Saturday, March 5, 2016

PMS, Go Away Please!

Periods are horrible monthly tortures that a true woman has to go through. Honestly, sometimes I wonder why Nature creates us this way. It is so unfair. Why do women have to be the gender that gives life?!? But thankfully, we don't have to do N.S. Maybe that makes life a little fairer. *smirks*
Apart from the shock that a part of you is bleeding, periods also bring along some of their highly un-welcomed friends such as zits and PMS. I don't know which is worse. But thankfully for me, usually zits and PMS don't visit me much. But this month, luck wasn't on my side, !@#$% Did I just swear?!? Whatever, that's PMS at its finest already really.
Bespoke Box
So this month, I had something to make my mood a little better. (Just in case you are wondering, why is this post so filled of unfathomable angst, now you know why!) I got a Bespoke Box. It is basically a box of surprises to tide you through the rough patch. You could get it for yourself or any crazy bitches in your life cos we all need some pampering every now and then. For the sweeter guys, you can also get the ladies in your life a box.
I actually broke the seal before having the PMS so boo, I lost the surprise element when I needed it most. For you other ladies out there, this will come before your period, but don't be like me. Have some self-restraint. At least, you will have something to feel less like bawling your eyes out off. We don't really need more liquid flowing out of us. (Man, can't believe I am cranky enough to say this, if you get the pun)
Voodoo Doll
My box of goodies came with snacks like Pocky (really good for me cos I just eat when I am stressed or bored. Fat life!), Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream, Sierra Bees' Organic Lip Balm, Poise Liners and a surprise Voodoo Doll. Initially, my first thought was that the box seems pretty practical apart from the Voodoo Doll. But now I am in my PMS mood, I can tell you Voodoo Doll is the best part of this box. I am irrationally emotional and pissed. It is as though as the whole world offended me and only this doll can set things straight.
Just moments ago, I insisted to the BF that I needed new shoes because I needed to buy back some confidence, beauty and happiness. Went shopping at one of the most expensive shops in Singapore and tried on a pair of $200 shoes that didn't fit me. Guess what I told my BF, "apparently happiness doesn't come cheap, where's the $500 pairs, let's find them." I am sure I am pretty mad (although I seem to have some talent for scripting). Or have a wish to go dead-broke. Maybe all I needed was a voodoo to vent my "periodic" frustration instead of using my magic card to solve all problems.
So if you are a male reader, you are probably thinking "That's just excuses for your bad behavior". is true for some ladies. But for me, sometimes during this period, I binge on chocolates and have a tendency to be moody and want to cry. (But I don't cry, cos my pride is way more of a bulldozer than PMS LOL!) But if a box of surprises can calm that lady and rid those drama, the money is worth spending.
At Bespoke Box, the value of the products you are getting is roughly 1.5x more than what you are getting. Yeap, I did the Maths. They are pretty new so there isn't much of a selection option but once it is up, I am sure it will be more value for money if you can pick the goodies you want and the liner/pads/tampons brands. Maybe, keep one as a surprise so that you can happiness and not insane sadness.
Bespoke Box
Sanity instead of being a swipe away...could be now just a click away. :)

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