Saturday, April 16, 2016

Winner Announcement: Giveaway with Y&J

This is a fast post just to announce the winners. Remember the last giveaway we had with Y&J, yea I decided to pick 3 winners. (Now I know why people like to host giveaways, it is actually quite fun!)
1 for S$15 and the 2 $5 voucher winners
$15 (Instagram - For those who correctly followed the instructions)
  • joeychew77
  • elizabethgraciaa
  • kittyladyy
  • QuackMomo
  • kiamhana
$5 (Instagram - For those who didn't left a comment and gave me more work)
  • Lorraineho1768
  • Happymelodyshopp
  • Joviatan
  • limsuzanna
  • anti.gargarwal.7
  • pikakippp
$5 (The previous giveaway which had complications)
  • nissha(loveparadies)
  • greenlemon
  • kkaebongson.afx
  • Elizabeth Huang
Congrats to all the winners. For those who didn't win, don't worry there will be another giveaway coming up. Yes, this time I have learnt. The sponsors will have to pre-send me the products so that there will be guaranteed prizes. Thanks for supporting and hope you guys can continue to support me and my therapy writing. Hehe. :)

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