Saturday, April 30, 2016

Encharmted: Mother's Day Edition

This is a mother's day dedicated post, and so my Mum has happily graced in a video first time ever. Haha. She is not the best model, so please don't judge her alright.

Well, Mother's Day is next weekend and daughters around the world are fretting. (Yes, I realised guys don't really fret over this much. My brother has gleefully sort of assigned the Mother's Day duty to me.) If you think getting a perfect gift for your better half is difficult, the same goes for Mum. Each year, you still need to top the last.
So, what you saw in the video is a customised bracelet. For those of you who can't afford Pandora or have a thing against Pandora and their over-priced charms, this is a very good alternative to please your Mum. 
Encharmted Bracelet
Here's a closer look of this chain. Basically, you can add on as many or as little charms or window plates as you like. You actually can make something just for your Mum and she doesn't really has to worry about wearing the same thing as another woman out there. With a plier, you can easily remove the charms yourself. Otherwise, I would recommend you the Clip on Dangles.
I consulted my brother whether we should give our Mum this bracelet as her Mother's Day Gift and he was like "yea, very nice, she will like it!" And not only did she like it, she was glad she didn't have to share it with me because of the "Mom" window plate. It is as though she has been given all the rights to it. Bleh.
Memory Locket
If you remember a few years back, there was this trend on memory lockets and there were so many people selling sky-rocket price, which was kinda of annoying. Now, this fad kinda of died down. So if you want to get one for Mum, yourself or your friend, now is the time. And get it from Encharmted. Theirs are the cheapest in the market I have seen to date (actually there is much players in the market also.)
So what are memory lockets? For those who have never heard of this, it is basically a transparent locket where you can place tiny items (flat of course) in it. Usually, how most people use it would be to commemorate an important milestone which happened in your life. You wear it close to your heart so that you will be reminded of it.
So this is the Mother's Day version, which comes with a frozen flower in it. You can pick window plates instead of charms but personally I think charms look nicer because you can store more memories in it. 
For the owners at Encharmted, this actually meant to be a dog tag. I think it quite a cute idea to put your address details in it and hang on your pets. But my pet is tortoise. It will never will lost and it will never let embellish me no matter how much it loves me (or the food I gave it.)
Floating Locket
One half of the locket is bejeweled for girls who live their bling and the other side is a classic plain. Initially, I like the plain, cos I am a plain Jane. Lol. But because I was wearing this really simple dress, I decided an eye-catching accessory would work better. It is really great when you want to change your look, you can just do a simple flip.
Another great thing I want to highlight is that the locket is secured using magnets. So you won't hear the click sound, and won't have to worry about wear and tear. What if one day the clip breaks and my memories scatter around the dirty pavements!!! #Firstworldproblems. Don't worry your pretty mind over this.
Who Posed Better
Lastly, a PK between Mum and I. Would love to say I am better, but cos I love her so she can have the glory. So, all of you readers out there, I wish your Mum an early Happy Mother's Day. And for those who has yet to get anything for your Mum, here's Encharmted for you.
P.S. They always say they don't want anything. But they are always the happiest when they receive something. LOL!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Giveaway: The Sugary Skin Scrubs

Handmade Skin Scrubs
To my sweetest readers, this is the giveaway you have been waiting for. With the sheer frills, you must be expecting something princessy. on to find out more. I personally feel this is rather a uni-sex product. Guys can use it too. :)
Pouty Lips
For guys and girls who are yearning for pouty lips, I have the perfect thing for you. To get kiss-able lips, I introduce you the lip scrub. I am sure many of you have heard of the face scrub to exfoliate the dead skin on your face. The lip scrub basically does the same thing, just that it is on a more sensitive and tender area - your lips. 
Will it hurt? Nope it doesn't. Cos the sugar grains used are very fine. It is also edible so it is perfectly safe. Due to harsh air-conditioned environment and my lip biting habits (dono when I picked that up), but my lower lips are kinda of cracked. With some scrubbing, they are as good as new.
Lip Scub
So there are 2 flavours available - the Honey Lemon vs the Minty Cucumber. Personally, I think flavours doesn't matter because your lips are so far away from your nose. Do you really think you can smell it?!? Hahaha.
If you are hoping to brighten your lips, pick the Honey Lemon. Lemon, being a natural source of the lemon C can help lighten spots and tighten the pores. For a more hydrated lips, pick the cucumber. It can also help to keep your lips cool and refreshed.

Don't worry if you got your sugar grains not in a whole, you have to break it with your spatula when you use it anyway. I use it by scooping a generous portion and spread it over my moist lip surface. Do note it works better moist, as the sugar becomes softer and the abrasion will be less harsh.
You can either use your fingers to rub it against your lips or let both your lips do the job. After a good scrub, your lips may feel a little numb but the texture will be baby smooth. :) #Totallyworthit
Face Scrub
And if you want something sugary for your face... Face Scrub! Can you see the glistening beads on my face? I felt like a fairy with them. Hehe. Compared to those scrubs off the shelf, organic handmade scrubs keep your face supple without damaging your pores. Look at my happy face!
You don't have to use a lot too, for my face, I was more stingy. Hehe. Depending on the amount you use, the scrub can last pretty long. And ya, I use a peg to clip my hair. I am a siao zabor like that. Wild, crazy girls do have more fun ok!
Body Scrub
And mmm...presenting the most delicious scrub, the gingerbread body scrub. Not only does it look like a cookie, it taste like one too. Yum. Thought I would share with you a tip, using body scrubs can prevent ingrown hair in your intimate areas. Compared to off-the-shelf products, I personally prefer organic products just for that area.
Apart from that, body scrubs can also be...erm...pretty kinky fun. *blushes* The sugar taste so good don't they? :P
Sugar Scrub Giveaway
For my sweet readers, this is what you have been waiting for. I am going to bless a winner or 2 with luscious lips.

All you have to do is:
Follow The Sugary Skin on instagram (Compulsory)
Follow me at YoungYawn on Instagram! (Compulsory)

And just leave a comment when you are done! Easy! Closing date: 01.06.2016!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Funky Find: Try and Review Website

Try and Review
So, I actually came across this site - Try and Review via a friend. And he told me it is a scam. But cos I am a freebie girl (LOL as true as a Singaporean can get). I waywardly insisted on signing up for an account too. I even bid to become tester. But the thing is, I never really thought I would become a tester because there seems to be so many people and so little items up for grabs.
Jeju Lily Face Mask
So one fine day, I actually became a reviewer for their Jeju Lily Face Mask. It is retailing at a reasonale price of S$1.80 at Guardians. This packet of Face Mask is super liquidy, which I like cos you can spread it on every part of your body, so it feels that even your hands and legs are being pampered.
Honestly, I don't know what a Jeju Lily is, but this mask has a very nice, therapeutic fragrance. Results-wise, I didn't see much difference. I still look shagged. Of course, it could be cos I only used 1 face mask. But hey, I only receive one face mask.
Try and Review
Some of you may be thinking now, should I test out as a tester? Seems like it is so much work for $2, which I can afford on my own. It is kinda true cos most of the products that are being tested are on the low end and you are requested to do a social media post on it. But given our poor economy, if you don't have spare cash to "try" and be adventurous, this is quite a good platform.
This is my first time and for all you know my last time, maybe everyone only got 1 try? These are questions that pop in my head too. But the good news for you (bad news for me though), social influencers have no priority or separate gift boxes. :( I definitely think I should be rewarded more since I am writing so much lines about it (This means work!) Tell me what you think? If you have signed up, have you became a reviewer for anything yet? 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Vanilla Dreams: My Little Pony

I am sure some of you know by now, I am a huge My Little Pony fan. :D
I would think I am more of a boyish little girl but I think what makes me super adore My Little Pony is because it is positive and focuses a lot on good moral values. Plus it is really dreamy and cute, a stark contrast to the gloom reality.
Get Well Soon
So, I sprained my ankle last weekend if you follow me on my Instagram. It was a case of pure suay-ness, but now I am feeling more positive (resting on odd intervals). I can just fall alseep at odd timing 11am/ 3pm. Maybe I am just very exhausted so this is a very good "wake-up" call. Irony.
Lately, I have been on a streak of bad luck. Not just one, but it is like waves of them. I won't say that each is worse than the last. But it is just morale breaking when all of them come at a rather similar interval. Even nature bullied me, sending lots of insects to venture and explore my injured foot :( 
Before all the bad things happened, a friend of mine galloped in my life. I posted its cutie mark on Instagram. He is AJ - AppleJack. (I know it is a "she" but cos it shares the same initial as my BF so it represents more of a he in my life.) I am not usually a soft-toy person. But during low points in life, a comfy softie like him is very comforting. You can bury your tears in him and feel less alone in the world.
More about AJ, among the ponies, AJ is the the most hardworking and resilient (a bit like my BF). There is so much to learn from him (both AJ and BF haha). Despite his cute appearance (his big emerald eyes and long blonde mane warms my heart) and sexy little butt, inside lies a hardy personality. I wish it could really gallop and neigh a little. That would make me squeal in delight.
Rainbow Dash
So, I got a mini Rainbow Dash keychain/ bag charm on top of my Rainbow Dash plushie. Hehe. You may not know but my character is most like Rainbow Dash/ Pinky Pie among the ponies. But my favorite is Rainbow Dash because of his rainbow mane. She has a slightly deeper personality than Pinky Dash, but I am both rolled up in one. (I happened to be born in the year of Horse too :P)
Rainbow Dash
Here's a closer look at my customised key chain. It is in navy blue theme, with my name on it. You can pick your own pony and your own charms. But I chose to let the owner pick the charms for me cos I am actually not very good at matching nice stuff (apart from clothes and accessories :P) 
I really love the fact that it is multi-functional. I can even use it as a key chain if I want to. But my Mum thinks it is too chio to be a key chain so I will be using it as a bag charm instead. My favourite part is the duo "kiaps" (clips). You know how some owners only give the round coil which is very painful to use and spoils easily. I prefer the kiap so happy the charm comes with it. Now, it is so easier to use it inter-changeably.
Leather Envelope
This is how I am using it now. Pretty, isn't it? It makes every thing so much cherry. For those who are concerned, I am feeling a lot better now :) Because, nice things happen in my life too. There are people whom I don't know dropping me nice notes and that's very sweet and heart-warming. I humbly thank you all and mankind for its generosity in encouragement and kindness.
For those who are feeling down or just Ponies fan, I have something nice for you too. All these beautiful ponies came from Vanilla Dreams. For our readers, quote "YoungYawn" and you will receive a S$3 discount off original price for the customised bag charms and 6 pieces of My Little Pony Bubble Stickers (worth S$5)! While stocks last, so please hurry!
Because Vanilla Dreams are having 1 year anniversary sale, you will receive an additional 20% off their plushies. Please keep a lookout for their discount code on their Instagram account. Do follow them @vanilladreamssg because apart of the discount code, there will be a giveaway of not 1, not 2, but 3 bag charms once they hit 200 followers!!! It make me happy just typing this. Keep a lookout for my instagram posts too, cos I saved a nice photo to promote there. Hehe. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Winner Announcement: Giveaway with Y&J

This is a fast post just to announce the winners. Remember the last giveaway we had with Y&J, yea I decided to pick 3 winners. (Now I know why people like to host giveaways, it is actually quite fun!)
1 for S$15 and the 2 $5 voucher winners
$15 (Instagram - For those who correctly followed the instructions)
  • joeychew77
  • elizabethgraciaa
  • kittyladyy
  • QuackMomo
  • kiamhana
$5 (Instagram - For those who didn't left a comment and gave me more work)
  • Lorraineho1768
  • Happymelodyshopp
  • Joviatan
  • limsuzanna
  • anti.gargarwal.7
  • pikakippp
$5 (The previous giveaway which had complications)
  • nissha(loveparadies)
  • greenlemon
  • kkaebongson.afx
  • Elizabeth Huang
Congrats to all the winners. For those who didn't win, don't worry there will be another giveaway coming up. Yes, this time I have learnt. The sponsors will have to pre-send me the products so that there will be guaranteed prizes. Thanks for supporting and hope you guys can continue to support me and my therapy writing. Hehe. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rebooting your life with Daily Juice

Okay, yesterday was a pretty interesting day for me. That's because I am on a liquid diet!! Yes, I saw so much articles on it that I should put myself on the test.
So more about this juices, they are mainly to reboot or cleanse. So the after effect is supposed to make you feel more energetic, have a smoother digestive system and maybe even more sensitive tastebuds after detoxing. Of course, at the same time, it is a very healthy alternative to all the fried, oily food that we are stuffing ourselves with.
Daily Juice
So what is amazing about these juices, they are mainly plant-based. So if you hate vegetables, seeing them as juices make them a little more attractive. Personally, this is the first reboot juice I ever tried so I can't really make comparisons to the others out in the market.
For those who are worried that these juices are not filling, I am not hungry throughout the day. For the whole day, I only finished 4.5 bottles before going to bed. Personally, I can go without solid food maybe for another day. But my teeth are a little used to chewing. :P
Reboot Daily Juice
So, courtesy of Daily Juice, I got to try the 1 Day Re-boot. I had 6x530ML bottles in total and they attracted a lot of attention from my friendly neighbours because even though it is trendy, not many people have really tried it out. But I am different, I am adventurous...Hahaha.
Generally, they are tasty and the bottles are of great quality. 6 new water bottles! Hehe. And I love the cooler bag, it is pink! Price-wise, Daily Juice is reasonably priced. But still, it is quite difficult for a normal OL, unless you are a banker maybe, to sustain it on a daily basis. :(
Daily Juice 1 DaySo this are the 6 juices in my program.
  1. Barnie + - A yummy start to the day.
2. Krypto + - OMG! This was my most hated juice. I am just not a celery person. The guys were joking that I must be superman, Kryptonite is making me weak. Much to the contrary, it actually made me damn alert. The smell and taste of me just perk me out.
3. Berry Chio - Cos Krypto was so bad for me, I had Berry Chio together with it. It was like a thick delicious yogurt! Great lunch juice too!
4. Kokomon - It is actually just pure coconut juice. So some people thinks that it is not worth it. But it was one of the most delicious coconut juice I have tasted to date. 
5. P. Potts - I didn't really like it initially but it grew onto me. 
6. Coco + Cash - MY FAVOURITE! This is one thick mixture that I can drink all day :) I love it!!!
Daily Juice Cleanse
For those who wonders if you would slim down after juicing a day, it didn't really work for me. Haha. I think such things have to be taken on a longer term basis. Did I LS? Not really as well. My bowel movements in fact became more regular. Won't deny I had some cravings but I would curb it. Hehe.
And guess what I did after a good day of juicing, a mighty day of feasting. Haha. It has been a while since I had that good an appetite so good for me!
Seoul Yummy
If you are keen on getting some cleansing juices, I would strongly recommend Daily Juice, free delivery around CBD area too! :)

For my readers only, quote "rebootchaabody" for 10% off the reboot cleanses - 3 or 5 Days. Limited to 1 set per customer.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mall Talk: Clementi Mall

Okay, this is the mall I always frequent, not because it is the best mall on Earth, but because it is right beside the MRT station, so I bobian everyday walk past it. Haha. This is under SPH Reit. Yup, which pretty much means that this is a no frills mall. Everything about it in my opinion screams practicality.
I can always be seen there if I need something out of need not whims.
Clementi Library
1. Clementi Library
Yup, this is the "entertainment" in this mall. It is really good for Clementians cos we used to have to go to the over-crowded JE library. For the young, it is a place to start their reading habits cheaply. For the studious, it is a great study area. For the old, this is where you can read free papers.
Though hard to believe, I actually hang out here if I am waiting for someone at the mall. It is easy to pass time and also on the pocket flipping books. There's also free WIFI in the mall so you can "Google" on the difficult words you read. Outside the library, there's a mini playground indoors, highly popular with toddlers. But so far, they have been a really obedient bunch. You can read in peace! :)
Popular Card
2. Popular Bookstore
If you lived here a pretty long time, you would have heard about the Big Bookshop. It is a dead giveaway on my age as well. If anyone asks me about this, I pretty much can do a guesstimate on how old they are LOL. So Big Bookshop used to be like the favourite place for Clementians kids to buy their assessment books and assorted stuff (The variety of unrelated stuff they sell is amazing!) And I guess a lot of my money secretly went to Big Bookshop accumulating things that are junking my house now. Well, I call them childhood memories.
But then, one day it just closed. So, Popular had a good chance to infiltrate Clementi. And I am not complaining cos we really need a decent bookshop (that sells lotsa unnecessary stuff). The good news is Popular is like the old Big Bookshop, it sells everything and doesn't have a bag bay!!! Okay, at least so far whatever I have been looking for have been sold there. Yea, the stationary junkie even got herself a damn pretty membership card!! Buying something, go there if you live in the west!!
Seoul Garden Clementi Mall
3. Seoul Garden
Putting this here for old time's sake, cos it is like a real affordable BBQ for kids even back in my days. (Am I starting to reminisce the past like an old woman already?!?) The nearest used to be at Jurong Point if I remembered correctly.
To date, I have yet to eat at this outlet or any outlet. LOL! It seems that the more convenient it is, the less I actually patronise them. What is wrong with me!!! But Clementi has lots of school littering around, so they definitely have more than enough customers. We used to have a street that have 5 bubble tea stores and they all strived. That's what a student town this place is. If you are planning to open anything related to education, you should really come here.
Ichiban Sushi
4. Ichiban Sushi
So where do I eat in this mall? This! :) Okay, Swensen's next door also always tempt me. I always go there with my friends. But with the BF, he comes first, so Jap food it shall be. And they serve really good Jap food. I don't go there much (cos broke ma, must eat at home) , but still I have a loyalty stamp card...HAHAHA.
Personally, I find their food quite reasonably priced. And their gyozas are super delicious. So far, we have been trying different stuff on their menus. There are hits and misses. I don't like some of their combination meal and I know better places around this area for fresh Sashimi, so go for ala-carte if you want to eat like me. :)
5. BHG
We also have NTUC in this mall, but everyone has it. So I choose to highligh BHG in the top 5 instead. So here, you can get your luggages, make-up stuff (luxury retail-counter, we have also a SASA for the other non-luxury retail-counter brands) and mature, quality clothes/ accessories. This is where the woman/man would shop. So it is targeting a whole different set of age group.
So by now, you can tell this mall (according to my Top 5) is a one-stop mall for all my household needs etc. Haha. That's because I live too near the mall, and hence it functions like this for me. I am sure other people's Top 5 are bound to differ greatly from mine. Share with me your list ok? By the way, all the photos are taken offline from various sources. (I LIVE TOO CLOSE TO THE MALL TO TAKE PHOTOS OF THE SHOP'S EXTERIORS. WHAT IF THE SALESGIRL THINKS I AM WEIRD!!! Den every time, I walk past their shop, they will point at me and make snide remarks....)
Hehe, I am still not done with the malls I am familiar with, so before I tour around new malls, I will still give personal commentaries on the malls closer to home. :) More details on Clementi mall here.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Review: Philips Bluetooth Stereo Headphone SHB5500

Gotcha admit, it has been a long while since I have been back in the music diet. Ever since my last headphone spoilt, it was just listening to music on the taxi, car or only at home on youtube.
I did use earphones but they spoil pretty fast cos I always tangle them *Sheepish smile* So I did think of getting headsets which looked pretty good...on girls without wearing specs. I wear specs on a daily basis, so I had doubts on it. I still wanna look like a fashionable dork.
Philips SHB5500
I didn't get this headphone - Philips Bluetooth Headphone SHB5500. I got it free on those roadshows where you sign up credit cards. Broke AF I know, signed up the card for the headset, like what, it isn't even a brand known for its headset quality. But guess what, I actually like the headset! :)
It did surpassed my expectations, blocking out unnecessary noise and the sound quality in calls are really not bad. Free some more!!! OMG. It was actually resting on my table for a good many days cos I didn't know how to use it (More like too lazy to read the manual and try it out) until the BF tested it on himself without asking me!!! When has our relationship reached such comfort levels!!!
Philips Bluetooth
And so, my point is free stuff doesn't mean bad stuff. Considering my generation, let's just admit it, we are broke AF (especially if we are attempting to outlive or sustain the lifestyle our parents gave us). So far, my headphones have been serving me well, letting me belt out personal concerts. I don't know how to sync it to my laptop though. I don't think it should be a problem. But bleh, probably too much work for it.
The card we signed up for is Citibank. Honestly, I don't use it that much, partially cos I have too many cards and I need to consolidate my spending to get better rebates (I am not AUNTIE. I like to think of myself as financially shrewd HAHAHA). So if you are looking for a small luggage (Swarovski crystal woa, dono real or not la) or a headset, you may want to sign up with them. The BF looking like a hot luggage model thanks to my fancy photography skills HAHAHA!