Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mall Talk: Clementi Mall

Okay, this is the mall I always frequent, not because it is the best mall on Earth, but because it is right beside the MRT station, so I bobian everyday walk past it. Haha. This is under SPH Reit. Yup, which pretty much means that this is a no frills mall. Everything about it in my opinion screams practicality.
I can always be seen there if I need something out of need not whims.
Clementi Library
1. Clementi Library
Yup, this is the "entertainment" in this mall. It is really good for Clementians cos we used to have to go to the over-crowded JE library. For the young, it is a place to start their reading habits cheaply. For the studious, it is a great study area. For the old, this is where you can read free papers.
Though hard to believe, I actually hang out here if I am waiting for someone at the mall. It is easy to pass time and also on the pocket flipping books. There's also free WIFI in the mall so you can "Google" on the difficult words you read. Outside the library, there's a mini playground indoors, highly popular with toddlers. But so far, they have been a really obedient bunch. You can read in peace! :)
Popular Card
2. Popular Bookstore
If you lived here a pretty long time, you would have heard about the Big Bookshop. It is a dead giveaway on my age as well. If anyone asks me about this, I pretty much can do a guesstimate on how old they are LOL. So Big Bookshop used to be like the favourite place for Clementians kids to buy their assessment books and assorted stuff (The variety of unrelated stuff they sell is amazing!) And I guess a lot of my money secretly went to Big Bookshop accumulating things that are junking my house now. Well, I call them childhood memories.
But then, one day it just closed. So, Popular had a good chance to infiltrate Clementi. And I am not complaining cos we really need a decent bookshop (that sells lotsa unnecessary stuff). The good news is Popular is like the old Big Bookshop, it sells everything and doesn't have a bag bay!!! Okay, at least so far whatever I have been looking for have been sold there. Yea, the stationary junkie even got herself a damn pretty membership card!! Buying something, go there if you live in the west!!
Seoul Garden Clementi Mall
3. Seoul Garden
Putting this here for old time's sake, cos it is like a real affordable BBQ for kids even back in my days. (Am I starting to reminisce the past like an old woman already?!?) The nearest used to be at Jurong Point if I remembered correctly.
To date, I have yet to eat at this outlet or any outlet. LOL! It seems that the more convenient it is, the less I actually patronise them. What is wrong with me!!! But Clementi has lots of school littering around, so they definitely have more than enough customers. We used to have a street that have 5 bubble tea stores and they all strived. That's what a student town this place is. If you are planning to open anything related to education, you should really come here.
Ichiban Sushi
4. Ichiban Sushi
So where do I eat in this mall? This! :) Okay, Swensen's next door also always tempt me. I always go there with my friends. But with the BF, he comes first, so Jap food it shall be. And they serve really good Jap food. I don't go there much (cos broke ma, must eat at home) , but still I have a loyalty stamp card...HAHAHA.
Personally, I find their food quite reasonably priced. And their gyozas are super delicious. So far, we have been trying different stuff on their menus. There are hits and misses. I don't like some of their combination meal and I know better places around this area for fresh Sashimi, so go for ala-carte if you want to eat like me. :)
5. BHG
We also have NTUC in this mall, but everyone has it. So I choose to highligh BHG in the top 5 instead. So here, you can get your luggages, make-up stuff (luxury retail-counter, we have also a SASA for the other non-luxury retail-counter brands) and mature, quality clothes/ accessories. This is where the woman/man would shop. So it is targeting a whole different set of age group.
So by now, you can tell this mall (according to my Top 5) is a one-stop mall for all my household needs etc. Haha. That's because I live too near the mall, and hence it functions like this for me. I am sure other people's Top 5 are bound to differ greatly from mine. Share with me your list ok? By the way, all the photos are taken offline from various sources. (I LIVE TOO CLOSE TO THE MALL TO TAKE PHOTOS OF THE SHOP'S EXTERIORS. WHAT IF THE SALESGIRL THINKS I AM WEIRD!!! Den every time, I walk past their shop, they will point at me and make snide remarks....)
Hehe, I am still not done with the malls I am familiar with, so before I tour around new malls, I will still give personal commentaries on the malls closer to home. :) More details on Clementi mall here.

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