Sunday, March 27, 2016

Review: Oral B Vitality Precision Clean

If you wondering why are all her posts so non-sponsored and si-bei xiao, well cos it is exams period again. Woohoo? Neh not exciting at all. No time to copywrite, so I am taking the easy way out to de-stress while keeping my audience entertained...reviewing the products that I am currently using and loving. Write freely...Whee.
And yesh, I super adore my electronic toothbrush. In fact, I think everyone should have one! Because, now it prevents my teeth from staining even if I have my daily caffeine :) if I brush 2 times a day. Was so lazy to charge it for 2 weeks and my teeth got stained again...NOOOOO!!! So if you are using the same Oral B Vitality like me, remember to charge it :) Personally, I feel the rotations are weaker if you don't charge it on a consistent basis.
Oral B Vitality
For those who haven't tried the electronic toothbrush before, it is just really like normal brushing but don't put it too close to your gums lest you hurt them and yes they will bleed. Depending on the brand and model, the cheapest is around S$60. I think it is very worth it for clean pearly white!
Have been using like over half an year and I am loving it. Just wanted to tell the rest too if you suffer from easily stained teeth like me. Sian TTM. People always tell me, you are so pretty have a dimpled smile, your stained teeth OMG. Even the dentist also say, your oral hygiene is awesome but your stained teeth...But now, the tides has changed!!! You can find them at Watsons and Guardians and they can be doubly used as fake mic for your home mini concert.
Yea, stress has made me mad. :P

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