Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Snacks4Me, I am hungry!

We have another subscription box this time round from Snacks4Me. And oh yum, I really love this. Snackaholics alert! In fact, when I first saw the box of deliciousness, I was like thinking: Heck fruits day, Let's have weekly snacks boxes!!
Of course, not everything suited my taste. But a good 50% of the items left my tummy and rational mind feeling okay gaining the extra calories. Some of these snacks can't even be found off the shelf in our local market!!! T.T
Before any of you faints at the amount of snacks, this is an accumulation of 2 boxes worth of snacks not 1. But nonetheless, each box consists a variety of chips, crisps, crackers, candies, chocolates, cookies, biscuits, cakes, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, dried fruits and vegetables, carefully sourced from trusted producers around the world to bring to your doorstep.
So who is this awesome Snacks4Me? I like to think of them as snack-hunters who have the most exquisite tastebuds. They will search through various parts of the world to present a carefully curated box of snacks that will surprise our palette with the most intriguing tastes! But best of all, they have a shop that let you buys the snacks that you love!
Tokyo Banana Crunch Chocolate
Okay, you may or may not share the same taste with me but I am going to recommend you the 3 must-try. Of course I would like to suggest more. But it just seems kinda of ridiculous to recommend so many. Or does it? =D
If you are a huge fan of the Tokyo Banana, you totally cannot miss this Tokyo Banana Crunch Chocolate. It is like a mini, crunchier version of the Tokyo Banana. Personally, I felt it was way more worth the hype than the Tokyo Banana (I thought the Tokyo Banana was so-so only even though my friends worship it *Roll Eyes*). But this Tokyo Banana Crunch Chocolate is freaking awesome. Maybe because I don't like soft cake textures! But this is a definite must-try. Beware though as you are bound to crave for more!
Seafood Tempura Crackers
Had a really deciding between #2 and #3, but I decided the Seafood Tempura Crackers should be #2 cos my family simply adored it, especially my Dad. Actually, this subscription came in Feb, but Feb was CNY and there are already so much snacks so I thought let's just push it till Mar or something, since Feb is filled with too much calories. But guess what, Dad secretly opened it and munched it all up. He left 3 pieces for the rest of us. :(
A snack that caused so much heartbreak! Every one was pissed with my Dad for it. It tasted so addictive and I only had one miserly piece to savor the taste. So why did all hell break lose for this Seafood Tempura Crackers? The seawood just went so well with the crispy crackers! It is like a Japanese Ko-ro-poh! Don't miss this. But remember to hide it from your family!!!
Yellow Rhapsody
I don't think this is for everybody so I ranked in 3rd. Mustard is quite an acquired taste. For a mustard lover, I am impressed with such a snack cos OMG I have never seen any mustard snack in the market. But personally, I felt that the snack could do with more mustard powder. Spam the mustard, the stronger the taste, the better. My Mum however was like "bleh". So I guess that's why it is #3. But this is really quite exotic so give it a try if you feeling adventurous.
For those of you who are interested in the snacks, I suggest you test out the taster box or 1 time subscription box first to find out what you like. After that, you can go onto the online shop and just buy all your favourite snacks! Let them do the sourcing and we do the snacking, I am sure after gouging yourself, you will agree with me, all pantries should be loaded with Snacks4Me!!!

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