Sunday, March 13, 2016

Giveaway with Y&J

Because the last giveaway didn't went too well, so I thought let's do another one! :) Don't worry, all those who participated in the last giveaway will be automatically participate in this one!
Y&J Giveaway
This will be opened to those who live in Singapore. Sorry, cos if you are overseas, you really can't come to Singapore to use this vouchers right? I haven't decide whether I will split a $15, $10 or will a lucky person get all $25, let's see the number of participants first all right?
All you have to do is:
Follow Y&J on instagram (Compulsory)
Follow me at YoungYawn on Instagram! (Compulsory)
And just leave a comment when you are done! Easy! Closing date: 16.04.2016!
Y&J Bugis
So what can you get using this vouchers? Bags, clothes (formal/ causal), there is a huge variety so I am pretty sure you can get something you like. Pretty good giveaway? I am sure female readers at least would like it. Some of you may already hear of Y&J. They can be found at Bugis and J Cube. (Redemption is convenient!)
The photos are from the shops at Bugis. The selection at Bugis is definitely wider. Yes, I went to hot, sweaty Bugis to source the shops and find these photos for you. Not all the shops are easy to find but the bigger spaces are near the escalators and easy to catch. If you live in the west, you may consider J Cube which is a lot smaller but it has air-con!  
Couple Tee
If you are into or looking into getting a pair of Couple Tees, I would suggest their Labeled Boutique, you can buy it online too. Their selection is quite decent and have different colour variations. The BF and I could even shortlist a few. :) They are mainly just Tees, but buy a set, you get a couple Tee Haha.
Some people may think that Couple Tees are lame or just another Korean Trend, but I think it is cute to have 1 set to wear around. I think the BF and I have 2, but yea that's another story. When I was in Korea seeing other couples wearing, I also wanted to wear! Haha. It is more natural for most couples to not share the same fashion sense so once in a while it is sweet to wear something similar :)
Today I Do Nothing
So on V-Day, me and the BF wore our Couple Tees. We picked "Today I do Nothing" cos as a Nua Couple, we resonated with it. Plus he likes the font. Haha. He said it is not that common and typical. There are a few other sweet/cool captions at Labeled Boutique that you can check out for you and your BAE. Please don't copy me and pick the same one -.-
I also thought of buying 2 different colours for us (i.e He wears Navy, I wear Maroon). You can do that too though we didn't do that. Their shades are solid colour so guys wearing it are still very manly. Hehe. One thing to note, their size are to the small side. My bro (rather scrawny) fits it nicely, but the BF, on the more bulky side (I refuse to use the word muscular) is on a good verge to do the Incredible Hulk any moment. Lol! So don't go too tight, Singapore don't need that many sexy man HAHAHA!


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