow me at YoungYawn on Instagram! (Compulsory)
And just leave a comment when you are done! Easy! Closing date: 16.04.2016!
Y&J Bugis
So what can you get using this vouchers? Bags, clothes (formal/ causal), there is a huge variety so I am pretty sure you can get something you like. Pretty good giveaway? I am sure female readers at least would like it. Some of you may already hear of Y&J. They can be found at Bugis and J Cube. (Redemption is convenient!)
The photos are from the shops at Bugis. The selection at Bugis is definitely wider. Yes, I went to hot, sweaty Bugis to source the shops and find these photos for you. Not all the shops are easy to find but the bigger spaces are near the escalators and easy to catch. If you live in the west, you may consider J Cube which is a lot smaller but it has air-con!  
Couple Tee
If you are into or looking into getting a pair of Couple Tees, I would suggest their Labeled Boutique, you can buy it online too. Their selection is quite decent and have different colour variations. The BF and I could even shortlist a few. :) They are mainly just Tees, but buy a set, you get a couple Tee Haha.
Some people may think that Couple Tees are lame or just another Korean Trend, but I think it is cute to have 1 set to wear around. I think the BF and I have 2, but yea that's another story. When I was in Korea seeing other couples wearing, I also wanted to wear! Haha. It is more natural for most couples to not share the same fashion sense so once in a while it is sweet to wear something similar :)
Today I Do Nothing
So on V-Day, me and the BF wore our Couple Tees. We picked "Today I do Nothing" cos as a Nua Couple, we resonated with it. Plus he likes the font. Haha. He said it is not that common and typical. There are a few other sweet/cool captions at Labeled Boutique that you can check out for you and your BAE. Please don't copy me and pick the same one -.-
I also thought of buying 2 different colours for us (i.e He wears Navy, I wear Maroon). You can do that too though we didn't do that. Their shades are solid colour so guys wearing it are still very manly. Hehe. One thing to note, their size are to the small side. My bro (rather scrawny) fits it nicely, but the BF, on the more bulky side (I refuse to use the word muscular) is on a good verge to do the Incredible Hulk any moment. Lol! So don't go too tight, Singapore don't need that many sexy man HAHAHA!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Snacks4Me, I am hungry!

We have another subscription box this time round from Snacks4Me. And oh yum, I really love this. Snackaholics alert! In fact, when I first saw the box of deliciousness, I was like thinking: Heck fruits day, Let's have weekly snacks boxes!!
Of course, not everything suited my taste. But a good 50% of the items left my tummy and rational mind feeling okay gaining the extra calories. Some of these snacks can't even be found off the shelf in our local market!!! T.T
Before any of you faints at the amount of snacks, this is an accumulation of 2 boxes worth of snacks not 1. But nonetheless, each box consists a variety of chips, crisps, crackers, candies, chocolates, cookies, biscuits, cakes, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, dried fruits and vegetables, carefully sourced from trusted producers around the world to bring to your doorstep.
So who is this awesome Snacks4Me? I like to think of them as snack-hunters who have the most exquisite tastebuds. They will search through various parts of the world to present a carefully curated box of snacks that will surprise our palette with the most intriguing tastes! But best of all, they have a shop that let you buys the snacks that you love!
Tokyo Banana Crunch Chocolate
Okay, you may or may not share the same taste with me but I am going to recommend you the 3 must-try. Of course I would like to suggest more. But it just seems kinda of ridiculous to recommend so many. Or does it? =D
If you are a huge fan of the Tokyo Banana, you totally cannot miss this Tokyo Banana Crunch Chocolate. It is like a mini, crunchier version of the Tokyo Banana. Personally, I felt it was way more worth the hype than the Tokyo Banana (I thought the Tokyo Banana was so-so only even though my friends worship it *Roll Eyes*). But this Tokyo Banana Crunch Chocolate is freaking awesome. Maybe because I don't like soft cake textures! But this is a definite must-try. Beware though as you are bound to crave for more!
Seafood Tempura Crackers
Had a really deciding between #2 and #3, but I decided the Seafood Tempura Crackers should be #2 cos my family simply adored it, especially my Dad. Actually, this subscription came in Feb, but Feb was CNY and there are already so much snacks so I thought let's just push it till Mar or something, since Feb is filled with too much calories. But guess what, Dad secretly opened it and munched it all up. He left 3 pieces for the rest of us. :(
A snack that caused so much heartbreak! Every one was pissed with my Dad for it. It tasted so addictive and I only had one miserly piece to savor the taste. So why did all hell break lose for this Seafood Tempura Crackers? The seawood just went so well with the crispy crackers! It is like a Japanese Ko-ro-poh! Don't miss this. But remember to hide it from your family!!!
Yellow Rhapsody
I don't think this is for everybody so I ranked in 3rd. Mustard is quite an acquired taste. For a mustard lover, I am impressed with such a snack cos OMG I have never seen any mustard snack in the market. But personally, I felt that the snack could do with more mustard powder. Spam the mustard, the stronger the taste, the better. My Mum however was like "bleh". So I guess that's why it is #3. But this is really quite exotic so give it a try if you feeling adventurous.
For those of you who are interested in the snacks, I suggest you test out the taster box or 1 time subscription box first to find out what you like. After that, you can go onto the online shop and just buy all your favourite snacks! Let them do the sourcing and we do the snacking, I am sure after gouging yourself, you will agree with me, all pantries should be loaded with Snacks4Me!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

PMS, Go Away Please!

Periods are horrible monthly tortures that a true woman has to go through. Honestly, sometimes I wonder why Nature creates us this way. It is so unfair. Why do women have to be the gender that gives life?!? But thankfully, we don't have to do N.S. Maybe that makes life a little fairer. *smirks*
Apart from the shock that a part of you is bleeding, periods also bring along some of their highly un-welcomed friends such as zits and PMS. I don't know which is worse. But thankfully for me, usually zits and PMS don't visit me much. But this month, luck wasn't on my side, !@#$% Did I just swear?!? Whatever, that's PMS at its finest already really.
Bespoke Box
So this month, I had something to make my mood a little better. (Just in case you are wondering, why is this post so filled of unfathomable angst, now you know why!) I got a Bespoke Box. It is basically a box of surprises to tide you through the rough patch. You could get it for yourself or any crazy bitches in your life cos we all need some pampering every now and then. For the sweeter guys, you can also get the ladies in your life a box.
I actually broke the seal before having the PMS so boo, I lost the surprise element when I needed it most. For you other ladies out there, this will come before your period, but don't be like me. Have some self-restraint. At least, you will have something to feel less like bawling your eyes out off. We don't really need more liquid flowing out of us. (Man, can't believe I am cranky enough to say this, if you get the pun)
Voodoo Doll
My box of goodies came with snacks like Pocky (really good for me cos I just eat when I am stressed or bored. Fat life!), Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream, Sierra Bees' Organic Lip Balm, Poise Liners and a surprise Voodoo Doll. Initially, my first thought was that the box seems pretty practical apart from the Voodoo Doll. But now I am in my PMS mood, I can tell you Voodoo Doll is the best part of this box. I am irrationally emotional and pissed. It is as though as the whole world offended me and only this doll can set things straight.
Just moments ago, I insisted to the BF that I needed new shoes because I needed to buy back some confidence, beauty and happiness. Went shopping at one of the most expensive shops in Singapore and tried on a pair of $200 shoes that didn't fit me. Guess what I told my BF, "apparently happiness doesn't come cheap, where's the $500 pairs, let's find them." I am sure I am pretty mad (although I seem to have some talent for scripting). Or have a wish to go dead-broke. Maybe all I needed was a voodoo to vent my "periodic" frustration instead of using my magic card to solve all problems.
So if you are a male reader, you are probably thinking "That's just excuses for your bad behavior". is true for some ladies. But for me, sometimes during this period, I binge on chocolates and have a tendency to be moody and want to cry. (But I don't cry, cos my pride is way more of a bulldozer than PMS LOL!) But if a box of surprises can calm that lady and rid those drama, the money is worth spending.
At Bespoke Box, the value of the products you are getting is roughly 1.5x more than what you are getting. Yeap, I did the Maths. They are pretty new so there isn't much of a selection option but once it is up, I am sure it will be more value for money if you can pick the goodies you want and the liner/pads/tampons brands. Maybe, keep one as a surprise so that you can happiness and not insane sadness.
Bespoke Box
Sanity instead of being a swipe away...could be now just a click away. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pocari Sweat Run

3D Pen Art
Get well bear made by the BF using a 3D pen. Ugly but Adorbs!!! Haha. Now, I am a huge fan of runs. Just like to run with a group of people wearing the same attire. Heh. 
For those of you like-minded people, out there, another run for you people out there! POCARI SWEAT is calling out to runners to join the brand in completing the journey and running together in this year’s edition of the Run. In the four years that the POCARI SWEAT Run has been held in Singapore, runners have covered a total of 300,000 KM, which is more than 75% of the distance between the Earth and the Moon. In 2016, with a remaining distance of 80,000 KM, participants can make history by taking part in either the 5KM or 10KM category, with each step contributing to the journey to the Moon.
Pocari Sweat
Do you know? Before astronauts ascend to space, they have to go through lunar landing programs to prepare themselves for their journey. For this run, there will be activities such as astronaut recruitment centers, based in selected NTUC FairPrice hyper-marts, which involve hydration examinations and space run simulations to heighten the anticipation for the Run. In addition, POCARI SWEAT will be conducting “Space Training Programs” to help prepare registered “Astronauts” for their mission. The running clinics seek to help participants to achieve their goals and personal bests for the upcoming POCARI SWEAT Run.
Thematic elements will be included throughout the POCARI SWEAT Run; from the appearance of a space expert to space-themed refueling stations, or hydration points, which will allow runners to properly hydrate themselves in order to achieve their peak performance. These will give participants a feel of their journey from the Earth to the Moon, much like a lunar expedition.
Ready to run to the moon? Join the POCARI SWEAT Run 2016 to run to the moon together! Sign up now to enjoy the early bird promotion which goes till 30 April 2016. Registration closes on 19 June 2016 or once all running slots are sold out.