Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rebooting your life with Daily Juice

Okay, yesterday was a pretty interesting day for me. That's because I am on a liquid diet!! Yes, I saw so much articles on it that I should put myself on the test.
So more about this juices, they are mainly to reboot or cleanse. So the after effect is supposed to make you feel more energetic, have a smoother digestive system and maybe even more sensitive tastebuds after detoxing. Of course, at the same time, it is a very healthy alternative to all the fried, oily food that we are stuffing ourselves with.
Daily Juice
So what is amazing about these juices, they are mainly plant-based. So if you hate vegetables, seeing them as juices make them a little more attractive. Personally, this is the first reboot juice I ever tried so I can't really make comparisons to the others out in the market.
For those who are worried that these juices are not filling, I am not hungry throughout the day. For the whole day, I only finished 4.5 bottles before going to bed. Personally, I can go without solid food maybe for another day. But my teeth are a little used to chewing. :P
Reboot Daily Juice
So, courtesy of Daily Juice, I got to try the 1 Day Re-boot. I had 6x530ML bottles in total and they attracted a lot of attention from my friendly neighbours because even though it is trendy, not many people have really tried it out. But I am different, I am adventurous...Hahaha.
Generally, they are tasty and the bottles are of great quality. 6 new water bottles! Hehe. And I love the cooler bag, it is pink! Price-wise, Daily Juice is reasonably priced. But still, it is quite difficult for a normal OL, unless you are a banker maybe, to sustain it on a daily basis. :(
Daily Juice 1 DaySo this are the 6 juices in my program.
  1. Barnie + - A yummy start to the day.
2. Krypto + - OMG! This was my most hated juice. I am just not a celery person. The guys were joking that I must be superman, Kryptonite is making me weak. Much to the contrary, it actually made me damn alert. The smell and taste of me just perk me out.
3. Berry Chio - Cos Krypto was so bad for me, I had Berry Chio together with it. It was like a thick delicious yogurt! Great lunch juice too!
4. Kokomon - It is actually just pure coconut juice. So some people thinks that it is not worth it. But it was one of the most delicious coconut juice I have tasted to date. 
5. P. Potts - I didn't really like it initially but it grew onto me. 
6. Coco + Cash - MY FAVOURITE! This is one thick mixture that I can drink all day :) I love it!!!
Daily Juice Cleanse
For those who wonders if you would slim down after juicing a day, it didn't really work for me. Haha. I think such things have to be taken on a longer term basis. Did I LS? Not really as well. My bowel movements in fact became more regular. Won't deny I had some cravings but I would curb it. Hehe.
And guess what I did after a good day of juicing, a mighty day of feasting. Haha. It has been a while since I had that good an appetite so good for me!
Seoul Yummy
If you are keen on getting some cleansing juices, I would strongly recommend Daily Juice, free delivery around CBD area too! :)

For my readers only, quote "rebootchaabody" for 10% off the reboot cleanses - 3 or 5 Days. Limited to 1 set per customer.

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